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11 Glamorous Hair Color Ideas for Women with Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you probably know the struggle of finding the perfect hair color for blue eyes. Blue eyes are the rarest, yet they are considered the most attractive eye color after green.

The color blue symbolizes loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and peace and it is the color of the skies and the seas. Over 8% of the total world’s population has blue eyes.

Choosing the right hair color is not about getting your favorite shade or telling your hairstylist about the color that looks great on your best friend or favorite celebrity. There is a whole lot of a process for finding that perfect hair color that fits best with your skin tone, eye color and the natural color of your hair.

How to Choose Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color & Skin Tone

When you think it’s time to rejuvenate your hair color. Rather than rushing things and blindly choosing the color you like, analyze your skin tone and eye color to know the perfect hair color for blue eyes.

Here’s how you can choose the right hair color based on your skin tone and eye color:

1. Study Your Skin

hair color for blue eyes

Consider your skin shade before choosing the hair color. The shade of your skin is likely to be pale yellow, medium, olive, or deep.

  • Remember that pale skin adjusts to almost all the hair colors. However, try to avoid the shades of red or golden blonde hair if you have cool undertones.
  • If you have yellow undertones, stay away from yellow or orange tones as they will highlight the awkward yellow color of your undertone.
  • The darker hair colors are explicitly the best for olive undertones. Go for brown, Auburn, Burgundy, and hints of red if you have a medium-toned skin.

Wrong hair color can cause a disastrous look, so choose your hair color wisely.

2. Determine Your Skin Tones

best hair color for blue eyes

You need to determine your skin undertone to find the perfect hair color for blue eyes. Knowing your skin undertones is simple:

  • Wear a white shirt, stand in natural light in front of the mirror.
  • Determine the undertone of your skin by looking at the veins on the underside of your wrist.
  • If the veins seem to be greenish, you have got warm undertones, if they are bluish-purple, you’ve got cool undertones and if the color of your veins is contrasting between the two colors, you’ve got neutral undertones.

Easy Tips and Tricks to Find Your Skin Tones

It is recommended to consult a hairstylist before making any final decision, but to give you a rough idea, here are some things to remember while determining your skin undertones.

  • If you look good in gold, olive, and rust, you have got warm undertones.
  • If silver, platinum and royal blue are your colors, then you have got cool undertones.
  • If you have got green, brown and hazel eyes, you’re warm.
  • If your eyes are blue or grey, you probably got cool undertones.

If you need more makeup to look presentable after you dye your hair, you have probably made the wrong choice of hair color. Best hair color for blue eyes or any skin tone is supposed to highlight your skin complexion.

Perfect Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Here is a list of the 11 best hair color ideas for women with blue eyes:

1. Auburn Hair

auburn hair for blue eyes

Auburn color is an ideal hair color for blue eyes. Elan colors like Auburn serve as a quintessential for cool undertones and blue eyes.

2. Platinum Hair

platinum hair color for blue eyes

Platinum blonde hair color is best suited for light skin and blue eyes with bold and bright lip tints.

3. Golden Strawberry Blonde Hair

golden strawberry hair for blue eyes

Strawberry blonde hair for cool undertones looks extraordinary, intense and fierce. This hair dye is undeniably the best hair color for blue eyes.

4. Black Hair

black hair color for blue eyes

Black is perfection. Blue eyes and black hair color makes the coolest combo and looks unrealistically gorgeous.

5. Sandy Blonde Hair

light brown hair for blue eyes

Blue eyes are a vision in light hair color. Blonde hair color enhances and emphasizes your blue eye color. This hair color adds elegance and charisma to your already beautiful blue eyes.

6. Red Orange Hair

If you’ve got cool undertones, red hair is the richest & best hair color for blue eyes.

No color can be as eccentric as red hair to accentuate blue eyes. The color adds a unique charm to the eyes and makes them stand out from the crowd.

7. Honey Blonde

If you want a perfect balance of rich, vivid, vibrant shades of brown, then fancy this honey brown shade. It is one of the most lavish shades of brown and serves as luxurious brown hair color ideas for women with blue eyes.

8. Sombre

People love ombre and if you are graced with baby blues, you should love it too. The perfect blend of dark and light colors make this hairstyle worthy of all the praise.

This hairstyle can be the best you can get for dreamy blue eyes.

9. Yellow Blonde Hair

If you’ve got blue eyes and love springs, flowers, and warmth, this hairstyle is great and gives the brightening and lively effect for your hair.

10. Ice Blue Hair

ocean blue hair color for blue eyes

This hair dye is difficult to pull off, you need extra attention, care and maintenance to tame this hair color shade for blue eyes. You can try this hairstyle any day if you want to sport an Uber-chic and sassy look.

11. Espresso Brown

brown hair color for blue eyes

Espresso hair is the trendiest and most flattering hairstyle that suits every skin tone. However, it adds grace and glory to the blue eyes.If you want to add warmth and glow to your hairstyle, Espresso brown serves as the stupendous hair color for blue eyes.


What hair colors are best for blue eyes and pale skin?

Hair colors that complement your eyes and skin color should also complement your skin’s undertone. The most common undertones are cool, warm, neutral, olive, pink, and yellow. 

Most people with blue eyes have pale, olive, or warm skin undertones. If you have pale skin with blue undertones opt for copper, ash brown, or platinum blonde hair. For pale skin with warmer undertones, choose a sandy blonde, chocolate brown, or chestnut. 

How rare is brown hair with blue eyes combo?

Brown hair and blue eyes are not as rare as you may think, although blue eyes come from a recessive gene. About 80% of people have brown hair. Evidence shows that brown hair and blue eyes occur in about 50% of people with brown hair. Since it occurs in this many people, it is not considered rare. 

What is the origin of blue eyes and blonde hair?

Blue eyes and blonde hair is ordinary among European people, especially Scandinavians. People think these traits come from adaptation to the lack of sunlight in those areas. 

Will blue hair look good with blue eyes?

Yes, blue hair looks good with blue eyes. But is looks best on olive and neutral complexions. Remember, hair color should work with your eye color, but skin tone and undertones make the combo work. 

Do dark hair colors suit blue eyes?

Yes, one of the best parts of having blue eyes is the opportunity to make them pop. If you do not have naturally darker hair, you might want to emphasize this feature more. Dying your hair a darker, richer color can help make your eyes pop for that striking look. 

Do brown hair and blue eyes look attractive?

Yes. Many people consider brown hair and blue eyes to be attractive. The contrast between light and dark makes the eyes pop. 

What unnatural hair color best suits blue eyes? 

Vibrant tones are great to pair with blue eyes. Colors like platinum blonde, gray, bright red, bright pink, and orange all suit blue eyes if you also have warm undertones. If you have cool undertones, stick to unnatural colors like lilac or pastel pink.