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35 Age-Appropriate Hairstyles for Older Men

While looking for cool hairstyles for older men you may feel limited however there are plenty of options to choose from. As you age, you need fancy hairstyles in order to keep abreast with the current trends. The hairstyles range from short to long hair, as well as dark to black to grey hair. At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of keeping your hair sleek as well as looking classy.

Classic Hairstyle Ideas for Older Men

Check out the guide below before you visit your local barbershop to get the best old men’s haircut & hairstyle ideas.

1. Decent Quiff

quiff for older men

Older guys who want to stay on the wild side can rock this decent yet funky quiff. Trim down the sides and dye them white to contrast the long grey top. Pair the style with a circle beard for a youthful look.  

2. Long Hair with Undercut

older men's hairstyle with undercut

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to long hair. This is another style that looks hot with a manly circle beard. The hair at the top reaches the shoulders and contrasts with the undercut sides. Secure the strands in a ponytail or leave them loose. Your choice!

3. Salt and Pepper Afro

Hairstyle for black older men

Flaunt your salt and pepper curls with this simple hair look. Trim down the sides nicely keeping the top a bit longer. A natural facial stubble sets off the style. Older men who want an easy-to-care-for hairstyle can opt for this look.

4. Simple and Classic 

receding hairline haircut for older guys

Don’t worry about a receding hairline and go for this simple yet classic look to rebound back to confidence. The top long hair are brushed sideways and merge into the shorter ones on the sides with a beard. The natural white strands accentuate this style. 

5. Swooped Waves

older man with grey hair

This sexy look is to die for. The greys peeking through the white strands can be achieved by a visit to the salon if not natural. The hairstyle is age-appropriate for older men having thick mid-length hair with a rugged Verdi beard and pointy moustaches.

6. Carefree Look 

Haircut for Asian older men

Contrast long strands on the top with shaved-down sides for a disconnected feel. The hair is brushed back and some strands fall over the sides for a tousled look. This style is suitable for older guys who wear glasses and want to spend minimal time styling their hair.

7. Shoulder-Length Locks 

long hairstyle for older men

Grow out the hair to shoulder-length for a change. Whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or wavy, some layering that frames the face will enhance your look. Don’t forget to grow out neatly trimmed moustaches as they complete this look.

8. Curly Mess

older men's curly hairstyle

Flaunt a curly hair texture with style. Get the hair trimmed all around the head and keep the top a bit longer. Finger brushing is enough to set off this messy style while the ducktail beard adds a sophisticated touch to it.

9. Elegant Comb Over

hairstyle for older guys

Another hairstyle for older men is this classic and elegant comb-over look. This style is simple to achieve and maintain. The top is combed back towards one side after a neat trim. The white sides contrast beautifully with the greying top.

10. Long and Layered Middle Part

older men's medium hair

Grow out the salt and pepper hair to jaw-length and ask the hairstylist for a layered haircut. The strands are brushed back and allowed to fall on the sides with a natural middle part. Leave the rest to the natural waves to top off this chic look. 

11. Slicked Back Hair

tapered fade for older men

Ideal for: This hairstyle is perfect for when you want to look amazing for your women.

How to Style: It will take a lot of time to maintain the look because your fade will have to be kept low. As well as, the high top would be maintained with mousse and a comb or brush. Lastly, your sideburns and line up should be maintained on a weekly basis.

12. Classic Side Part + Stubble Beard

older men with side part

Ideal for:
Another slick hairstyle for any event. If your hair is grey it would be perfect because it will add panache to your look.

How to Style: This style is a very low maintenance hairstyle. It is the classical low haircut for older guys that you can get while at your barber.

However, the side part makes it unique which is dependent on your preference. You can keep your beard low or high, it depends on what you like.

13. Textured Pompadour Undercut 

Slicked Back Undercut for Older Men

Ideal for:
Another slick hairstyle for any event.

How to Style: This style is a very low maintenance hairstyle. It is the classical low haircut that you get while at your barber. However, the side part makes it unique.

Depending on your preferred side, then the part would add flair. Although the model has white hair, it would work for old people if they had black or dark brown or grey hair.

14. Wavy Silver Fox + Grey Beard

wavy hairstyle for older men

Ideal for: A quick and easy hairstyle for old men that can be worn anywhere.

How to Style: For this style, you would ask your barber to cut your hair low while leaving the top-heavy. Then, comb the top hair down to frame your face.

You can part it in the middle or towards one side, depending on your preference. If you have started greying then it would be perfect because the black and grey create a beautiful contrast.

15. Side Undercut

older men with thin brushed hair

Ideal for: Another simple old men hairstyle suitable for any event especially if your grey hair is coming in full force.

