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David Sterner

David Sterner

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30 Long Hairstyles for Black Men That Look Really Cool

Long hairstyles look great on black men, and many choices are available. Black men’s hairstyles are usually very different from the hairstyles sported by people of other races because African-textured hair behaves very differently. Many of the hairstyles that you can see have real cultural significance. Long hair has many advantages as you can style …

Different Haircut Numbers and Hair Clipper Sizes – Learn How to Achieve Your Required Haircut

Haircut numbers and sizes play a significant role when it comes to a perfect hairstyle. Desired hair length isn’t possible without the right hair clipper size. Knowing the right clipper size is necessary irrespective of whether you are a professional barber or want to get your haircut on your own. Haircut number represents the size …