20 Most Flattering Hair Colors for Dark Skin [2021]

There’s no end to the list of beautiful hair colors for dark skin. Women of color can carry off bold, bright hues without a second thought. From warm golden brown to icy blue, nothing is off limits. Your hair is the one thing you can play around with because it always grows back, so why not experiment with a variety of colors? Show off your flawless skin to its best advantage. Complement it with a new hue for your hair.


Suitable Hair Color for Dark Skin

You have dark skin and looking for the perfect hair color that’ll suit you. Well, it’s not a surprise that not all hair colors suit all the skin tones. People spend a long time evaluating their skin color and matching it with the right hair shade.

You might be dreaming to become a platinum blonde, but your dark skin might not make it look as exciting as you wish. In order not to get stuck with the wrong hair color that can make you look like a clown, you need to know which hair color looks good with dark skin.

Thankfully, this matter has been extensively studied by hairdressers and women, who love to experiment with their hair. Here is some advice to help you choose the right shade.

Red Hair Color  

red hair color for dark skin african american women

Red hair color looks fantastic with dark skin. It allows your hair to create contrast with your dark skin and give it an extra glow. However, there are several shades of red and not all of them might be perfect.

  • Dark red – Burgundy, cherry, and dark auburn colors are perfect for gals with dark skin tones. They complement the skin and make you look fantastic.
  • HighlightsRed highlights look amazing on brown and black hair that usually accompany dark skin tones. The advantage of such dying is low-maintenance. Without worrying about the roots, you can give your hair a complete do-over.
  • Ombre – Burgundy and such rich wine red hair shades are a wonderful choice for an ombre.

Women with dark skin tones should be careful about dark brown colors. These shades have too much blue pigment in them and your skin can end up looking somewhat green. So red hair color is great for women with medium to dark skin tones.


Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color idea for dark skin girls

Blonde is a good hair color option for dark skin. Every woman dreams of becoming a blonde at least once in her lifetime. While singers and actors might look wonderful with blonde hair color, you shouldn’t forget that they have the most professional stylists. Meanwhile, you have to think about how much you can really care for your hair.

  • If the color is orange based, such as ash, don’t even think about it. It may make your hair look like a piece of rag.
  • Don’t go farther than two shades from your natural hair color. Women with dark skin tones may enjoy golden, beige, and light blonde.
  • The perfect blonde hair color for women with dark skin is dark blonde. You can add golden highlights to make the overall appearance lighter.
  • Avoid platinum blonde since it looks extremely unnatural with dark skin.


Brown Hair Color

women Brown Hair Color

Brown hair dye is one of the best ideas for women with dark skin tones. It looks natural and doesn’t require too much maintenance. If you think that brown is boring, you haven’t seen all the shades of it. Honey, golden, ash, reddish brown are the most popular choices for people with dark skin tone. While it brightens up your hair, it doesn’t leave you looking unnatural. Caramel brown is the best shade for African Americans.

  • Darker shades, such as espresso and golden brown can suit your skin tone as well. But you have to think about picking the makeup to match.
  • If you want your hair to shine, consider bronze brown. It’s perfect for bronze skin.
  • Rich coffee brown is one of the best hair colors for people with dark skin tone.
  • In any case, don’t go farther than two shades from your natural color to keep the maintenance to a minimum.


Highlights or Ombre for Dark Skin Tone

Highlights or ombre can become the best hair color choice for dark skin. You can either create them on your natural hair color or after you’ve chosen the best dye for your needs. If you’ve always dreamed of platinum locks but they seem to look ridiculous, you can create light blonde highlights on dark blonde hair. Brown dyes look wonderful with medium brown highlights. Keep the highlights around your face and the top of your head to create a special appearance.

Always be armed with information before choosing the hair color, which looks good on dark skin. Don’t fret if you already made a mistake. Make another appointment with a hairdresser in a few weeks.


Discover the Top Trending Hair Colors for Dark Skin

If you’re on the lookout for complimentary hair colors for dark skin, we’ve got you. The good news is that there’s really no color that doesn’t look fantastic alongside dark skin. Even fantasy colors look natural, and that’s a gift. It’s time for a change. Discover a flattering new shade that draws attention to your stunning skin.

1. Burnt Caramel

Caramel Hair Colors for Dark Skin women

Leave it to Rihanna, right? You don’t have to be RiRi to rock this luscious caramel shade, though. With hints of red and gold, it’s easily one of the best hair colors for dark skin of all hues.

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2. Peachy Pink

black women Peachy Pink Hair Color idea

We are in love with this hair color, particularly the way it complements warmer, darker skin tones. Orange hues, even when they’re subtle, were practically created for women of color.


3. Orange Red

Orange Red Hair Colors for Dark Skin girl

Case in point—how gorgeous does this vibrant orange red shade look against this lovely woman’s flawless skin? The hair is almost a tangerine hue, something we haven’t seen a lot, but we definitely hope to see it more. Lovin’ the shirt, too, mama.


4. Mauve Pink

Pink hair color idea for dark skin girl

Mauve is honestly one of the most flattering hair colors for dark skin that we’ve ever seen. We had no idea. Frankly, this entire lewk—because it’s not merely a look—is to-die-for. Those curls, those lips, that poppin’ highlighter!

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5. The Color Purple

Purple Color hair for Dark Skin women

Embrace a love of bright colors. Warm, dark skin tones aren’t overpowered by vibrant hues. Where bright purple like this can make fair skin look sallow and sickly, this woman is radiant.