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115 Best Long Bobs That Work On Anyone

Feeling frustrated with your current hairstyle? Torn between going short or keeping your hair long? Try a long bob hairstyle, the perfect balance between long and short with plenty of ways to style. If it’s a sleek hairstyle you prefer, wear your long bob straight.

Trying to thin out your hair and give it movement? A layered long bob is gorgeous and even looks great with bangs. Long bobs suit any face shape, so you can feel confident any style will work.


Inspiring Long Bob Haircuts

With 115 long bobs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a gorgeous look you love.

1. Long Blonde Bob with Bangs

Whether you fill your hair with soft waves or wear it straight to better show off that angled cut, a long bob with blonde highlights will give your new look a beautiful light-colored glow.


2. Long Bob with Straight Side Bangs

Feeling over parting your hair in the middle? When you choose a long bob, make sure your stylist cuts in a side bang to switch up your face dimension. Wear it straight to get a chic, sleek hairstyle.


3. Layered Lob with Bangs

One of the easiest ways to add framing to your long bob is with bangs.  Wear them short so they come just to the eyebrows and straighten them to emphasize layering and angled cuts.


4. Long Bob Braids

Looking for that perfect protective, trendy hairstyle? Your black hair will love being worn in a box-braided long bob.

Make face-framing layers more noticeable with colorful beaded ends or hair wrapping in contrasting colors like purple and pink.


5. Blonde Lob

Women love feeling feminine and flirty, and we love a haircut that can make us feel that way even more! Get that feeling easily with platinum hair color on a long bob worn wavy with long curtain bangs or straight with super short bangs.


6. Straight Angled Lob

If you have an oval or round face, a sleek, straight angled bob is ideal for you. With minimal styling requiring only a center part, your luscious locks will be ready for the day in no time.


7. Thick Stacked Lob

For hair that is fine or thin, go with a stacked lob. The angled cut not only thins out a round face shape, but also thickens up thin and fine hair when teased at the crown.


8. Side Parted Asymmetrical Lob

No matter what face shape you have, you can’t go wrong with an asymmetrical lob. When choosing to wear hair straight and sleek, you can easily give it lift and volume with a side part. 


9. Long Inverted Bob

The long inverted bob features its longest pieces at the front of the face. For extra texture, cut in short layers and add waves or tight crimped curls. A chic style looks best when hair is straightened.


10. Long A Line Bob

If you love playing with hair color and want to show it off, a long A-line bob will do just that! Add light red and brown to black hair or light blonde to dark blonde hair. Then add lots of waves and watch heads turn!


11. Curly Long Bob

Super thick curly hair needs a shape to prevent it from looking like a hot mess. A long bob with bangs will control that bulk and breathe new life into curls. Wear with or without bangs, but make sure to scrunch in a product to enhance the curl shape.


12. Middle Parted Wavy Lob

A center part is truly underestimated when it comes to styling hair. On a long bob, comb in that center part before adding in a mix of straight and wavy texture to the bottom half of the hair.


13. Long Blunt Bob

For a minimalistic, sleek, chic hairstyle, a bluntly-cut long bob is a must. It’s great for women with naturally straight hair who want a low maintenance look. 


14. Long Straight Bob with Middle Part

With the longest pieces of hair upfront around the face, an A-line bob will make a round or square face look more slender.  Emphasize the length by parting the hair in the middle and wearing it straight.


15. Long Weave Bob with Bangs

Weaves are a great way to feature that special hair color. Be bold with a mix of light pink and yellow on a long straight bob with bangs, or go neutral with ash blonde.


16. Asian Long Bob

Asian women tend to have mostly straight hair. Help it look its best by choosing a long bob with dipped ends or wavy body and long side bangs.


17. Long Messy Choppy Bob

No matter how you style a long bob, choppy layers will make it look luscious. When waking up, finger comb hair to get a messy style. It’s a trendy, unpredictable cut that will liven up your hair’s shape!


18. Long Pixie Bob

Can’t decide how short you want to go? Long pixie bobs feature the meeting of short and long lengths. An A-line cut provides length to curl or layer, while coloring will satisfy your creative side.


19. Long Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Frustrated with thin, wispy, or fine hair? Ask your stylist for shaggy layering on a long bob and short layered bangs. After straightening locks, use a hair product to tease in messy hot texture for a thicker appearance. 


20. Long Bob for Black Hair

If your black hair goals involve sleekness and smooth strands, straighten your long bob and part it off center. Whether you choose an asymmetrical or a-line cut, your result will be super chic! 


