30 Brown Hair Colors & Shades for Every Look

Brown hair color is totally underrated. When most people think of brown hair, they picture a hairstyle with just one shade and a bland result. However, brown, when done right, can be a great way to liven up your current look, especially because the color blends beautifully with other brown shades.


Beautiful Shades of Brown Hair Color

Whether your hair is short or long and you’re looking to transition into a great new fall look or are just ready for something new, there are many reasons you’ll want to add brown hair color to your “to try” list. Here are 30 beautiful ways to try your new brown hairstyle, check out the different brown shades below!

1. Dark Brown Hair

dark brown hair

For thick long hair, a deep shade of brown hair color is very elegant. Wear long thick bangs to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.


2. Light Brown Hair

light brown hair

This light brown is so light it almost looks blonde! However, the different shades blend beautifully together and make a braided wavy low bun updo with loose tendrils super romantic. 


3. Curly Brown Hair

curly brown hair

For women with a darker skin tone, try chocolate brown hair color and dark red highlights. Gather hair up in a high messy bun or ponytail. 


4. Brown Ombre Hair

brown ombre hair

A golden brown ombre stuns on long hair with ringlets at the ends. This shade of brown looks amazing on darker skin tones.


5. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

brown hair with highlights

Take a look at how great brown hair looks with blonde highlights! This color combo works beautifully for all skin tones and is gorgeous on a short straight bob.


6. Brown Hair with Brown Eyes

brown hair with brown eyes

We think Ariana Grande would approve of this high dramatic ponytail with its long sleek hair draping down the back. The dark brown hair looks great with brown eyes as well.


7. Brown Hair Balayage

brown hair balayage

A balayage on long wavy hair mixes light and dark browns. Gather a section of the hair from the top of the hair and form a thick crown braid to wrap around the head.


8. Short Brown Hair

short brown hair

A perky layered pixie in medium brown is spritely and flirty. This textured pixie works for all faces and skin tones.


9. Long Brown Hair

long brown hair

For long hair, go for a medium shade of brown hair color which flatters all skin tones. Here, the hair is fashioned into a thick braid with a smaller braid winding down it.


10. Medium Brown Hair

medium brown hair

If your hair is long and thick, you probably feel it bulky and pulling down. Cut it shoulder length level, load it up with waves, and mix light and dark brown to level up!


11. Brown Hair with Bangs

brown hair with bangs

Dark brown hair is chic yet edgy worn up as a slightly messy ponytail or bun and long tousled bangs.


12. Natural Brown Hair

natural brown hair

For natural curly black hair, try a medium or dark brown color and blonde or caramel highlights. They’ll draw all the attention to your texture.


13. Auburn Brown Hair

Many people don’t realize auburn is a shade of brown. Remind them how great it is on long hair with soft waves and a pretty clip pinning hair back on one side of your face.


14. Brown Hair with Green Eyes

brown hair with green eyes

For green eyes, a contrasting shade like black or dark brown hair color is super flattering. This long straight hairstyle features a small section of hair pulled back in the front.


15. Asian Brown Hair

asian brown hair

Instead of sticking with your natural black Asian hair, try a light brown. On a short bob with half the hair pulled back, it’s a great day or night look.


16. Chestnut Brown Hair

chestnut brown hair

Chestnut brown isn’t just for trees! Add it to your long hair, then use a curling iron to add tousled waves to ends.


17. Chocolate Brown Hair

chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown hair color is pretty much as dark as it gets. For medium or light skin tones, it’s gorgeous on long hair in two low braided ponytails.


18. Cinnamon Brown Hair

cinnamon brown hair

For a sweet blend between light and dark, opt for cinnamon brown hair color on a choppy pixie with tons of texture.


19. Copper Brown Hair

When you’re trying to keep your hair color as close to a neutral shade as possible, try copper brown. It’s pretty on a short pixie with small braided ponytails.


20. Golden Brown Hair

For Black women with box braid hairstyles, they can add light brown hair color to black for a great light summery blend.


21. Honey Brown Hair

honey brown hair

Whether it’s for yourself or a little girl, honey brown hair color isn’t as harsh as dark shades. A long fishtail braid works the color well.


22. Mahogany Brown Hair

We’re guessing you’ve never considered mahogany brown hair color for your look, but the subtle tingles of purple and red are exactly why you should!


23. Red Brown Hair

For a way to add brown hair color to your look without going all the way, try red-brown. The blends are complementary and stunning on long hair with ringlets.


24. Pink Highlights on Brown Hair

Just because you have brown hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! With a touch of pink highlights, a straight short bob becomes edgy.


25. Mushroom Brown Hair

The name might not sound attractive but mushroom brown is actually a great color, similar to dark blonde. Add it to long spiraled curls for a glow.


26. Purple and Brown Hair

If you can’t experiment with purple and brown balayage now, when can you? For a long straight hairstyle, just add bangs for a great look!


27. Ash Brown Hair

Ash blonde isn’t just for aging women anymore. On younger women, the color can be youthful, as evidenced by this long wavy hairstyle.


28. Brown Hair with Blue Eyes

brown hair with blue eyes

To best complement your blue eyes, add light brown hair color. Its glow means you don’t need to do much for style except straighten locks.


29. Warm Brown Hair

A warm brown is typically lighter, great for dark skin tones. Try it on your long hair and embrace the way it accentuates your spiral curls.


30. Caramel Brown Hair

Perhaps the most popular shade of brown hair color is caramel. The color warms up any skin tone and is a classic choice for soft waves.


In the end, the best shade of brown hair color is the one you feel most comfortable and most vulnerable in. As the above hairstyles show, the addition of brown will only make your current look better!

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