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20 Blissful Orange Ombre Hair Ideas to Rock

Fierce and bold – that is how we can describe orange ombre hairstyles. We admit that this might not be the dye for everybody. But, once you have done it – you will absolutely become addicted to it!

No matter if you are interested in fire orange, red ombre or a bit of yellow at your hair ends because we will show you all of that. The whole process from dying your hair to some of the most frequently asked questions – we have covered all covered.

How to Dye Orange Ombre Hair

women with orange ombre hair

Dying orange ombre hair is a thing that requires a lot of patience, good preparation, and perfect products. Before starting, here is the list of things you will need:

  • Orange hair dye,
  • Other color dye (yellow, red, or any other shade you wish to do ombre with),
  • Pair of Gloves,
  • Two separate bowls for your dyes,
  • Some bobby pins or elastic, if you want to separate your hair.

Prepare everything in advance and take some time off so you won’t get distracted while dying your hair into orange ombre.

  • If you are doing it at home, use elastics or bobby pins to separate your hair.
  • Start with orange shade and dye your roots and hair just to your cheekbones.
  • Then use brighter dye to cover the rest of the hair and your ends. That color should always be lighter than the one you used on your roots.
  • Leave it to stay for half an hour to 45 minutes.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and use a color-protecting shampoo.

How to Get Rid of Brassy Orange Hair

brassy orange hair

Brassy orange tones emerge when your hair is bleached or dyed. And yes, they can be so annoying. Brassy hair is a normal thing that happens to almost all girls.

The intensity of brass hair depends on your natural hair’s underlying pigment. You can prevent it and make your hair look fresh again with a few tricks and a new hairstyle routine.

Use Non-Colored Oils: If you are used to putting on oils on your hair before blow-drying, then you should definitely opt for non-colored oils only.

Many popular oils, such as argan oil have color and they don’t prevent brassy orange ombre hair. On the other hand, if your hair is dark, you can freely use these colored oils.

Use Blue or Purple Shampoo: There is no better way to absorb orange brass on your hair but with blue or purple shampoos. These shampoos will prevent orange tone and deposit a light blue that keeps your hair blonde or in this case orange and super shiny.

Try A Toner: Toner is a demi-permanent hair color, which helps you neutralize orange and brass hair. You should use it every 6-8 weeks to refresh your hair dye. You can also opt for a conditioning mask that does almost the same work as the toner.

Orange Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you have decided to dye your hair orange, well done! Here are the best orange ombre hair ideas for you to rock.

1. Burnt Orange Hair Ombre

Burnt Orange Ombre Wavy Hair

Burnt orange ombre hair color is not only vibrant but also so trendy. It looks great on girls with fair skin tone, but everybody else can try it.

This ombre is slightly lighter at the ends. You should definitely try this hairstyle with beach waves or with some fancy updo.

2. Coral Orange Ombre

women with coral orange ombre hair

Coral is a great shade that is something between red and orange mostly like auburn red hair. That is exactly what makes it look unique and stylish.

Even bright tones can be made into an ombre hairstyle. You can opt for this shade while thinking about doing orange ombre – this shade can be a great start.

3. Curly Pink Hair and Orange Ombre

curly pink and orange ombre hair

We know, these two colors can really make you wonder if you can mix them on your hair. However, you will be amazed by the results as much as we were.

Pink roots that turn into beautiful orange ombre ends look eccentric but also very unique and stylish. Curls or waves in your hair will just highlight this ombre effect even more.

4. Fire Ombre

Fire Orange Ombre for Long Wavy Hair

If you would like your hair to look like a fire, here is the chance to do it! This fierce ombre look is perfect for girls with long hair that want something bold and new. You will absolutely gain a lot of comments about your orange ombre hairstyle, wherever you go.

5. Copper Ombre with a Braid

orange ombre on copper hair

The dark roots melt into lovely copper ends. This is a perfect orange ombre hair look for those girls who haven’t decided to go all-orange as yet.