21. Long Bob for Round Face

Oftentimes, women with wide or round faces desire a slender face shape. A long bob can help you accomplish that. Go with either an a-line cut or one with side bangs. Both of the styles above feature beautiful hair highlighting.


22. Long Thick Straight Bob

Another way to cut down on thick hair bulk is with a thinned out long bob. Depending on your hair styling preferences, you can wear it straightened with or without bangs.


23. Long Bob for Thin Hair

If you’re dealing with frustrating thin hair void of life, you’ll be happy to know you can thicken it up with a long bob in waves. This a-line cut flatters every face shape and is easy to maintain.


24. Long Bob with Blonde Balayage

Women love balayage when it comes to hair because it paints on color in a natural-looking way. Just look at how beautiful a light blonde blends with a dark base on this wavy long bob!


25. Straight Ombre Lob

For the woman who loves playing with hair color, take a look at these stunning ways to wear a bold mix of colors as an ombre on a long bob! The shiny straight locks beautifully display thick sections of color. 


26. Long Bob with Highlights

Starting with a dark brown base on a long bob? Blonde or caramel highlights will draw attention to your haircut’s shape. Wear the asymmetrical bob straight for a smooth look or fill it with waves for casual softness.


27. Middle Parted Lob

Looking for that wake up and go hairstyle? By parting your long bob in the center, you’ll be ready to take on the day in minutes! Touch up its texture and nix frizz with a flat iron or finger comb in mousse. 


28. Long Bob with Side Part

For any face shape, an off center part quickly switches up dimension. Crimping or curling hair will give you beachy waves perfect for nights out with the girls.


29. Red Undercut Lob

A peek of punk-edge by way of an undercut is the showstopper on this rich red angled lob. Take up the color a notch with dark or light red highlights. 


30. Textured Wavy Lob

If it’s summertime and you want a beach-ready hairstyle, blonde highlights or ombre is a must to bring a long bob’s waves to mermaid quality. For a little switch-up, you can straighten the ends.


31. Long Asymmetrical Swing Bob

With its shortest layers at the back that lengthen as they near the face, a long swing bob is an under-utilized cut that is flattering on many women. Simple, classy style isn’t missed on the straight haircut.


32. Dyed Messy Lob

The bigger the hair, the sexier the cut! If this is the hair philosophy you live by, a messy lob haircut with waves is calling your name! Choose light blonde with curtain bangs for that girl-next-door look or go with this dark red color above for bad girl vibes.


33. Long Brunette Bob

When it comes to neutral hair colors, brown is a classic choice suitable for many skin tones, which makes it perfect for a long bob! Wear your straight lob down and loose or in a cute half updo that emphasizes the cut. 


34. Middle Part Blonde Lob

long bob

With a beautiful bright color like light blonde, you won’t need to do much styling. If anything, comb in a center part and flat iron strands for sleekness. 


35. Long Stacked Bob

Long Stacked Bob Haircut

Hair looks sultry and healthy with plenty of layers and a blend of light and dark blonde. On an oval face, the longer front pieces on a long stacked bob round out angles for a soft look.


36. Long Weave Bob

Long Bob Weave

How can you frame a round face with a weave? Give it a wavy long bob and part hair at the side, topping it with silver hair color. There’s no need for bangs when the side part breaks up dimension.


37. Black Lob with Ombre

Long Bob For Black Hair

For black hair, copper or caramel hair color is a great choice to blend with it. Simply wear your black long bob straight for simple yet chic style.


38. Long Bob for Round Face

Long Bob for Round Face

Longer hairstyles also balance out round faces, like this highlighted brunette bob. While it looks great straightened, lots of wavy body looks better and gives a casual-flirty vibe.


39. Long Thick Bob

Long Bob for Thick Hair

Freshen up thick hair with a long bob. If your hair is dark, blonde or caramel highlights blend well; for lighter hair, choose a contrasting blonde or dark color.


40. Long Undercut Bob

Long Undercut Bob

Get the best of both words with an edge by adding an undercut to a long bob. For additional style, add a fade with shaved in details.


41. Textured Lob

Textured Lob

A textured lob helps bring thin hair to life. Whether you use a curling iron to get thick waves or a bit of hair product and scrunch locks with fingers, the result will be big sexy hair.


