Get Orange Brown Hair Ideas

If you are thinking about spicing up your hair color know that you will have the biggest impact with vibrant orange hair colors. Women of all ages can rock a fiery orange brown hair color, and should also get a set of highlights if they want to tame down their look.


Orange Brown Hair

If you are going to color your hair anytime soon, here are 10 amazing orange brown hairstyles for you to consider!

1. Red Orange Hair with Side Part

women with long wavy orange brown hair

This brown long hairstyle with bold orange hair color will suit you if you are someone who doesn’t mind investing 30 minutes in order to get the ideal loose waves. It is bold, fun, and ideal for younger women and those women who have long, healthy & shiny hair.


2. Medium Curly Hair

Curly Orange Brown Hair for Women

A side part with curly hair is what makes this orange brown hair look phenomenal! If you feel like your face is quite symmetrical you can point it out by getting a side part. This hairstyle will allow you to do fun & bold makeup looks while enjoying the simplicity of this hairdo on a daily basis.


3. Wavy Bob + Orange Highlights

Wavy Brown Bob with Orange Highlights

You can wear your brown hair smart & fancy, as it is the case with this curly orange highlighted hairdo. It can be your go-to trusted style for the wedding, prom, graduation party, or a casual Friday night out with the girls! Either way, everyone can rock it and enjoy for formal gatherings.


4. Ombre with Straight Bangs

Orange Brown Ombre with Bangs

This brown hairstyle with orange ombre with some loose waves will look phenomenal on moms, or women who are in their 40s. It is easy to achieve, maintain, and it looks perfect for everyday occasions, while it can suit workaholic women.


5. Dramatic 60s Curls with Side Swept Bangs

women with orange brown curly hair and bangs

If you prefer short loose curls this 60’s inspired hairstyle will totally suit you! It is very feminine and sexy, while it can take away only 15 minutes of your styling time on an everyday basis.


6. Vibrant Fire Ombre Effect

This drastic ombre effect looks fiery hot and will seal the deal the best with younger women. If you don’t mind all the attention, jealous looks, and unique brown to orange hairstyles this one is basically calling out your name.


7. Curly High Ponytail 

curly ponytail for orange brown hair

A high pony with curls can be your go-to glam option with your brownish orange hair. If you prefer minimalistic hairstyles and you are into quick & easy to achieve options know that this one will suit your preference. It is playful, sexy, and a great choice for women who are into high buns.


8. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

If you are indecisive and you never know what to do with your hair try wearing it half up half down and enjoy its simplicity + playfulness. This hairstyle is all about showing off your natural brown roots and orange highlights for any situation, no matter where you are headed.


9. Long Bob Cut

orange brown lob haircut

A long bob with seamless highlights will make your face a lot slimmer while making your eyes pop out even more than before. If you love accentuating your facial features know that this orange brown hairstyle will suit you the best.


10. Burnt Orange Hairstyle

Fiery Orange Brown Hair with Side Part

If your hair is brown and quite long and you are not ready to switch it up, dye, or even cut, why not only add some orange highlights to it? These give out an illusion of healthier hair and can look great on every woman, no matter her age.

However, just make sure that you are okay with investing time & effort into the styling and blow-drying process before committing to it.


How to Fix Orange Hair

women with orange hair

If you just got your hair colored and it ended up looking way too orange don’t panic since there are ways for you to fix it, such as:

  • Purchase a purple toning solution which has blue or indigo pigments since these can cancel out the dark orange undertone. You should leave this toner on for 15 minutes and rinse out your hair in order to enjoy ideal results. If you don’t think that you can do it on your own you can ask a hairdresser to help you out.
  • Color your hair yet again with the right dye which will cover the entire portion of your head. Use enough of bleach for your second time and kill off the orange undertone with it. Use high-quality dye, and make sure you successfully match it to the undertone of your skin.
  • You can try out a natural and easy at-home remedy such as the apple cider vinegar rinse out. All you have to do is add a few drops of any purple food color (make sure it is liquid), along with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into one giant cup of water. Create the perfect paste and apply these ingredients on top of your head. However, before you do, add a few drops of coconut oil on top of your hair and use them as a base for your created mixture. Leave the mask on overnight and rinse out thoroughly the morning you wake up and don’t forget to condition your hair.


Watch The Following Video to Know How to Get Orange Hair Out of Blonde


Playing around with different kinds of colors, textures, and hair-lengths can be fun, especially once you add the orange brown hair color to your hair! Women who believe that red can look good on them or even gingers will rock any of these 10 hairstyles with ease!

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