22 Lustrous Sandy and Mousy Brown Hairstyles to Copy

When you hear about sandy and mousy brown hair, you often imagine something unsightly and dull. However, these brown hair shades can be extremely beautiful if you spend enough time making them look so.

While your own hair can be dark brown, the mousy and sandy shades can brighten up the image and give it the softness you couldn’t have even dreamed about. The brown hair shades are often underestimated.

Meanwhile, they are used by women all over the planet to improve the image and come up with some new colors for their locks.


What to Do with Mousy Brown Hair

mousy brown hairstyle

Many girls who have mousy brown hair are wondering how to get rid of it. It’s an absolutely wrong decision. If you want to add your mousy locks some shine, you don’t need to completely change the color. You might want to think about adding some sandy or light brown highlights or creating a dark ombre.

In any case, you should keep your mousy brown hair intact as much as possible. Give it some luster by improving your hair care routine. If your hair doesn’t look shiny, the color is not at fault. You need to keep yourself healthy and the hair well-treated.

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Sandy Brown Hair with Highlights

sandy brown hairstyle

Sandy brown hair looks fantastic with various highlights. This hair shade is truly special since you can use any other color to complement it. You can try blonde shades and brown hues.

We would recommend starting with caramel highlights. If you don’t think they light up your mane well enough, you can proceed to golden blonde. The best part about sandy brown hair that it can look stunning with dark highlights as well. Think about brown or even black partial highlights.


Best Hairstyles With Sandy and Mousy Brown Hair Color

Mousy and sandy brown hair is exactly what you need to look soft, natural, sexy, and appealing. You just need to know how to use it. We did some research and came up with 22 ways you can take advantage of these shades of brown.

Don’t be afraid of the “mousy” word. Mousy brown can become your favorite hair shade. It’s easy to maintain and to touch up. Sandy brown brightens up your mane and helps you create any image you’d like without too much dyeing.

1. Light Highlights

Mousy Light brown Hair for girl

Mousy brown hair looks perfect with light brown highlights. You don’t have to create the classic highlighted look to get the perfect results. Make just a few thin light brown strands and you’ll lighten up the whole image.


2. Reverse Ombre

Sandy brown ombre Mousy hairstyle

Sandy brown hair looks perfect as part of a blonde ombre. You can come up with any shades of blonde for the bottom part. Anything starting with honey blonde and ending with platinum looks absolutely perfect.


3. Face Framing Highlights

women's Sandy Mousy Brown Hair highlights

Whatever brown shade your hair is, you can make it even more stunning with several highlights. You need to carefully choose two or three colors that can look as natural as possible with your locks.


4. Patchy Dyeing

Mousy Brown Haircut

Patchy dyeing can be a good choice for mousy brown hair that can keep your natural color intact. A few patchy golden blonde or caramel highlights can completely change your image. Ask your hairstylist for the location advice.

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5. Dark highlights

Sandy and Mousy Brown Hairstyle with Dark highlights

Look at how stunning sandy brown hair looks with dark locks. While you might try to avoid mouse and sandy shades, other women are looking for ways to use them. If you have raven locks, these hues are just what you need.