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23 Best Long Brown Hairstyles Trending in 2024

If you have long brown hair, you must be searching for ways to improve the way they look. If you have long locks and wonder what color will suit you best, brown is one of the most fantastic options. The various shades of brown allow you to choose a hue for virtually any style you wish.

If you have long brown tresses, you have many options available for you. If brown is not your natural color, you should be glad you made this choice. Brown hues are the easiest to maintain and they look great with the natural root color.


Long Brown Hair – Ways to Wear It In Style

The time has come for a change but you don’t know which way to go? The worst thing you can do is sit back and do nothing. If you have long brown hair, there is no need to completely change the look.

We came up with 23 ways to make long brown tresses look fantastic. If your natural hair is not brown, perhaps these options will help you make a decision about dyeing. Brown is the most versatile hair color and so, take advantage of it!

1. Long Dark Brown Hair

long dark brown hair

If your sense of style is all about classics, brush your long hair out and come in a side part. Leaving the hair down and paired with your favorite scarf is the best fall fashion.


2. Long Light Brown Hair

long light brown hair

To add a pretty accent to your long brown hair, play with light blonde or caramel highlights. On a long curly hairstyle, the light will catch the colors in all the best ways.


3. Long Brown Hair with Highlights

long brown hair with highlights

Another way to lighten up your long brown hair is with auburn or light blonde highlights. This long layered hairstyle is worn straight for sophistication.


4. Long Brown Hair with Bangs

long brown hair with bangs

A rich chocolate brown color graces these long wavy locks. Pair a style like this that’s packed with body with straight blunt-cut bangs for the perfect go-getter look.


5. Long Caramel Brown Hair

long caramel brown hair

If you have a medium skin tone, you’ll love the way these caramel brown locks flatter your complexion. Use a curling wand to get perfect waves that fall on either side of your shoulders.


6. Black Woman with Long Brown Hair

black woman with long brown hair

Are you in between growing out your natural hair but want a stylish look in the meantime? Go for long brown hair with a light shade of blonde inserted near the ends for a stunning blend of color.


7. Long Layered Brown Hair

long layered brown hair

When you have long thick hair, ask your stylist for layers for quick shape and built-in style. Then top it off with light brown for a girl-next-door look.


8. Long Wavy Brown Hair

long wavy brown hair

Worn with your favorite little black dress and cat eye sunglasses, a long deep shade of brown hairstyle with thick soft waves is a total Audrey Hepburn vibe.


9. Long Brown Hair for Blue Eyes

long brown hair for blue eyes

The best way to make blue eyes pop is to choose a dark hair color like brown. Try it on your long straight hair and just comb in a center part for low maintenance style.


10. Long Brown Balayage Hairstyle

long brown balayage hairstyle

Combine blonde and brown on your long hair for the most gorgeous hairstyle no matter the season. Mix straight hair with soft waves for beach babe vibes.


11. Long Thick Brown Hair

long thick brown hair

In love with your thick hair? Give it a fresh update with light brown or medium brown color. Get the ends trimmed regularly for soft locks at the bottom.


12. Long Curly Blonde and Brown

long curly brown hair

Want a statement style that will have everyone turning their heads to look at you? You can’t go wrong with tight springy curls colored in light blonde and dark brown.


13. Long Light Brown Braids

long brown hairstyle

Throw your hairstyle back to your childhood days with two long light brown braids. You can make them look thicker by pulling the sections loose.


14. Wild Curls

curly long brown hairstyle for women

Curly brown hair looks great whether it’s long or short, natural or dyed. Whatever option you decide to choose, if you have really fantastic natural curls, it will look good. If not, you could always get a perm.


15. Straight and Rich

rich long brown hairstyle

If you have a rich brown hair color, you should show it off by keeping your hair straight and neat. Use hair gel or frizz-fighting cosmetics to keep the hair flowing. That’s the only way to truly discover the wonder of long brown hair.

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16. Fiery Highlights

highlight long brown haircolor idea

If you have dark brown hair and don’t want to change the color completely, consider creating fiery highlights. The color of highlights doesn’t have to be red. Brown looks great with blonde, golden, and even burgundy.


17. Permed Ombre

ombre long brown hair for women

When you play around with brown locks, allow yourself to have as much fun as possible. Dark brown on top and light blonde on the bottom is a wonderful combination for an ombre. It looks even better on permed hair.


18. Auburn Touches

Auburn Long Brown Hair Color

Girls with long brown hair often think about going red. You don’t have to make any drastic changes. Consider auburn highlights or partial highlights to start your road to your favorite red hair color.

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19. Blonde and Shining

Blonde long brown hairstyle

Another way to brighten up your boring brown locks is to add some blonde. Brown and blonde are a perfect mix no matter how you put them together. An ombre or highlights, the choice is yours.


20. Soft Features

Soft brown hair color is great for fine locks. If you can’t master thick tresses, don’t try to go for rich colors, especially if your hair is wavy. Soft brown mix with a touch of blonde is great for any hairstyle.


21. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown long hairstyle

If you have really long brown hair, you can experiment with darker colors. Bring some deep chocolate hues into your light brown hair and top them off with some black dye on the ends. What a wonderful combination!

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22. Stay natural

Sometimes it’s better to ignore all advice and inner voices and just stay natural. Many girls look so amazing with their natural hair color, that they rarely like what they end up with after dyeing. If you like your natural hue, stick with it. Go for a hairstyle change instead.


23. Wavy and Striking

If you are going for the reddish-brown hues, you can choose the hairstyle depending on your wishes. This means you don’t have to stick to something neat and traditional. Messy wavy tresses are just the thing.

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4 Ways to Make Ombre on Long Brown Hair

If your hair is long and brown, you have plenty of amazing options ahead of you. But what if you want the locks to stay brown but add a little twist to them? An ombre is a great answer. Let’s take a look at 4 interesting ways to create ombre on long brown tresses.


1. Sunkissed

Sun-kissed locks are in style. How can you make your brown hair look as if you spent a week at the beach? Use a dye two tones lighter than your brown locks and dip your ends into it. As soon as the color settles in, you’ll get an amazing sun-kissed look.

2. Ash blonde

Bring out the blonde on your brown locks. This trick is especially drastic when your hair is dark brown. You’ll have to bleach a part of your hair, but the result is truly worth it. Ashy colors stay intact longer and complement brown hues.

3. Silver fun

If you love the new silver hair trend, you can turn your brown locks into a gray ombre. If you have rich brown color as a base, having grayish hues on the ends can make your hair look truly fantastic. Meanwhile, you can always cut the ends off when you get tired of the style.

4. Reverse

If you want to have real fun with ombre, go against the rules. You can dye the roots of your hair instead of the ends with blonde, ash, gray or any other color.  A reverse ombre always looks fantastic.

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Now that you know what to do with long brown hair, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another minute on long and fruitless searches. Choose one of the above options and go for it!