42. Long Swing Bob

Long Swing Bob

Is your hair naturally straight or do you tend to wear it straight most often? Emphasize the length with a long bob. Part in the center or go for a side bang to cover a large forehead.


43. Long Bob Braids with Curly Ends

Long Bob Braids

For hair that is already in braids, don’t just let it lie limp. Cut it shoulder-length and give it some wave with a blend of caramel or copper color. This style is great for work and for home life.


44. Long Brunette Straight Bob

Long Brunette Bob

Get a whole new look by cutting long hair just a couple inches shorter to become a long bob. Wearing hair straight with blunt cut is sophisticated but you can still pull up hair into a cute casual hairdo.


45. Long Bob with Shaved Side

Long Bob with Shaved Side

Accentuate an oval face with one side of your haircut kept long and the other shaved. Keep it feminine with blonde highlights, adding waves to fashion it up for a date.


46. Long Angled Bob 

Angled long bob with a side part haircut for women

If you have straight hair then this pretty angled long bob with a side part will be a great choice. Take a look at the length of this lob. The ends are falling down the chest. They should be styled inwards to make the hairstyle even more effective.


47. Red Long Bob

long bob for women

No matter which long bob hairstyle you choose, try to pay a lot of attention to the hair color. If your own color is not too bright, consider dyeing it red. Red shades do a great job brightening up your look and are wonderful for making an image change.


48. Very Long A-line Bob

long a-line bob

The length of your long bob can vary. Some women go for very long bobs that go down about 10 inches from your chin. It is important to remember that the longer your hairstyle is, the more care it will need. Especially if you like your long bob neat.


49. Wavy Bob

 Wavy long bob hairstyle for girl

If you have wavy hair, you can still get an impressive long bob. However, you should forget about a-line and angled bobs, since such lines will not be visible due to waves. Make a regular same-length bob and try to keep it neat.


50. Curly Lob with Side Bangs

nice Curly long bob hairstyle

If you are tired of your simple and straight long bob, you can curl it up. Making soft curls is always a great idea to diversify your image. However, don’t forget that curls can turn your long bob into a regular bob since your hair will look shorter.


51. Blonde Long Bob With Waves

Blond and wavy regular long bob haircut looks very impressive with side swept top. If your hair is thin and you need some volume, sweeping over the top part will help you do a complete makeover. You will need some hair spray to keep the style intact.


52. Long Layered Bob

Layered long bob hairstyle for women
If you have thick and straight hair, you will love a layered long bob. Make it as long as you wish, just don’t forget that it will require some styling. Don’t be afraid of the challenges such a long bob brings. The result will be truly amazing.


53. Long Bobs with Side Bangs

If you’re a woman with long face shape considering a long bob should consider getting bangs. Bangs do a great job making your face seem more oval while giving your hairstyle a little zest. Side sweep your long bangs and hide the ends under the side strands of hair.


54. Long Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical long bob hairstyle for women
If you are a fan or stylish asymmetrical cuts then this bob cut is for you. Make one side of the a-line bob shorter than the other and you will really make a statement. Make sure to style this long bob daily in order for the asymmetry to be outlined.


55. Side Parted Straight Bob

long bob for girls
If you like the windblown look, a regular long bob haircut is for you. Make your hair all the same length and let it fall down your shoulders. Side sweep one of the top strands to make some volume without any effort. This is a great hairstyle for sexy hair tossing.


56. Long Bob with Face Framing Highlights

Highlighted lob
Make your long bob hairstyle even more special by creating smart highlights. If you need to brighten up your image, use such colors as red and blond. If you are not ready for dramatic changes, pick a shade a little lighter than your natural color.


57. Curled ends

Long bob haircuts for women
Give some diversity to your long bob by curling up the ends. This hairstyle will look especially unique if you manage to keep it neat during the day. The top part is sleeked with the help of some hair gel in order to outline the wavy or curly ends.


58. Long Ombre Bob

beautiful Ombre hairstyle
Ombres are very popular nowadays and they look especially well with lobs. Have your hairstylist choose the right shade for your ombre. You can go from conservative to outrageous. long bob allows you to dye more than half of your hair length.


59. Long  Straight Bob

If you want to make an impression, change your hairstyle dramatically. Black girls with curly hair will look amazing with a long bob after their locks are straightened out. Make the ends inverted for further impression.


60. Blonde Lob Side Part

Angled long bob haircut your favorite
Angled long bobs are easy to make but hard to maintain. Any haircut with an angle needs very good styling to look neat. Otherwise, the angles will just get lost. The longer you make your bob, the sharper the ends can be and the more visible they will become.


