80 Delightful Short Hairstyles for Teen Girls

#41: Curly Long Crop


Long crops can suit any face shape if your hair has a natural curl. Use a special curling product in your hair to enhance this long crop hairstyle.


#42: Spiked Up Crop

Spiked Up Crop for nice girl

A short punky crop hairstyle like this one is the perfect choice for a fun and fearless teen girl. Use strong hold hairspray to keep your style looking amazing all day long.


#43: Extreme Bangs



For a high fashion look for a teenage girl, choose an extreme fringe hairstyle as your next look. To make the fringe look more pronounced, keep the rear portion of your hair as a very short crop hairstyle.


#44: Rounded Bob with Copper Hues


Copper tones look really good on a short, rounded hairstyle. To make the most of your rounded style you should smooth your hair with straightening irons. This will improve the shine of your hair.


#45: Short Bob with Flicked Fringe

Short Bob with Flicked Fringe for women

Flicked fringes are super cute. Use a curling wand or straightening irons to give you fringe a gorgeous little flick outwards. This will help to open up your face and make it brighter and more cheerful looking.

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