4 Exclusive Black Braiding Styles to Wear in 2022

Summer is in full swing which means one thing- simple hairstyles that will last. Braid is an amazing choice for black women to wear in this summer. Having your hair out will not only put it at risk for acquiring damage from the sun, chlorine, and salt water, but it can also be pretty hot if you have long, thick hair.

The constant cleaning and moisturizing alone will drive you crazy, which is why braids offer a protective alternative without compromising style! You can get them long, short, or somewhere in between for a chic, effortless look that is easy to maintain. If you’re considering braids, here are a few different braiding styles to keep in mind:


Various Stylish Black Braids to Wear

Some braiding styles are very popular among African American black women & girls. Below 4 black braid hairstyles are popular and trendy in 2022. So give them a try!

Box Braids

box braids for black girls

Box Braids


Box braids are a simple style that can be achieved in many different ways. You can switch your lookup by installing the braids either small or large or changing your length from short to long. Box braids can be styled in a variety of different ways including buns, pigtails, plaits and half-up-half-down styles.

To reduce the chance of breakage, do not install your braids too tight and pay attention to parting to ensure that stray hairs are not caught up in other braids. Box braids should be left in for no longer than 2 months and should be maintained with regular moisturization, cleansing, conditioning, and oiling.

100 Brilliant Black Braided Hairstyles



cornrows for black women


Simple cornrows have always been a go-to style for women of color who are looking for a simple, low-maintenance style. These braids are great for women who aren’t interested in sitting around for hours while their hair is being braided.

Cornrows are easy, functional, and can be styled a host of different ways including elegant updos and funky Mohawks. The braids can be done either big or small, depending on the style that you’re trying to achieve, and can vary in length.

Typically, cornrows can last up to 3 weeks depending on the care that they’re given. Certain cornrow styles have specific names such as Ghana Braids or Goddess Braids, which are basically just cornrows that have been bulked up with braiding hair so that the braids are thicker.


Faux Locs

faux locs

Faux Locs

Faux locs aren’t usually classified as a type of “braid,” but due to the way they’re typically installed, I definitely had to add them to the list. These are basically box braids or twists that are later wrapped with braiding hair in order to create what looks like a loc.

This cute style made waves as it gained popularity within the last 5 years. Since then, it has maintained its spot as a summer go-to braided style that offers another range of versatility when it comes to braided looks.

Faux locs can be styled long, short, thick, skinny and anywhere in between. The key to keeping in mind when installing these locs is to not do them too tightly or make them too heavy or else you may experience breakage, a sore scalp and even traction alopecia.

Caring the Faux loc is pretty similar to box braid care, but you won’t need to moisturize as often since there are multiple layers of braiding hair shielding your hair from moisture loss.


Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids


Crochet braids are a great alternative braiding style that allows you to achieve a variety of different looks, including straight hair and faux locs. In order to install, just cornrow your hair and, using a crochet needle, feed braiding hair through the braid simultaneously.

If you’re confused by the method, there’s a great crochet tutorial on YouTube done by TheBrilliantBeauty which demonstrates the beginner method of installation.

One of the best things about this braiding method is the fact that you can achieve any look you want without having to install the hair for hours and hours at a time. You can rock braids, twists, locs, curls, waves, and even straight looks.

Since your scalp is partially exposed with this braiding method, you can still cleanse, condition, moisturize and oil your hair and scalp while the crochet braids are installed. These can last you up to a month, depending on which hair is used, but it’s safe to say that they should not be left in for more than 6 weeks.


What are some of your favorite braided styles?

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