53 Stunning Short Hair Color Ideas – Bring Life to Your Look

Short hairstyles are definitely on trend and coloring your short hair can bring life to your look. From the pixie to the Bob, we’re seeing a bunch of ideas to get a different look that’s celebrity-level.

But a hairstyle will never be completed with great hair color to make it stand out and for you to get noticed. Whatever your style is, colors for short hair will only make it pop and even create a great mix with the haircut you already have.

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Best Short Hair Color Ideas for Women

The first thing you need to know is color is not something you can easily do at home, especially if you’re going for something really elaborate. Ask your hairdresser or look for an expert that you can ask all your questions to.

That color trend you love can be your next style if you do it correctly, no matter how short your hair is. Let’s take a look at some short hair color ideas that are going to make you shine!


short red hair color for women



short lime hair color



short afro hair color for women



short silver hair color for women



short orange hair with blonde streaks



short hair highlights



women's short burgundy hair



short peach hair color for women



short hair color with dyed bangs



short orange hair color for older women


#11. Bob + Balayage

Balayage brown color for short hair

The ombre hair was everything in hair color trends during 2015 and a bit of 2016, but during fall season it transformed into a more delicate trend, the balayage. Whether you have curly and layered hair or straight and blunt cut, it’s a great way to accentuate the texture of your hair. In some cases, it can add volume to your layers and make your short hair look fuller and healthier.

Sew In Bob Hairstyles


#12. Platinum blonde

Platinum color blonde short hairstyle

Katy Perry did it with a pixie and Cara Delevingne tried it with a long bob. And as edgy as this color is, it will get you what you want: all eyes on you. If you’re going for it, keep in mind that is always best to find a hair color that matches or flatters your skin tone.

The plus for girls with short hair is that this color would look better this way than with long locks because it will give you a healthier look.


#13. The Classic Highlights

girl classic colors for short hair

When it comes to hair color, this is a no-brainer for both stylists and clients who want their features to be enhanced without the need to dye all their hair.

Highlights can go anywhere from soft brown to blonde, depending on your natural color, and it will instantly create the illusion of volume and will direct the light straight to your face. For an effortless look, make sure the color you’re adding is similar to your natural one.


#14. Natural Hues

Natural color with short hair

Do you love your natural hair color but you think there’s too much damage and you can’t see it anymore? Dying it with a very similar tone is an option that’s very trendy these days.

Colors for short hair can be tricky, so if you want to eliminate the risk, go for the ‘nude’. That way you don’t have to worry about the color matching your eyebrows and the maintenance will be easier.

Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights


#15. Dark burgundy

Dark color short hairstyle for black girl

If your natural color is dark and you can’t be bothered with the whole bleaching process, then red is your way to go. It’s great for enhancing and edgy pixie or bringing life to a straight bob. And you can go as soft or bold as you want.


#16. Contouring

You’ve heard about this makeup technique, but did you know you can actually contour your hair? This method uses a careful placement of color around the face and plays with lights and shadows to accentuate your best features and enhance your skin tone. The colors used here are normally very similar to yours, so it would look like you woke up like this.


#17. Rich Brown

 Brown color short hair for girl

Basically, every skin tone work with shades of brown. And colors for short hair can definitely benefit from the sleek, serious look coffee-inspired tones can give you. Girls with an olive and red-based skin are advised to look for deep colors like mocha or cocoa, while something warmer (milk chocolate colors, for example) will work best for girls with golden complexions.

Red & Blonde Hair Color Ideas


#18. Rose Gold Hair

girl favorite rose gold short hair color

For those thinking about a change between pastels and blonde, this can be the choice. Rose gold is a beautiful coppery red tone with hints of gold and pink, a mix that will make you shine without dying your hair platinum. You can also use it in balayage or highlights.


#19. Back to Black

Colors for short hair can be a tricky deal and you can be scared to try them, so you need to know there’s nothing wrong with dying your hair black. It can add some strength to your pixie look or can be a temporarily but gorgeous solution while your hair recovers from damage.

Layered Bob Hairstyles


#20. Dark Green Hair

short green hairstyles

Short hairstyles sometimes need a pop of color to make a real statement. Purple, green, blue and orange are only some of the options you can try if you’re brave enough to do it. If you’re looking for something really strong, an ombre with two different shades of one tone would be amazing, as well as some highlights if you don’t want a big change.


