50 Splendid Mahogany Hair Colors for Any Woman

If you think that mahogany hair color can’t change your image, you haven’t seen all the amazing mahogany options. Don’t spend all your life going for simple brown, blonde, and red hair shades. Mahogany has something special to offer you, no matter what kind of natural hair color you have or what you’ve done to dye your hair earlier. This interesting shade looks very natural regardless of the hue you choose. There are mahogany brown, mahogany red, and even mahogany black to try. There are also mahogany violet, mahogany blonde, and even mahogany chestnut. Take your pick!


Flowery Mahogany Hair Color Approaches

Mahogany hair color is not just great for all of your locks, it looks fantastic when used as highlights. Mahogany highlights on dark and light hair look truly impressive. If your locks are naturally light, mahogany strands will give them an exciting new look. If your tresses are naturally dark, the mahogany highlights will turn the overall image into something truly unique. Mahogany can also be used in ombre, balayage, sombre and all other hair coloring approaches. Don’t overlook the mahogany color. Embrace it! We prepared 50 different ways the mahogany hair color can be taken advantage of.

1. Cherry Mahogany

Cherry Mahogany hairstyle for women

This soft cherry mahogany shade is easily achieved by the girls who have naturally blonde hair. Ask your hairstylist for the lightest cherry mahogany hair dye. You can also achieve this color if your hair was previously dyed blonde.

2. Brown mahogany highlights


If you are not ready to do a full-time dyeing job on your brown hair, consider making brown mahogany highlights. Pay special attention to the front strands that frame your face so the impression is the strongest.

3. Purple mahogany

 Purple mahogany haircut your favorite

Adding some purplish shades to your mahogany hair color is the surest way to stand out of the crowd. While purple highlights might seem outrageous on blonds and brunettes, they look amazing with mahogany tresses.

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4. Mahogany red

Mahogany red hairstyle for women

Redheads are conquering the world so why not become a conqueror? A full-blown red color might not be what you are looking for since it’s a tough image changer. But red mahogany is a simple way to become a redhead.

5. Light mahogany brown

Light brown hair often seems boring to young girls. They are always looking for simple ways to change it. One of the approaches is to add some mahogany brown highlights that will help make an impression.

6. Auburn mahogany

young girl Auburn mahogany hairstyle

Mixing auburn tresses with mahogany hair color is a simple way to create a copper shade. Redheads often try to get away from the fiery hues and mahogany hair dye is what can do the trick.

7. Going mahogany blonde


This is the way your locks will look if you use the mahogany blonde hair color on your brown tresses. If your hair is naturally dark, then the effect will be darker but a red hue will stay.

8. Purplish highlights

favorite Purplish highlights hairstyle you like

Purplish mahogany highlights can make your dark hair look truly stunning. If you are tired of simple black or dark brown locks, brighten them up with mahogany shades and your image will immediately change for the better.

9. Dark mahogany brown with red highlights


Making an impression is easy when you have the right hair dyes in your hands. Brown mahogany hair color on top and fiery red highlights on the bottom create a long-lasting and unique hair shade.

10. Mahogany shades

Mahogany shades color with hairstyle

Sometimes you don’t need a mahogany dye to get the mahogany shade you want. Dark brown mixed with honey blond and fiery red hues can create an impression of completely natural mahogany color.

11. Dark mahogany highlights


Dark mahogany highlights are a perfect addition to simple brown hair. Consider making asymmetrical highlights either in the front or the back. Such unconventional methods are gaining popularity.

12. Natural mahogany

Natural mahogany hairstyle for women

Natural mahogany hair color looks truly impressive but is very hard to achieve. Usually, it requires a mix of several shades. Ask your hair stylist for his or her special approach to mahogany.

13. Blonde-based mahogany


This is the mahogany shade you will get if your hair was initially blonde. The lighter your tresses are, the brighter the end result will be. If you want a darker hue, you’ll need to dye it one more time.

14. Cherry mahogany approach

cute women Cherry mahogany approach haircut

Cherry mahogany is always a wonderful choice for women who want to make a statement. Take a look how various shades of a mahogany look completely different and how amazing the cherry-purple option is.

15. Mahogany hair extensions


If you are not sure about the way bright mahogany hair color will look on your dark tresses, consider getting hair extensions. The modern technologies of attaching a weave allow you to use it anywhere on your head.

16. Mahogany chestnut

nice Mahogany chestnut hairstyle for women

While this mahogany chestnut shade is easy to achieve, it looks very natural. This hair color is perfect for girls whose hair is naturally dark red or brown. No touch ups will be needed for a long while.

17. Black and brown


A well-chosen mahogany shade can become a great tool for a transition from black to brown hair. If you want to add some color to your tresses but aren’t ready for drastic measures, mahogany can help.

18. Soft mahogany brown

Asian girl Soft mahogany brown hairstyle

Another completely natural shade that will appeal to girls with dark hair. Mahogany can turn your raven black tresses into soft brown locks in no time.

19. Subtle mahogany highlights


Use subtle mahogany highlights to brighten up your image. You can create them below your natural brown hair or just dye a couple of strands in the moist unexpected places. They’ll make a great impression!

20. Dark and rich

low Dark and rich mahogany hair your favorite

Make your brown or blonde hair rich brown with the help of mahogany shade. You’ll be amazed at how deep the color can be. Make a statement with deep brown mahogany hair color!

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