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33 Mushroom Brown Hairstyles That Are Trending Now

We love brown hair! It comes in different shades, and it’s easy to find a perfect hue for any face shape and tan. But, have you ever tried mushroom brown hair color? This particular shade has become a huge hit, and all trendy women want to rock it. Scroll down to get 33 amazing hairstyle suggestions.

What Shade Is Mushroom Brown?

mushroom brown hair

The term “mushroom brown” doesn’t seem pretty, but the actual hair shade definitely is. So, you’re probably wondering what kind of shade it is exactly. Think of Portobello mushrooms or more precisely that “hairy” section under.

Mushroom brown is that shade exactly, and it appears semi-ashy and multidimensional. The best thing about mushroom brown hair color is that ashy undertones conceal grey hairs perfectly.

How to Get Mushroom Brown Hair – Step By Step

How to Get Mushroom Brown Hair

In order to give your hair mushroom brown shade, a hairstylist usually applies lowlights and highlights on top of the ashy brown base for a multidimensional look.

That’s why the best thing to do is to see a professional colorist who will know exactly what to do to give you mushroom brown hair. However, if you want to do it on your own, then you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Find an ashy brown hair coloring kit
  • Step 2: Divide hair to smaller sections
  • Step 3: Apply hair color onto each section evenly
  • Step 4: Wait for 30 minutes and rinse without shampooing
  • Step 5: Apply a conditioner

Remember, your hairstylist uses various colors and shades to give you the signature mushroom brown look. Highlights and lowlights are used for a multi-dimensional vibe which is not that easy to achieve at home.

Do’s And Don’ts for Mushroom Brown Hair

Do's And Don'ts for Mushroom Brown Hair

When it comes to keeping your brownish mushroom hair perfect it all comes down to proper care. Without adequate care, your hair might lose its shine, smoothness, and gorgeous look. So, here are dos and don’ts you need to bear in mind:

  • DO wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  • DON’T wash your hair every day.
  • DO choose products that are specifically created for color-treated hair.
  • DON’T heat style your hair too much.
  • DO buy products that protect hair before heat styling.

Coolest Mushroom Brown Hairstyles

Fashionable women love the mushroom brown hair color, and you’ll definitely want to try it when you see these 33 amazing styles. Scroll down and check them out.

1. Short Brown Hair

Short Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hair color is one of the hottest hairstyle trends, and you’ll want to get on board. This short cut is cute, elegant, and mushroom shade is accentuated perfectly.

Plus, you can style your short hair any way you’d like, e.g. wear it straight, make nice curls, rock it asymmetrically, get bangs, you name it. Look how amazing this ashy version of brown is, so unusual yet so lovely.

2. Long Mushroom Brown Hair

 Long Mushroom Brown Hair

Women with long hair who are thinking about doing something new may want to consider mushroom brown hair. The multidimensional hairstyle like this one will perfectly accentuate your lovely locks that make your look playful and voluminous.

To keep your hair smooth to make sure you care for your hair and its color properly. Instead of curling your hair all the time you can simply opt to let it loose and free with its natural curls and waves.

3. Wavy Bob

wavy mushroom brown hair

Thinking about some practical hairstyle for warmer temperatures and want to change your color too? Then mushroom shade brown hair and wavy cut could be the change you’re looking for.

This particular shade adds a new dimension to your hair while shorter cut will be incredibly useful during hot temperatures. Waves add more playfulness and volume. Basically, you get everything you want in a haircut with this particular style.

4. Mushroom Brown Hair with Bangs

 Mushroom Brown Hair With Bangs

Here’s yet another great way to rock your brown mushroom style – mid-length haircut with side bangs. What we love about bangs is that they frame our face and add more texture to the whole look.

Instead of straight and symmetric bangs, you can opt for asymmetrical ones which make your haircut modern and fun. It’s impossible not to notice that brownish mushroom hair color blends in with every type of complexion perfectly.

5. Loose Mermaid Braid

mushroom brown hair with braid

You can never go wrong with braids. They are romantic, practical, and sexy all at once. One way to style your mushroom brown hair is to make a braid and let the remainder of your hair loose.

When it comes to braiding you may want to choose looser kind for a casual look and tighter braid for more formal occasions.

6. Blonde Highlights

curly mushroom brown hair
Instagram / wellaprobnl

Instead of going for an ashy nuance add some warmth to those fluffy curls by opting for rich caramel blonde highlights to stand against a brown base resulting in an earthy tone that won’t be ignored. Finish off by cutting layers into the mane for the strands to fall flawlessly around the face.