#21. Gray

Gray color short haircut for girl

Gone are the days when this hair color was considered a sign of aging. Some stylists are even saying gray is the new blonde. This hairstyle is best recommended for bob or lobs, but if you’re going for it with your pixie try it with a very bold haircut to create a great contrast.


#22. Lavender Grey Hair

Are you a fan of candy colors? Then you should definitely try them on your short hair! Pastel pink or blue look really cool and trendy on bobs and pixies with bangs.


#23. Unicorn Hair

Have you taken a look at Instagram newsfeeds full of long hairstyles with great rainbow colors? Good news, you can have unicorn hair in your short locks!  There are different ways you can achieve this style, but the main goal is to get the colors to look like they’re blending perfectly but don’t look washed out. Be careful with this one and as a professional.

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles


#24. Ginger Hair Power

Yes, redheads are still on trend and they will probably never go out of style. This short hair color, which looks more orange than red, it’s better for girls with a very pale skin tone (remember how pretty it looks on Emma Stone). Ask your stylist for a consultation on which shade will work best


#25. Orange Wavy Bob

short hair color ideas for women

Another fierce, fiery and statement look for your short hair can be achieved with the combination of bold colors such as orange. The dark root is deep and kept as a base and for the portion of roots.

The orange comes after, strong and neon. If you are wearing a bob or any version of it, keep it wavy or curly so that you can accent the orange brown hair colors.


#26. Neon Straight Bob 

Yellow is hard to maintain and achieve, without turning into any other shade. But, it can be done. If you are brave, wear the color of the sun however you like it.


#27. Purple Pixie 

Lavender is a pastel color shade that gives a fresh look to the face and suits women with lighter skin tone. To achieve the best and coolest lavender tone on short hair, it is best to be applied on a blonde or bleached hair.


#28. Asymmetrical Bob

Dark pink hair makes full coverage on the bob. It is interesting and edgy but requires regular touch ups as the color fades very quickly.


#29. Rainbow Hair

The rainbow hair is another choice among women with short hair. It does require some bleaching because all of the colors of the rainbow do need a light and proper base for their vibrant colors. If you are wearing a pixie, you can try and focus the rainbow style only to the lower portion of the hair.

Make highlights in all the various colors like red, orange, yellow, blue and green. The rest of the hair that will come over will cover most of the colored hair, leaving the ends visible and interesting.


#30. Dusty Rose Pink Hair

short hairstyle with colors

This is a quirky and daring look with colors for short hair. The haircut comes as an undercut – shaved to the sides and hair on the top. The hair is styles partly, which means each portion is styled in a different direction. The color is the same, light pastel cream, with a dose of pink. The side parts are deep and accented.


#31. Blueberry Undercut

The undercut is a bold choice for short hair. in combination with the pastel blue hair color, it gives a whole new meaning of the blue color hairstyles.


#32. Rose Gold Balayage

The combination of pink and orange as hair color might sound terrifying for someone, but if you choose the right shade and technique you can get a unique look. This hair color for short hair requires you to have a bit longer hair so the bob or the lob will do the work since you need to make it wavy or curly.


#33. Vibrant Pink Pixie

The vibrant pinks are the most common hair color choice among women with short hair. Pink is warm and eye-catching. It will look extra accented on a short pixie cut.


#34. Purple Balayage Waves

short purple balayage look

Balayage highlights can be done on the short hair too. The purple is a wonderful color to do so, take the top of the hair and balayage it. The hairstyle can be worn straight, or if you want to accent the color more, go for the curls or waves. The natural hair color will stay under and the balayage will be presented through the curls.


#35. Purple to Orange

purple to orange hair colors for short hair

The highlights that are going to be done are a combination of bright orange and purple, consequently done so that they gradually come one after the other. As the color fades, you will always have a new look, but if you want it to be intense, schedule regular touch up for renewing the color. A vibrant short hairstyle with colors for divas.


Some more hair color ideas to try with short hair:



brown short hair coloring idea























multi colored short hairstyles











short hair color


Hopefully, these trendy hair color ideas for short hair will surely catch your eyes and you should try one to have a different look. 

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