How to Style: Ask your barber to cut your hair low, but not to the point where you have no hair. Then, comb the top portion to enhance your waves or curls.

However, if you have naturally straight hair then you can enhance your texture by using hair mousse. Keeping the beard low will make you look older as opposed to it being completely gone.

16. Messy Short Hair for Guys

Ideal for: A quick and easy hairstyle that can be worn any and everywhere.

How to Style: This hairstyle is great if your hair is growing out and you need to visit the local barber for a line-up. You can just take your razor and line up the necessary areas such as your sideburns in order to look presentable to the world. Also, the beard will add maturity to your look.

17. Wispy Silver Waves

Ideal for: Another quick and easy wavy hairdo idea for middle-aged men that can be worn anywhere.

How to Style: For this style, you would need to comb your hair back using mousse. Then, you can add waves at the top to enhance the look. Ensure to keep your sideburns and line up looking fresh at home or at the barber.

18. Gray Hair with Shadow Beard

Ideal for: Another quick and easy haircut for older men with short gray hair that can be worn anywhere.

How to Style: For this style, you would need to comb your hair back using mouse lightly. Ensure to not use a lot or else your hair will become stiff. Then, you can add waves at the top to enhance the look depending on the texture of your hair. Ensure to keep your sideburns and line up looking fresh at home or at the barber.

19. Wavy Hair

Ideal for: A day at the office, at the park, at home, or anywhere. It’s a casual hairstyle that is suitable for any casual event.

How to Style: This is a very simple haircut that requires little to no effort. Just wake up, come out your hair, add some mouse for moisturizer, then go. You can enhance your natural waves using your hair tools as well as product.

20. Quiff

older men hairstyle with thick hair

Ideal for: Any event where you want to dress to impress. The mixture of grey, silver and black hair will have old men looking dapper for the event.

How to Style: For all the silver foxes you would get a line-up. Then, ask the barber to comb all of your hair back using mousse which allows your hair to stay in place. Also, you can ask him to create a man pompadour to enhance your look.

21. Short Haircut with Beard

Ideal for: Any dress down day or event that you want to look youthful for.

How to Style: In this old men’s hairstyle, the model shaves his sideburns while keeping his beard for a more youthful look. His hair is kept low and neatly combed. Trimming your full sideburns, facial hair, as well as goatee beard will allow you to look younger, as opposed to keeping it.

22. Side Part Hair

Ideal for: Your next business meeting.

How to Style: Another exquisite hairstyle where mousse will become older men’s best friend. First, part your hair to your preferred side. The part can be a deep part or inconspicuous just like the model.

Then comb either side back. You can choose to add waves to using the mousse for youthfulness. Maintenance of the style will be frequent in order to keep your line up looking sharp.

23. Bald Fade with Beard

Ideal for: Any Event. Older men can rock this short haircut anytime!

How to Style: Ask your barber for a bald fade where he would keep the sides and back low and leave some hair on the top. You can comb the top into a pompadour, quiff, or just upwards depending on the length of your hair. Also, the model is rocking his long beautiful silver fox beard which is optional for you.

24. Long Hair with a Full Beard

Ideal for: Any special occasion. All eyes would be on you if you are rocking this long hairstyle for older men.

How to Style: You would have to grow out your hair in order to achieve this look. It doesn’t have to be the same length as the model. Then, you would comb out the hair to keep the waves/curls in an orderly fashion. You can wear it with half, full or no beard, it’s optional.

25. Widows Peak Hair

hairstyles for older men

Ideal for: Any event that you want to look slick for. Also, if you have a widow’s peak then this hairstyle is perfect for you.

How to Style: The slicked back hair along with the side part will keep all your hair at bay. As well as, it will enhance your overall look by allowing you to look sharp. This men’s hairdo for older guys does require maintenance because you will have to comb your hair on a daily basis.

26. George Clooney’s Hair

Ideal for: Any outing.

How to Style: Another simple hairstyle that really needs little to no styling older people. You would just ensure that your hair is properly brushed or combed to your favorite side. As well as, add moisturizing to keep your hair sleek and healthy. You can choose to line up the beard if you so desire.

27. Hipster Comb Over

Ideal for: This hairstyle is ideal for date night or your next business proposal meeting.

How to Style: Ask your barber to keep your sides and back low without taking too much off the top. Then, comb the hair at the top upward in order to stretch it. Then use a styling gel to comb the hair to your preferred side.

You can choose to add a part if you so desire. Also, the tapered beard is optional which would enhance the mature style that the model is portraying.

28. Messy Quiff

Ideal for: Any outing with your guy friends. You could be going to have drinks or even fishing with your friends.