61. Messy Bob

If you have long and wavy hair, it is very hard to make it look neat. So why not go for a messy long bob hairstyle? The hair is cut all the same length except for the frontal strands that are made a bit shorter. No styling is required here. Just toss your head and go!


62. Hidden Bangs

Hiding bangs under the frontal strands of the long bob is a great idea. First of all, the fringe looks very neat and second of all, face shape looks more oval for girls with long faces. Hidden bangs become that little zest that every hairstyle needs to look special.

Side Swept Bangs Cuts


63. Large Waves

 Large waves hairstyle for girl
Straight long bob haircuts look very neat and are wonderful for an office look. But what do you do for special occasions? Curl them! Large curls will make any long bob cut look impressive and will help you stand out of the crowd.


64. Long Straight Bangs

Adding long bangs to your long bob is a terrific idea. Make them reach your eyes and your hairstyle will immediately become special. You can choose between wispy and blunt bangs. In any case, your long bob will look amazing.


65. Platinum Blonde Bob

Voluminous long bob hairstyle you like
If you want to make a statement and have some heads turning your way, go for voluminous long hair bob. This hairstyle is achieved by lifting the top part of your hair with a hair dryer and using some hair spray to keep it neat.


66. Bob Balayage

If you want a special long bob hairstyle, consider making a multicolored bob. You will need to dye different layers of your hair with different colors. Then sweep up the side strand over to another side to show the color difference.


67. Wavy Asymmetrical Lob

Wavy asymmetrical long bob hair style
If you have wavy hair, you can still achieve a very impressive asymmetrical long bob haircut. Women shouldn’t forget about the great way hairstyle asymmetry makes them look. Make the ends blunt not angled.


68. Long and Wavy Bob

Long and wavy hairstyle
Long Bobs come in different sizes. You can make a very long long bob that will look amazing. Grow your hair as long as you wish. If your locks are wavy, make the frontal strands shorter than the back. This will help keep your hairstyle neat.


69. Side Part Blunt Bob

The best way to flaunt your long bob is to make it straight and neat. Angled hairstyles look their best on very straight hair. Such long bob will need some maintenance on your part and frequent brushing. But the result will really turn some heads your way.


70. Messy and asymmetrical

Messy and asymmetrical haircut for women
Such messy and asymmetrical lobs as you see on the picture are not very popular but make a good statement. If you are not afraid of the messy appearance, these asymmetrical strands will help you look and feel fantastic.


71. Long and simple

This very simple long bob haircut will look especially well on girls who are not after something too impressive. This hairstyle is great for women of all occupations. Such long bob needs little maintenance to keep it straight and neat.


72. Half Up Hair

 long bob styling hairstyle
Styling your straight long bob might be complicated. So what can you do to keep it neat with the least effort? Create a simple hairstyle by tying the side strands of your long bob in the back with an elastic band. This is a quick fix for girls with time constraints.


73. One-length Bob

If you want to achieve a dreamy and romantic look, don’t go too hard on styling your lob. Just keep your locks straight and windblown. You can comb one of the side strands over to another side to add some flavor to your image.

Classy Bob Haircuts for Women


74. Messy Lob

Stylish long bob hairstyle for girl
There is not much that you need to do to make your simple long bob stylish. Just curl your hair and secure it with hair gel. Such sleek 1920’s cut will be a great idea for a special occasion and can become an everyday hairstyle for girls with wavy hair.


75. Long Inverted Bob with Layers

long bob hairstyles for women
If your hair is long, you have a lot of room for imagination. You can make really sharp long angles that will help you create a truly unique hairstyle. Before making the angles, please consider the time it will take to style them daily.


76. Neat Lob

 Neat long bob hairstyle for women
This is a great long bob idea for girls with fine hair. Since everyday hair lifting to make volume is usually not an option, sweeping some strands backwards will do the trick. It will seem as though the volume is reduced because of some strands being in the back.


77. Pastel Pink Lob

Adding outrageous shades to your hairstyles is always fun. It is the easiest way to make a statement. Consider some light pink, green or blue shades. You’ll be amazed at how just a little hair color can completely change your image.


78. Wispy ends

Long bob Hairstyles with Wispy ends
If your hair is fine, consider making the ends of your bob wispy. This way you’ll get a stylish hairstyle that will not look dull. Wispy ends add a little volume and a lot of style to your image. Don’t be afraid to use this trick.


