30 Variations of Updo Hairstyles to Try

There are two things every girl hopes for in the perfect updo hairstyle: beauty and easiness. Whether your hair is short or long, you want to be able to feel confident and gorgeous.

The hairstyles in this list are great for any texture of hair, so you can rest assured that whether your hair is thick or thin and curly or straight, your finished style is amazing.

These 30 beautiful updo hairstyles need to be on your list of new looks to try!

1. Braided Updo

braided updo

A side braid wound up in a thick low bun is stunning with loose tendrils around the neck and by temples. Top the look off with a large flower for accessory.


2. Bun Updo

bun updo

Whether you’re heading out to a date or just need your hair out of the way for awhile, a high bun combed back at the crown is just the thing. It takes less than a minute for a great style.


3. Curly Hair Updo

curly hair updo

If your hair is naturally curly, show it off in one of the best hairstyles: a curly bun. With or without bangs, leaving a few tendrils loose around the face and pairing a cute colorful headband with the style adds perfect detail.


4. Half Updo

half updo

A half updo with a flowered headband creates a beautiful boho look. Twist two sections of hair, one on either side of the head, and secure them together in the back. Leave the rest of the hair straight or wavy.


5. Side Bun

side updo

Instead of forming a bun centered right at the crown of your head, give it a lop-sided twist, leaving curls loose. This will switch up the dimension and looks very chic with a red lip.


6. Messy Updo

messy updo

Wanting to try the messy hairstyles you see in fashion magazines? You can rock one too by forming a loose crown braid and tugging out pieces of hair around the crown.


7. Mohawk Updo

mohawk updo

Mohawks used to be just for men but now, by forming a couple ponytails along the back of the head, you can create a sexy hairstyle out of one. Thicken up the braid by tugging its pieces loose.


8. Updo for Long Hair

updo for long hair

Long hair is easily tameable and and stunning as a blonde but pink highlighted bun. Tease the hair before combing it up into a sock bun.


9. Updo for Short Hair

updo for short hair

Every girl should be able to pull her hair up into a cute bun. Even if you have short hair, you can still sweep up your locks off your neck so you can look cute while doing those weekend errands.


10. Updo for Medium Hair

updo for medium hair

A reverse braid is just the way to spice up your updo. It’s easiest to flip your head over and start a braid, then at the corwn of the head, gather all the hair into a bun or high ponytail.


11. French Twist Updo

For a classy hairstyle, consider a French twist. It works best with thicker hair but using hairspray to ready thin hair will work as well. Secure the hair with a silver or gold barrette.


12. Wedding Updo

wedding updo

It’s your special day, you should feel like a queen. Form two large buns at the back of the head to create this curly updo. Pull the hair loose around the buns to create softness, then top it off with sparkly pins.


13. Updo from The 1950s

1950s updo

The 1950s were a time of super cute style that should be referred to when creating a fresh new updo. Try wrapping a red bandana around your messy bun or high ponytail, then brush a wavy side bang across the forehead.


14. Box Braided Updo

box braided updo

While wearing your braids down is perfectly beautiful, a high bun is easy enough to pull together is super gorgeous. Start with a high ponytail, then wind the braids around it, secure with black pins that will blend in.


15. Cornrow Updo

Thick colorful cornrows facing opposite directions and in a unique design may take hours to make, but once they’re in, you can create this beautiful updo. It stuns with its beautiful lavender color.


16. High Bun

high updo

The key to forming this high updo, perfect for short hair, is teasing the hair. You can do this with hairspray and combing the hair toward the scalp.


17. Low Bun

low updo

A low bun is another simple style to pull together in just a few minutes. The key to getting one this chic is smoothing away frizz and sealing it all with hairspray.


18. Ponytail Updo

ponytail updo

The messy ponytail is one updo hairstyle that won’t be going away anytime soon. No matter the state of your hair, scoop it all into a high pony, encouraging texture with fingers and a little bit of styling cream. A fun scrunchy is the best accessory.


19. Updo for Bridesmaid

updo for bridesmaid

How can you get a fantastic updo in minutes? Form two ponytails at medium height, then wind them up over the head.


20. Chignon Bun for Older Women

An older woman can pull off beautiful updos as well, like this tucked in chignon with loose tendrils framing the face. Tease the hair near the crown first to create volume.


21. Updo for Natural Hair

updo for natural hair

Show off your natural hair texture with an updo that’s a twist between a mohawk and a ponytail. The easiest way to get it is by making a high ponytail, then combing and secure it across the center of the head so volume is the first thing you see.


22. Updo for Prom

updo for prom

Prom is a beloved event for young girls to attend looking their best. Set your style apart by creating three twisty buns centered at the back of the head.


23. Updo Hairstyle for Work

updo hairstyle for work

Before securing your hair in a rounded bun, smooth bumps with your favorite comb and hairspray, making for a sleek sophisticated style.


24. Bun with Weave

updo hairstyle with weave

Highlights make every hairstyle that much better and on this three-level bun, you’ll serve up a fierce look. The sock-bun will keep your hair tamed while a red lip and cat eye is the finishing touch for date night.


25. Bow Updo

bow updo

A hairstyle with a bow created from the hair is sweeping fashion magazines everywhere. Watch one of the many tutorials out there to get a fun, one-of-a-kind do.


26. Loose Space Buns

double updo

Whether it’s the glittered scalp, the loose blonde space buns, or a pink lip that make this hairstyle a must-try, it’s unclear. But you’re for sure going to look adorable.


27. Updo with Bangs

updo with bangs

Long layered bangs are the key to getting this sexy updo. Tease the hair for volume before gathering hair into a high messy pony with curled ends.


28. Updo with Dreads

updo with dreads

If you’re sporting dreads these days, wear them up for a change in a cute bun centered at the top of your head. Paired with bangs, it’s the perfect summer style.


29. Updos for Thin Hair

updos for thin hair

Whether you work with your thin hair and secure it into a sleek low bun or thicken it up with teasing before styling, low hairstyles flatter every face shape.


30. Faux Locs Updo

faux locs updo

Faux locs are a popular protective hairstyle that looks natural. Style them up one day with a half updo, like this small bun wrapped in a contrasting hair tie.


Gorgeous Updos Dedicated to Black Women


By choosing any one of these updo hairstyles, you’re guaranteed to look great. Remember to put your own spin on each style by adding color or fun accessories like patterned barrettes.

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