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17 Best Haircuts For An Instant Facelift

Dealing with the effects of aging isn’t always fun, especially when it comes to sagging jowls or other areas of the face. Luckily, some haircuts and hairstyles can help give you an instant facelift! From asymmetrical bobs and side-parted pixies to lobs with side bangs and feathered layers. 

The key is to pull attention away from the neckline and bring it up to the cheekbones or higher. Your worries will disappear as you scroll through hairstyles that are guaranteed to lift your face, and you’ll begin to feel more optimistic.

Stylish Haircuts For Instant Facelift

If you want a facelift, the below list of haircuts will do wonders. Pick a haircut that you love for an instant facelift.

1. Long Bob with Bangs

long bob with bangs for sagging jowls

With this chic haircut to distract, no one will notice your sagging jowls. Simply comb through your hair and style your soft bangs with your fingers for all day cuteness.

2. Caramel Balayage

balayage hairstyle for facelift

The best thing about balayage is that it can control where the natural eye goes. So focus caramel color on your dark hair around the eyes for an instant facelift and watch your natural curls come to life.

3. Wavy Fine Bob

haircut for sagging jowls with fine hair

Not sure what to do with your fine hair and natural waves? Style it into a cute bob to let that texture do the work. Not only does it make hair look thicker, but paired with a soft side bang, it creates a new face dimension that distracts from a sagging jawline.

4. Blonde Bob with Bangs

blonde bob with bangs for facelift

Sometimes a heavy jawline is overly pronounced when you have a round face. If you’re struggling with this, try a layered haircut in warm blonde. The angles of the style will pull away from round jowls. Part brow-grazing bangs in the middle.

5. Edgy Layers

edgy haircut to lift face

Looking for an edgy haircut that gives you an instant facelift? Opt for heavy layers that feather away from your face and razor-cut side bangs. A rich color combination like red and blonde is spicy and sweet.

6. Facelift with Curls

curly hairstyle to lift face

If you already have naturally curly hair like these beautiful spirals, make your age match them by getting a haircut that lifts your face. This bob features beautiful light blonde highlights and a soft fringe that isn’t too heavy over the face. 

7. Blue and Purple Pixie

short blue pixie cut for sagging jowls

Between the funky fun colors of this pixie and its smart short layers, it’s no wonder this haircut is recommended for a facelift! Part your hair heavily off-center and wear it straight or wavy to match your vibe for the day.

8. Sleek Red Bob

red hair with bangs for sagging jowls

Sagging jowls don’t stand a chance against a dark red bob with light red highlights that’s been straightened to sleekness. We recommend either an A-line or asymmetrical cut that hides your problem spots. Don’t forget the long choppy bangs

9. Wavy Bixie

pixie bob cut to lift face

When you keep your haircut short with short layers, it forces the eyes up, which in turn lift the face. A pixie bob is cool for hot summer months and the wavy texture is low maintenance since you can arrange them with your fingers.

10. Face Framing Layers

layered haircut for facelift

There are plenty of older women out there who want to keep their long locks but don’t want their sagging jowls to be the center of attention. In that case, ask for face-framing layers that give shape in addition to hiding problem areas.

11. Layered Curls with Bangs

haircut to lift face

The more shape you give your haircut, the more of a facelift you can give yourself. For ultra thick and curly hair, add layers and thin or wispy side bangs. With this style, our eyes are drawn toward where the mane fans out.

12. Medium Afro

medium afro haircut for sagging jowls

This top-layer heavy haircut is great for a face lift. The different lengths work beautifully with a middle hair part at taming afro hair for a fresh, youthful style.

13. Bob with Hat

bob haircut for facelift

This light-colored bob stops just at the jawline, which is just where you want it if you’re looking for a face lift. If you want an extra fun accessory, top your cute cut with a black beret for a dash of edge.

14. Short White Pixie

short pixie cut to lift face

Seeing mostly white hair in your mane these days? Style it up into a chic short pixie cut! The side-blown layers draw the eye up and away from any sagging jowls. This style even looks adorable on women who wear glasses.

15. Short Hairstyle for Black Women

black women hairstyle for facelift

Whether it’s natural hair or extensions you are rocking these days, Black women can beautifully flaunt soft ringlets or waves in their mane. Short hairstyles with a side part are one of the best looks for lifting the face and accentuating your best features.

16. Side Swept Bangs

side swept bangs hairstyle to lift face

How perfect is this lob for older women looking for a way to cover their sagging jawline? Ask your stylist for lots of long layers that fade easily into a soft side bang for flattering face framing. No matter which color you choose, you’ll be an angel.

17. Minimalist Short Haircut

medium length haircut for facelift

If you hate spending too much time styling your hair, you’ll love this low maintenance favorite. With the convenient shoulder length and an easy partial side part, you’ll be out the door in minutes feeling more confident than ever.

There are many women’s hairstyles perfect for lifting the face or hiding a sagging jawline. It’s all about deciding which haircut you like the best. Keep in mind that the best looks are ones that create interesting angles and open up the neck, such as a bob or pixie. Play with different styles and personalize it to your liking to find one you love.