These copper ends are a great addition to your straight dark hair. You can wear this long and straight hair ombre style anywhere you go.

6. Classy Orange Ombre

What is the classic orange ombre? If you ask us, that is a dark-roots-orange-ends hairstyle. And what else do you need? That is a perfect style for any occasion.

Light and Dark Brown Hair Colors for Smart Girls

7. Brown and Orange Ombre

orange ombre on dark brown hair

Unlike dark brown roots, the ends of this hairstyle are really on fire. They look simply amazing and irresistible for us to try. If you would like to try new orange ombre hair and are interested, here is a great idea.

8. Red Orange Hair Ombre

red orange ombre hairstyles

Burgundy and orange are known as two complement warm shades. They match pretty well on your hair as well. Dye your roots in burgundy or wine red hair dye while leaving your hair ends to be in the orange shade.

9. Funky Orange to Yellow Ombre

Yellow ends might not be for everybody, but they sure are for all brave and bold girls. In combination with orange ombre hair color, you get an amazing wavy bob style, perfect for wearing with any makeup and outfit.

10. Light Orange Brown Hair

light orange ombre on brown hair

From the dark roots, all the way down to the light hair ends – this orange ombre hairstyle has it all. Take good care of your hair and the dye will last longer.

11. Light Orange Ombre

Light Orange Ombre

Light orange ombre is also a great shade for hair. Even if it looks like it is already washed up, you need to learn to love it like it is. If you want to leave the roots in your natural hair – no problem.

12. From Dark Red to Light Yellow

orange ombre on dark red hair

Three colored ombre is something that you should definitely try. From dark red roots, over the orange ombre and middle part of your hair, and all the way down to your yellow roots, you will look absolutely amazing and chic.

Classic Orange Ombre

This timeless ombre style adds a splash of color, seamlessly blending orange from roots to ends for a stunning yet natural vibe.

Coral Orange Ombre

For a vibrant and playful twist on the classic, this coral blend of pink and orange is your go-to for some fun.

Fire Orange Ombre

If you’re all about bold and daring, this fiery orange ombre look will not disappoint. It’s bright, eye-catching, and sure to turn heads.

Butterscotch Orange Ombre

Soft and feminine, this butterscotch orange look offers a warm and inviting color, flattering for all skin tones and perfect for a subtle glow.

Auburn Orange Ombre

Want to add a touch of class? Try the Auburn orange ombre. The deep, rich color adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to any look.

Bronze Orange Ombre

Stand out from the crowd with this unique blend of orange and brown. This bronze orange ombre is modern, chic, and definitely a head-turner.

Tangerine Orange Ombre

Want to brighten your style? This tangerine shade brings a fun, vibrant, and playful look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Neon Orange Ombre

Not for the faint-hearted, this bold neon orange look is as bright and eye-catching as it gets. Be ready to make a statement!

Orange ombre can really make you look fabulous, bold, and sophisticated. It is an interesting technique that requires some time, but you will love the results.

Make sure to take good care of your hair, wash it with silicone-free shampoos and use a good conditioner. That way you will keep your hair look perfect all the time.

FAQs on Orange Ombre Hairstyles

Is there any difference between fiery red ombre and a red-orange ombre?

When you see fiery red ombre you notice that there are practically two shades of red on the roots and lighter on the hair ends.

However, with red-orange ombre things are a bit different. This ombre is made of two shades – red on roots and orange on your hair ends.

Can I do orange ombre on my curly hair?

Of course! Every orange ombre hairstyle looks even more highlighted with waves or curls in-game. However, make sure to use good hairstyling products that will keep your hair healthy and your color more permanent.

Are copper orange ombre and burnt orange ombre the same?

Well, we would say these two are almost the same. Both of these two ombre techniques are vibrant and look pretty good on everybody’s hair.

Even though these two shades are very similar, on different natural hair they can look different as well.

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