79. Long Shaggy Bob

Long bob haircuts for 2024

One of the easiest ways to make your long bob haircut voluminous is to tease the hair. Another way is the classical top side comb over. Don’t be afraid to make your haircut a little messy. Windblown and messy looks are in style.


80. Color play

hairstyle for nice girl
Knowing how to use hair color is imperative for making a very impressive and unique hairstyle. Consider dyeing your hair in all the unusual places. You can dye the roots and the tips a lighter shade to make your long bob really shine.


81. Curly Bangs

long bob hairstyle trends
You are used to seeing blunt and wispy bangs but a curly fringe is hard to find? This is a great reason to go for wavy or curly bangs. Your hairstyle will definitely be one of the most unique ones on the block. Enjoy this stylish long bob as long as you wish.


82. Wavy Classics

Wavy classics haircut for girl
One of the classical ways to create a long bob hairstyle is to make the ends slightly wavy. Such haircut is great for women with wavy locks who don’t like bothering with straightening them out. A natural look is often the best.


83. Layered and unique

You can easily create this long bob if your hair is thick and long enough for it. The side part is made and the long bangs are lifted up and styled into neat waves. The rest of the long bob is also styled in swept-back waves.


84. Go Natural

natural hairstyle for girl
If you are not into much styling, you can easily keep your long bob very natural. This is especially true for women with wavy and hard to manage hair. Just add a little zest to your natural long bob by brushing one of the strands over the top and to the opposite side.


85. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bob with bangs hairstyle
Blunt bangs are a great idea for girls with long faces. So, if you are sporting a long bob haircut and want your face to look more oval, create blunt bangs. Leave the ends of your long bob blunt as well since angles elongate the face.


86. long bob Hairstyle for Weddings

Long bob hairstyles for wedding

When wedding seasons are on peak then, why not to wear a hairstyle that will absolutely give you an elite winning look! It features ash blonde highlights and a half up hairstyling. Turn the long long bob into a soft wavy texture for an uber-dazzling look.


87. Half up Bun and long bob Haircut

If you are looking for ethereal attire then, this messy half bun with long bob haircut is particularly for you. Experiment a light lavender Ombre if you have a light skin tone. The soft wavy structure of long bob hairstyle will make the whole look even more magical.


88. Red Hair Sensation

You can experiment any color with a long bob hairstyle, but if you have natural red hair then you do not need anything else to achieve a sensational outlook. You can pair up the red hair with blonde balayage to add more fascination, as shown in the above image.


89. Short French Braid and long bob Hairstyle

Braids add more femininity elements to women’s overall appearance. The above look features Brunette base, French braid, and pink highlights.


90. Long Straight Bob for Asian women

Long Bob for Asian Women

Asian women can add a dramatic element to her long bob hair by getting a razor cut layers for sharp angles. It is ideal for sleek, straight and wavy hair. Style the front hair into side bangs for an edgy look and to hide your broad forehead as well.


91. Natural Curls

Natural curls are often difficult to style and maintain that most of the women get irritated easily during styling the stubborn kinky tresses. In such cases, long bob hairstyle will make you love your adorable curls again!


92. Razor Cut long bob Hairstyle

It is an incredible and trendy way to give texture to your mane. The warm strawberry blonde hair color is a perfect choice to wear for the summer season because of its uber soft and polished aesthetics.


93. Choppy Bob Cut with Bangs

A style that requires very low maintenance and has super-textured features! It is ideal for those women who are looking for vibrant color contrast in the form of lowlights as the choppy long bob haircut will make the lowlights uber-expressible. Short blunt bangs will enhance your cuteness.


94. Long Bob Balayage

The blonde balayage adds extra dimensions to the long bob hairstyles that women love to wear for a chic look. Sweep the front bangs on the side slightly for sharp features and turn the locs into the tousled wavy structure in an inverted direction for face-framing purpose.


95. Keep it Messy

messy long bob hairstyle

Embrace your natural gorgeous curls, sprucely. Keep your tresses moisturized after every single wash, but during styling apply a matte finish hair product to maintain natural kinky features.


96. Wavy Mid Parted Bob Hairstyle

Platinum blonde lowlights are definitely making a statement on natural blonde long bob hair! Add extra fun and edginess to your looks by turning your hair into soft waves.


97. Long Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

Long bob haircuts provide extra volume and texture to fine hair. To get this look keep one side long and another side shorter for the angled feature. Separate the hair into two sections through muddled side partition. Highlight the locs with smooth and warm color for modish looks.