7. Earthy Layers

Liven up a boring mane by chopping it into shoulder-length layers with curtain bangs falling on both sides of the face. Ask the hairstylist to blend blond highlights with a light brown base shade. Top off the look with loose waves and there you have it, a perfect mushroom brown hairstyle.

8. Two-In-One Dutch Braids

half up mushroom brown hair
Instagram / jasminebishophair

Brunettes who don’t have time for long salon appointments can achieve a neutral tone by incorporating creamy blonde highlights that concentrate towards the ends. Flaunt the look with two Dutch braids on top that are whirled around into one chunky knit lying in between the remaining curled tresses.

9. Curtain Bangs

light mushroom brown hair
Instagram / chelseabriarcolor

Women who are looking for something more natural can opt for an all-over color. Dark-haired ones require certain lightening while hair gloss treatments will do the job for blonde ladies rather than a permanent dye. Try the look with curtain bangs and a lob. You will love it!

10. Blunt Cut

medium mushroom brown hair
Instagram / imperfectlyrealmom

Blunt haircuts like classic bobs and chic lobs have been dominating this year. Couple one with a medium brown base and add ashy grey highlights with dark brown lowlights if necessary creating a multi-dimensional hair tone that is sure to drop some jaws.

11. Color Pop

mushroom brown and teal hair
Instagram / hairby__mary

Mushroom brown may seem yet another dull shade to some women especially those who have rocked this cool tone several times. Why not spice it up with a vibrant color? Use teal or any other unconventional hair shade and apply it midway to the ends resulting in an eye-catching ombre.

12. Wavy Lob

mushroom brown bob
Instagram / hair_inspirationn

Asian ladies with exceptional black-to-brown locks don’t need to necessarily uplift their natural dark base shade. Achieve a cool neutral nuance by opting for delicate beige blonde highlights with a hint of ash grey in between. Add soft waves to your shoulder-length lob and get ready to rock!

13. Inverted French Braid

mushroom brown braided hair
Instagram / hairbykristillc

Show off those multi-tonal highlights on a dark brown mane with a classic inverted French braid. Plait the strands from top to the ends sparing some chunks to frame the face at the front. Recreate the style with two knits instead of one or experiment with a pull-through braid.

14. Ashy Hues

mushroom brown hair color
Instagram / hairbypreya

Can’t take your eyes off right? This mushroom brown hairstyle is simply to die for. The key lies in stripping off all the warmth using ash blonde and cream highlights while keeping the roots dark. Pair the look with medium layers and bouncy curls. Simply wow!

15. Luxurious Money Pieces

Although money pieces produce a glamorous and expensive appeal these face-framing highlights are easy on the pocket and ideal to refresh your look without painting the entire head. Spice up a dark brown mane by mixing some silver with ash blonde and adding it on the front chunks only.

16. Pretty Pixie

mushroom brown pixie hair
Instagram / klippis_helsinki

Mushroom brown is a high-maintenance hair shade requiring regular visits to the salon. Reduce the fuss by sporting it with a short haircut like an edgy pixie featuring short layers with an undercut. A hand-tousle and off you go.

17. Perfect Blend

mushroom brown straight hair
Instagram / hairxtoni

This sexy mushroom brown hairstyle is all about blending the colors perfectly together. Choose a medium brown base and add a mix of beige blonde and grey highlights with delicate brown lowlights in between resulting in a neutral earthy tinge that is sure to grab some attention.

18. Mushroom Brown Balayage

wavy mushroom brown hair
Instagram / beauty_by_amb

To be honest, balayage is in full swing presently and has left highlights and ombres far behind. Recreate this fungus-inspired hair shade by hand-painting stripes of dirty and light blonde that flare towards the ends producing a stunning dark to light gradient. Chic without a doubt!

19. Messy Top Knot

Top knots have become quite popular, and we absolutely love them. They’re fashionable and simple to make.

The best thing about top knots is that they look great on both short and long hair. It’s needless to mention they’re ideal for casual settings when you want to look effortlessly cool.

20. Ashy Grey Hair Tone

If you’re looking for an edgy twist, then you may want to consider this particular look. The style combines dark brown that gently transitions into mushroom brown hair and finishes with grey tones.

Your hair will get more structure and texture, but at the same time, it’s a unique approach to this cute trend.

21. Light Brown Balayage

Not only your hair colorist may use different shades to create this particular look, but mushroom shade can also be an addition to some other hair color.