How to Style: Another low maintenance haircut for older men. You can brush the sides and back to give the illusion of low hair. Then, keep the top high using your comb to give another illusion of your mohawk. Also, you can make it look spiky by using hair gel or mousse to keep the hair up.

29. Low Fade with Pompadour

Ideal for: Any special occasion such as Christmas or birthday parties.

How to Style: For this style, you would ask your local barber for this old guy’s hair look. Ensure that he keeps the sides and back as low as you like.

As well as, that the pompadour is combed to your preferred side whether it is the back, right or left side. It would suit any hair color whether it is a silver fox, redhead, brown or even a mixture.

30. Low Waves

older men hairstyle with low waves

Ideal for: Any event or outing that requests you to look casual or comfortable.

How to Style: Another minimalistic hairstyle that really needs little to no styling for old age men. Usually, your hair is like this when it is growing out. All you should do is line up your sideburns as well as edges. You can add styling gel to enhance your waves.

31. Short Spikes for Men

Ideal for: Any regular day at the office, with friends or even family.

How to Style: This low maintenance hairstyle is easy to do as 1-2-3. All you have to do is brush your hair to your preferred side.

As well as, style using a comb or your fingers the top portion of your hair upwards to give the spike effect. And, in order to maintain it, you would keep your beard, sideburns, facial hair end edges sharp.

32. Sleek Pulled Back Hair

Ideal For:
A dress to impress event with family, friends or even at work. This classic short haircut for old guys will make you the centre of the attraction.

How to Style: You would need mousse and a styling comb. You would apply mousse to freshly washed hair then comb it back. If you have greys or silver, then it would be a beautiful contrast in your hair. Daily maintenance is needed to keep your hair at bay as well as your facial hair looking sharp.

33. Textured Medium Thin Hair for Over 50

Ideal for: Any event that requires a simple or classical hairstyle. This hairstyle is coming from the early 90s where gentlemen didn’t trim their hair often. The preferred to grow it out and style accordingly.

How to Style: This old men over 50 to 60 hairstyle requires you to grow out your hair. Then, when it reaches medium length where it is not too short nor too long, comb it downward. You can use a styler to aid you in manipulating your hair as well as enhancing your wavy texture.

34. Comb Over with Undercut

Top Quiff with Undercut for older men

Ideal for:
A time in your life where you feel for a new hairstyle whether it is for the new year, new boo, or a new job.

How to Style: This style requires expertise. Your local barber will keep the sides low while the top stays elongated. Then, the quiff which is the top layer is blown out and combed over to add texture to your hair.

You can make your quiff longer if you so desire. Also, ensure to make your sideburns connect to your beard to enhance the sharpness.

35. Classic Pompadour

Layered Pompadour with Low Fade

Ideal for: Your next job interview.

How to Style: Keep the bottom low and the top high. Then, comb the top backward which will add texture to your overall look. Daily maintenance is required to make this grey hairstyle for men over 50 lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hairstyles for older men.

Can old men have long hair?

Yes, old men can have long hair. Long hair looks best when it is clean and healthy. As you get older, your hair may become drier and more brittle. You can keep your long hair healthy as you age by using quality shampoos and conditioners. 

What’s the suitable hair length for older men?

Any hair length can be suitable for an older man. Everyone is different, so it will depend on your hair texture, color, and whether or not you are balding. If your hair is thinning, you may want to adjust your hair length based on your hair texture and the degree of hair loss.

How do I choose haircuts for older men?

Older men should choose their haircuts based on face shape, hair volume, and personal preferences. Curly or textured hair can usually be kept relatively long as the hair thins since the texture will create additional volume.

With straighter hair, you may choose to gradually trim your hair in proportion to the hair loss. 

What is the best way to cover gray hair for older men?

There are various ways for older men to cover gray hair. You can dye your hair or simply use at-home touch-up products. You could also experiment with shampoo intended to reduce gray hair. 

If you are interested in embracing your gray hair, you can use toning shampoos that will give your gray hair a more attractive appearance. 

What’s the best haircut for older men to look younger?

Generally, short hair makes older men look younger. A short, neat haircut with slightly more length on top can create the illusion of lifting your face. Alternatively, longer, tousled hair may also make some men look more youthful and fashionable. 

Can older men color their hair?

Older men can color their hair. If you want to cover up gray hair, the best option is to dye your hair a darker color. Since coloring gray hair can be tricky, it’s a good idea to go to a professional hair colorist. 

Any of these hairstyles will work for older men for any occasion. In addition, there is a mixture of extravagant and minimalistic hairstyles. Which one will you be wearing?

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