20 Different Updos for Women With Curly Hair

Updo hairstyles can make your curly hair look stunning. Women with straight hair envy girls with curly locks, while curly girls hope for hair that’s easy to take care of, it’s the fact. Updos for curly hair can take the hassle out of making your mane look neat and beautiful for the whole day. Your best bet to make your locks manageable is to do a simple updo. Curly hair tends to get frizzy and stick out in different directions unless tamed by hair gel. But daily use of hair products can have an unfortunate effect on your beautiful locks. Meanwhile, a good updo can do the same job without a drop of hair cosmetics. Learning how to make creative updos won’t just keep the hair out of your face, it will make your image truly stunning.


Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you are considering a short haircut just because you are tired of the way your curly locks look, don’t make any rushed decisions. Updos for curly hair can solve your problems without going to the barber shop. Knowing how to create a beautiful yet simple updo will make flaunting curly hair fun and easy. You’ll be surprised to learn at how many impressive hairdos there are out there and how fast you can make them on your own. We are giving you a chance to browse through 20 of best updo hairstyles for women with curly hair to pick at least a couple for yourself.


1. Low twist for curls

 Low twist updos curly hair for women

This low twist is a good alternative to a braid for women with short or medium-length curly hair. The key to this beautiful twist is the way you clip it. You will need at least 5 pins to do the job right.


2. French braid

French braid updos hairstyle you like

A French braid might lose its charm when created with curly hair since it might not be visible thanks to all the coils. But it can keep your hair neat and take away some unwanted volume.

Most Popular Braided Updos for This Year

3. Runaround braided updos for curly hair


This updo for curly hair is useful for girls who have layered haircuts. If your front strands are not long enough to be tied into a ponytail, you can use them to create beautiful braids and leave a couple hanging down.


4. High bun hairstyles

High bun curly updo

Girls with long curly hair will appreciate a high and tight bun. It’s a simple way to keep all your hair in one place and neat a whole day long. Use one strand of hair to tie around the elastic band for a natural look.


5. Loose bun

loose bun hairstyle with curly hair

Making a loose bun is a bold move for a girl with curly hair. However, if you take the right clipping approach, you can create a great hairstyle. Loosen up your hair after you tie it into a bun, not before.

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