For example, a combination of dark brown or black with mushroom brown balayage is extraordinary. To accentuate your hair gently curl them in long, sensual locks.

22. Chestnut Brown Hair

Mushroom brown hairdos do not necessarily have to come in light tones, and it can also appear darker. Just take a look at mushrooms in the nearest supermarket, you’ll see their shades vary from lighter to darker, and that’s the beauty of it.

Girls who prefer dark hair shades but don’t want to dye their hair back may want to consider lighter chestnut brown too.

23. Ombre Bob

Mushroom Brown Ombre Lob

Lob is a sophisticated haircut that you can style in a sleek and elegant way or casual or layered, depending on your preferences.

You may want to consider mushroom brown ombre and sleek lob for a fashionable, yet super stylish appearance. Make sure your long bob is straight, precise, and on point.

24. Warm Brown Hair

Warm Mushroom Brown Wavy Hair

Mushroom brown hair usually appears somewhat cold due to ashy undertones. But, you can choose warmer hues as well.

This brownish mushroom style is sexy, warm, inviting, and trendy all at the same time. It looks great on both short and long hair which you can liven up with locks and curls.

25. Ashy Blonde Tones 

ashy mushroom brown hair

Give your ashy mushroom brown hair a brightening touch with a hint of blonde. We love this on babes with lighter skin and an overall penchant for blonde tones as opposed to brunette ones. 

26. Light and Natural 

light mushroom brown hair

If you’re lucky to have natural light mushroom brown hair, then good for you! You can always have your stylist add a toner or babylights to the hair that surrounds your face to kick up the dimension and enhance the cooler tones. 

27. Straight Bob 

mushroom brown balayage hairstyle

Don’t settle for a dull straight bob, create a mushroom brown balayage hairstyle that feels super modern and fresh. It will add instant lift and life to straight and fine hair. 

28. Dark Mushroom Curls 

mushroom brown curly hair

Brighten up your mushroom brown curly hair with stunningly perfect highlights. What better way to enhance your medium curls than with touches of lightness on your rounded hairstyle?

29. Warm Mushroom 

dark mushroom brown hair

This might be the sunniest dark mushroom brown hair on the list. If your skin is particularly golden, however, you will want to try this look. Start with a darker base and work your way up with lighter tones from there. 

30. Cool Mushroom 

Asian mushroom brown hair

This Asian mushroom brown hair is particularly ashy, making it stunning on perfect pale skin. The cool tones feel particularly current given today’s trends. 

31. Soft Blend for Straight Hair 

mushroom brown straight hair
Instagram / babydollhair

A fine, subtle blend is ideal on mushroom brown straight hair that is medium-length. Ask your stylist for a light and seamless brunette tone. 

32. Touch of Auburn 

mushroom brown hairstyle for women
Instagram / casadebella

The auburn influence is very light here, but that touch of red is what we’re going for here. A light auburn tone takes a different earthy spin on mushroom brown and makes it great for warm and golden skin tones. 

33. Warm Ombre Blend 

mushroom brown hairstyle for women
Instagram / hair_bynikki85

A blend like this is so beautiful that the eye hardly registers the difference between ashy mushroom blonde highlights and the deeper brunette color at the scalp. choose this sexy blend for medium to long tresses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mushroom brown hair.

What skin tone will suit mushroom brown hair most?

Mushroom brown hair best suits people with cool or neutral skin tones. This is a hair color that usually has cool or neutral undertones with hints of ash and cream. Therefore, this brown shade will brighten the face and accentuate the features of someone with cool skin.

Is mushroom brown hair hard to maintain?

No. Mushroom brown hair is not that hard to maintain. You can avoid premature fading by protecting your hair from the sun and healing your dye-damaged hair by using nourishing shampoos and conditioners. Your hair colorist may also recommend you occasionally use a toner to maintain your new hair color.

Does mushroom brown hair require bleaching?

Whether or not you need to use bleach to get mushroom brown hair depends on your base hair color. If your starting color is darker than the shade of brown you desire, you will need to use bleach to lighten your hair.

Mushroom brown hair versus ash brown hair—what’s the difference?

Mushroom brown has ash tones but is different from traditional ash brown hair. Mushroom brown coloring usually uses an ash brown combined with lowlights and highlights to evoke the color of a portobello mushroom.

Trendy and fashionable women across the globe absolutely love mushroom brown hairstyles, and you’ll adore it as well. After all, this multidimensional and sophisticated look is easy to rock and style, as you’ve seen in this article. Just keep in mind that proper care is important.