80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

#6: Loose Curls

Curl your hair, and you create the illusion of a shorter hairstyle. With tightly rolled curls, you can even fake a bob or a page boy. Just practice with bobby pin placement and check out a few YouTube tutorials.


#7: Tousled Pixie Cut

The beauty of most short hairstyles for teens is how versatile they are. A pixie cut with shaggy ends and tousled layers is charming. Consider it the official haircut of manic pixie dream girls from all over the world.

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#8: Ride the Waves

Adding waves to your hair, or letting your natural waves shine through instead of straightening them into oblivion, is another way to make your hair appear shorter. However, you don’t have to snip off a single inch.


#9: Bob With Side Swept Bangs

A bob is the perfect transitional cut for any teen who’s not quite ready to go super short. You can give your bob even more definition by curling under the ends. Add some side swept bangs to define the shape of your face and bring out your cheekbones and jaw.


#10: Beachy Waves

Beachy waves will take some inches away from your long locks, too. Fortunately, it’s not a permanent fix. Just braid your hair the night before, blow dry your plaits a bit the next day, then free your mane.

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