20 Beautiful & Natural Hair Updos Trending This Year

Natural hair updos are taking control of 2022 hair trends in natural hair style choices. That’s because natural hair divas are embracing the versatility and ready to show off their glorious textures. If you are among those looking for a good, natural hair updo, we have a few picks just for you.


Best Natural Updo Hairstyles for Women

Here are 20 natural hair updos for you try this season!

1. Twisted Updo with Bun

twisted updo with natural hair

Women with thick, luscious black and voluminous hair should enjoy updo hairstyles. Bun is one of the smartest and gorgeous ways to style updo for natural hair. A protective style bun combined with front twists and a puff looks very sophisticated.

Make sure to tuck the side twist into the bun. This style adds dimensions and managed volume directed to the hair. Pair up this easy-to-make hairstyle with delicate jewelry and all eyes will be on you.


2. Twisted Female Pompadour

natural hair updos

A pompadour is known for its bossy and sleek look. You can get this look with your natural hair. A fine pompadour with shaved sides or an undercut gives a neat and bold appearance. Contrasting hair lengths of shaved sides and top pompadour look very dramatic and bold for a woman.

What makes this pompadour stand distinct among others in the fine twists adding texture to it. If you have medium length afro, you should try this updo. You can pair up this natural style with a formal suit or a delicate top to oomph up the glam.


3. Curly Undercut with Fringes

curly updos with natural hair

Nothing is easier and more natural than a simple curly puff. A curly undercut with voluminous fringes on the front of forehead makes a dramatically natural updo.

Natural black curls with a caramel tint in between the locks add hype to the look. This hairstyle is best for casual events. It is easy-to-make and needs little maintenance.


4. Cornrow Braided Bun

cornrow braided updo with natural hair

Tight cornrow braids look extremely artistic. Bidirectional braids tied to the back into two braided buns make a sophisticated natural updo. This hairstyle is perfect for curly and voluminous hair which are otherwise difficult to handle.

This style has a unique quality of making hair look voluminous in a manageable way. The updo requires a little effort but the final look is worth it! Make this hairstyle your style statement tonight and be in the limelight!


5. Crochet Braids with Coils

natural updo hairstyles

A little creativity in style does no harm! Tight and wavy crochet braids on the underside in a snake pattern paired up with a curly mohawk and front fringes create a very dramatic updo. For an ultimate sexy summer look, this hairstyle is a perfect choice.

The otherwise unruly curls look extremely gorgeous in this updo. If you have naturally thick hair with coils, it’s time to play with them and make this style your upcoming style statement.


6. Big Twists Updo

Big Twists natural updo

If you are a natural hair diva with long, lush, thick natural locks, you can fashion your hair into a regal updo hairstyle. Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. With a band, pins and four big twists, you can pin hair in a matter of minutes to form a bountiful top knot.

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7. Gorgeous Updo for Kids and Women!

Gorgeous Updo for Kids and Women

This updo which blends tight curls with two cute braids demonstrates the ability to move in more than just one direction with a French braid. Also, for those who do not wish to confine their naturally curly locks, there is always the option freestyle your hair to create a versatile look.

These curls are soft and held in place by pins or a ponytail holder.


8. Natural Hair Style with Twists and Rolls of Natural Hair

Natural Hair Style

For those of you with thick hair, consider this gorgeous style which not only highlights the beauty of a good tuck and roll style but the tradition of cornrow twists.


9. Tuck and Roll Natural Hair Updo

Natural Hair Updo

This tuck and roll natural hair updo is perfect for a night out on the town or the office.

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10. Large Cornrow Braids with Twist Out Style

Large Cornrow Braids

Mix things up with your natural hair updo with a natural twist-out and cornrows that do not follow the standard pattern. Hair is bountiful and follows a forward flow to give hair a full look.


11. Natural 85’s Natural Hair Faux-Hawk

Natural Hair Faux-Hawk

Natural 85’s Natural Hair Faux-Hawk is an excellent, edgy style for those who are seeking a different look.


12. Large Two Strand Twist Updo

Large Two Strand Twist Updo

This style shows that a simple two-strand twist on medium length hair can prove useful in creating an inspiring new look for natural hair. Once again, the simple can be made to look complex.

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13. Flat Twist Up-Do

Flat Twist Up-Do

Flat twist updo is an understated description of this fabulous natural hair style. Once again, thick hair with gorgeous length reigns supreme as the wearer of this style has rows of small flat twists and large flat twists. This unique natural hair updo gives hair a multi-dimensional look.


14. Large Cornrow Buns

Large Cornrow Buns

Are you looking for a simple but classic updo? There’s nothing like cornrows that meet at the back of the head to form a classic bun style. This style is the naturalist’s go-to style when the complicated becomes too much.

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15. Braided Space Buns

Braided Double-Buns

These braided buns are a retro look that never goes out of style. They can be fun for a night out with friends or worn just as easily on casual outings.


16. Braided Top Bun

A chic updo is a wonderful look for almost every avatar. No matter if you are a teenager or a granny! A protective hairstyle made of tight cornrows tied on the top into a braided bun makes life easy yet stylish.

This is a multi-dimensional and extremely artistic hairstyle for a perfect summer look. Wear this style with a funky T-shirt and be the punk!


17. Crown Cornrows

Just liked simple crown braids, cornrow crown is a must-to-try updo. Make a simple braid crown and twist the central hair into cornrow braids instead of leaving them simple.

This hairstyle will do justice to thick and black hair. Not to forget, the delicacy and style with cuts with this updo are unmatchable.


18. A Scarf Tied Coils Updo

Looking for natural updo hairstyles? What about simply tying your hair up with a scarf? Thick afro hair makes the true ground to play in. For this simplest look, hold your afro on the top and tie a scarf around the base.

A funky colored scarf will do wonders and add life to the style. That is it! This is a true summer updo which is very easy to make and requires almost zero maintenance.


19. Crotchet Braids with a Twisted Bun

natural hair updos

When it comes to an updo, buns always stand in the front line. However, new innovations and creativity to the buns make the style work having.

This amazing hairstyle consists of thick crotchet braids on the front and underside tied on the top into a voluminous twisted bun.

Make two braids on the front with a center part and repeat the process on the underside. Thick and voluminous hair makes a perfect texture for this updo. This natural hair updo is perfect for casual as well as formal look!


20. Sleek Low Bun with Side Whorl

updo bun with natural hair

For a sophisticated Diva look, nothing looks more effortless and beautiful than a updo on natural hair. Tie all your hair into a neat low side bun. Take the front section of hair and twist them into a side bangs with a whorl.

This look is ideal for bridesmaids and even the bride herself. Wear this style with delicate diamond jewelry and fresh pink lip color and you will see all eyes turning towards you.


These are just 20 gorgeous natural updo hairstyles that you can easily replicate.