98. Rainbow Hairstyle

Pair the long bob hairstyle with delightful rainbow colors with black undertone for multidimensional features. Turn your lobs into the wavy texture by curling iron to give extra definition to the layers and vibrant colors.


99. Medium Lob

What can be more sophisticated and graceful for working ladies to wear than this long bob haircut to get a dominant appearance which will scream out their inner confidence! You can keep it simple and straight, but for an uber-appealing look, you can apply golden blonde on your locs.


100. Bold and Chicly

long bob hairstyle

Women with long bob hair can bring out her bold personality by going with floral sleeve tattoos and vibrant peach hair dye. If you have this bold element in you, this chic attire is surely for you!


101. Casual long bob Hairstyle

Most of the women love to wear long long bob hairstyles along with asymmetrical layers as it provides extra texture and lively flow to the hair. You can carry this look as casual attire for an effortless daily routine. You can dye your hair as well to add a class to your appearance.


102. Frozen Vibes

Ever wonder, how would Elsa look in a long bob haircut? This look will help you to imagine her in trendy attire. Dark roots with blonde hair create an alluring outlook altogether. Sure, it is a glamorous choice to wear for winters. Keep your tresses slightly tousled for a casual look.


103. Choppy Long Bob Hairstyle 

When nothing goes right, wear a long bob hairstyle to get a swanky appearance without any flaw. Just tousle your long bob haircut and exaggerate your looks with a professional make-over, you will surely get amazed with the end results.


104. long bob hairstyle for Plus Size Women

Plus size women often get worried about hairstyles that fit best on their round or chubby faces, giving them a fascinating appearance. The mid-parted long bob haircut styled into beachy waves can help these women to frame their face shape. Go for pastel and blonde highlights to add more impression to your aesthetics.


105. It’s Awl White

white long bob hair

Women over 40’s can achieve classily expressions by opting for a long bob with icy blonde hair shade. You can pair up the bob haircut with blunt bangs as well to hide your wide forehead. It is super easy to maintain especially when you have naturally straight hair.


106. Cute Long Brunette Hair

So natural and sweet, this long long bob hairstyle barely needs maintenance and styling effort. Simply, side part the hair and you are done! It is suitable for almost any face shape and hair texture.


107. Dark Ash Blond Hairstyle

 The best part of long bob hairstyle is that it can contour almost any face shape, especially when combined with some layers. The dark ash blonde base and platinum blonde lowlights will give you a natural yet vibrant appearance.


108. Multidimensional Balayage Highlights

It involves the incorporation of various kinds of hair color and highlights which make the whole look ideal for the summer season because of its sassy features. You can keep it untie for face-framing purpose or you can tie it into a ponytail for a refined look. Keep the hairstyle a bit flattering from the front and blow-dry the back hair for a puffy structure.


109. Blunt Lob with Hair Accessories

Straightened long bob haircut along with half updo hairstyle and charming hair accessories can make you stand out in any occasion including weddings or prom parties.


110. Waterfall Braid and long bob Hair

waterfall braid on long bob hair

Long bob haircuts provide women enormous hairstyling ideas with limitless variations. Here, is the wavy long bob hair styled into miraculous waterfall braid that will give you princess vibes.


111. Messy Topknot 

Here is another splendid idea for women with fine long bob hair. Take upper half portion of hair and turn it into a topknot; keep the remaining hair sleek with the ends rolled inward.


112. Side Part Bob Haircut

An uneven long bob hairstyle can be so much fun as you can play it with so much creativity while maintaining the poised features as well. Side swept the long side of the long bob while tying up the other shorter side with elegant hair accessories. Girls with round face shape can also rock with this look!


113. Long Bob with Bangs

If you do not want to compromise on your hair length and natural hair straightness then, you should probably go for a long bob cut with blunt bangs and leave the rest on the romantic red color!


114. Beyond Elegance

Long bob hairstyles

Want to keep you long bob hairstyle blunt, chicly and dignified at the same time? Ask your hairstylist for a long bob haircut with the incorporation of caramel highlights. It will give your jawline and collarbone even more prominence.


115. Black and Blue

black and blue long bob

Looking for something vivacious that will make you a stunner amongst your fellows? Wear a graduated long bob hairstyle and style it through a center partition. Turn one side into a vibrant blue hue and keep the other side black to maintain this entrancing transition.