Blonde Hair Types: The 6 Shades of Blonde Hair

If you’re interested in going blonde this summer, then it’s important to take a look at the different types of blonde there are to choose from. Ranging from lily white to darker, almost brown hues, blonde hair has the versatility to cater to all skin types. When it comes to bleaching your hair blonde, it needs to be kept in mind that the shade that is chosen doesn’t wash you out.


Different Shades of Blonde Hair

Many women tend to stay away from blondes because they aren’t familiar with the different hues and combinations that can be achieved. With that being said, here are some of the main shades of blonde that are the most popular.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

This hue is the lightest shade of blonde there is. The platinum blonde comes in a variety of hues as well, ranging from completely white to yellowish/golden. This shade goes best with pale to medium toned skin and is especially lovely with bright brown or blue eyes.

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Baby Blonde

blonde hair type: baby blonde

baby blonde

Otherwise known as ‘natural blonde,’ this blonde coloring looks very natural in terms of the highlights and lowlights that are used to achieve this look. This blonde can either be on the lighter or darker side in terms of shades. Of course, if you’re darker then you should use darker shades of blonde, and vice versa if you’re very light/pale. This will ensure that your end result is as natural-looking as possible.


Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde

This shade of blonde features a faint reddish appearance, giving it that “strawberry” hue. Depending on the depth of the red tint, you could mistake strawberry blondes for redheads.

The best dye jobs will leave you with that reddish undertone that gives the hair that darkened appearance. Strawberry blonde tends to look great on all skin types depending on the shades used.


Golden Blonde

Golden blonde hair type

Golden blonde

On the darker side of the spectrum, golden blonde is that luminescent color that is envied as the healthiest looking shade of blonde. The key to achieving a successful golden blonde hair color is by choosing a color that won’t come out brassy and by adding dimension through high and low lights within the same color spectrum.


Ash Blonde

Ash blonde

Ash blonde

If you’ve ever seen hair with a subtle gray appearance, then it was more than likely an ash blonde color. This hue is a great option for women who are looking a softer look, as opposed to being boldly blonde. The gray tint gives it a more mature look, so this color option is great for women who are starting to actually go gray. Ash blonde tends to look best on pale to medium tone skin.


Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

This blonde shade is another variation towards the darker end of this spectrum. Honey blonde features brown lowlights which make it the perfect blonde for women with darker skin tones. This color tends to work great on medium-dark skin tones since it’s not as light and won’t be too harsh for the skin. Conversely, if you’re on the pale side, you may want to lighten this color up with some highlights around the face so that it doesn’t wash you out.

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So, What one is your favorite shade of blonde?