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How to Get Face Framing Highlights for Your Face Shape

Face framing highlights are a great way to draw attention to the face and make a person look their best. Unfortunately, even the best highlights won’t make people look amazing if they are not styled correctly. Understanding how to style these highlights is key to ensuring that people look their best.


Ideal Highlights to Frame Different Face Shapes

Since different face shapes require different styles, it’s important to choose a cut and hair highlights that will frame your face shape.


face framing highlights for round face

Women who have round faces will want to try to create more length and height on their heads to offset the curve of their faces. Longer layers around the face will automatically make the face appear much thinner and more slender, which can be very attractive.

A great stylist can easily add layers into longer hair so that the style doesn’t feel heavy and actually weigh down the hair. With the longer layers in the front, women need to opt for longer face framing highlights that serve to really frame the face shape.

Avoiding thick bangs and shorter angular styles will soften the face. Adding babylights around the face and on the ends of the hair can greatly help to improve this look. Look for highlights that are only a few shades from the natural hair color for the best appearance.



face framing highlights for square face

Square faces can look really harsh if they are not surrounded with layers to help break up their sharp lines and angles. Textured bobs are a great option for most women who have square faces, as the layers help to break up the monotony of the face and soften the edges of the face. Adding in the side bangs and wispy layers also help to create the appearance of a much softer and more feminine look.

These looks can benefit from highlights that not only frame the face but also extend around the head, as they will help to break up the style and prevent it from looking too harsh. Choosing highlights that are noticeably lighter than the rest of the hair helps to create a fun look that is refreshing.



face framing highlights for diamond face

Since women with diamond-shaped faces have a sharp chin and a smaller forehead, the cut needs to create the illusion of a much wider top and bottom of the face. Longer angled bobs that help to hide the width of the cheeks are a wonderful option for women with diamond faces.

It can be tricky to add face framing highlights to these cuts, as it’s important not to emphasize the cheekbones, which are the widest part of the face.

Instead, women need to have highlights added to the lower parts of their hair, which will help draw attention to that part of their style and can easily make it appear fuller. Adding lighter copper highlights to the tips of hair prevents them from looking too heavy or weighed down while balancing out the rest of the cut.



face framing highlights for long face

Longer faces look great with cuts that add a lot of width around the cheeks so that the length of the face isn’t so obvious. Adding face framing bangs that are swept to the side is a great way to offset the length of the face and make it look shorter.

Using waves to add width to the style is another fun way to prevent the face from appearing too long. These cuts look great with thicker highlights that don’t simply frame the face, which can make the face look a lot longer.

Opting for fuller highlights helps to show off the face without making it look longer. Thick highlights that are all over the head and run from the roots to the tips of the hair are a much better option than scattered or thin highlights to frame face.



face framing highlights for oval face

Women with oval or heart faces look great in most any cuts, from shorter to longer. Shorter styles are a fun way to express yourself, while longer highlights styles add a lot of movement to the hair, which can be a refreshing and attractive look.

Adding volume to the sides of the hair with waves, curls, or a shorter style ensures that the face looks balanced. Women with oval faces can wear almost any type of face framed highlights hairstyle.

One great option is highlighted that begin around the cheekbones and run to the tips of the hair, which is great for women who want to emphasize their cheeks. Other women may prefer longer silver highlights that run from the roots to the tips, which can make a longer style look much more elegant.


Understanding not only what face shape you have but also how to style your new face framing highlights so that they improve your appearance is key to looking and feeling your best. Taking time to decide what type of cut and style you need to improve your appearance and then working with a skilled stylist is the best way to get the right highlights for your face.