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81 Classy Micro Braids Hairstyles That Are So Trendy Right Now

Micro braid is a name given to the braid which is very thin. Micro braids hairstyles can be worn by men and women of all races, although they are often associated with people who have African-textured hair.

Although this type of braiding can be done on natural hair, there are also a lot of hair extensions that are styled like micro braids. Braiding like this makes it easier to fix the extensions into the hair.


Micro Braids

It is easy to do micro braids styles in your hair manually but it can take a long time to style your whole head like this.

Some people choose to use braiding machines instead. Three sections of hair are clipped into the handheld braiding device, and the machine then quickly plaits the hair into a micro braid. This is much quicker than styling the whole head manually.

Here are some gorgeous micro braids hairstyles you’ll love to try.

1. Micro Box Braids

micro box braids

Micro braids are among the best protective hairstyles. One of the best things about them is that they are quite low maintenance and you can keep them for a few months. Choose a blonde shade and create the braids using your natural hair.


2. Micro Braids for White Girl

micro braids for white girl

Jumbo hair provides excellent options when styling micro braids. Go for a purple and white ombre and you will achieve an eye-popping look that will protect the hair. You can even pin the top hair into a pony.


3. Short Micro Braids

short micro braids

Get creative when styling your micro braids. Use all sorts of colors for the Jumbo hair and buy braids that can be applied to your own protective hairstyle. This way, you will save time, and you’ll easily take them off.


4. Invisible Micro Braids

invisible micro braids

If you only want to extend your hair, opt for Remy hair extensions that you can micro braid at the base. Knit only for a few inches away from the scalp and let the remaining hair enrich your mane. You can wear it on your back or style a half pony on top of the head.


5. Straight Micro Braids

straight micro braids

When creating micro braids, you don’t have to stick to only one color. Opt for a platinum blonde jumbo hair and for a pale pink shade. Blend them, and the result will be truly marvelous.


6. Micro Twist Braids

micro twist braids

Go for pink black ombre hair extensions to make the knits. To make the hairstyle stand out, braid only the darker hair and keep the pink tips untied. You will obtain exceptional framing for your face and the eyes will be gorgeously highlighted.


7. Micro Braids with Shaved Sides

micro braids with shaved sides

If you have shaved sides and back, extend the top hair with some gorgeous micro braids. Opt for an ash-blonde and blue ombre and after you knit the hair, make a low pony that keeps the knits on your back.


8. Micro Bob Braids

micro bob braids

Who said hair extensions couldn’t be layered? Opt for two shades of Jumbo hair, blonde and red, and blend them. Cut the micro braids in a bob hairstyle with bangs, and you’ll have a fabulous modern hairstyle.


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9. Ombre Micro Braids

ombre micro braids

Every time you crave for a hairstyle that lasts for months looks fabulous and is ideal for girls that wear glasses, micro braids are your best choice. Opt for ombre hair extensions and secure them in hot water.


10. Micro Braided Mohawk

micro braided mohawk

When you have a mohawk, the idea that your styling options are limited is so wrong. You can lift it, wear it on one side or even create micro braids that you can knit in a French braid. If you want to make the hair longer and colored, use Jumbo hair, and the outcome will be ravishing.


11. Half Braids

Half micro braids hairstyle for girl

Braid your hair all the way down to the bottom. Leave your hair in the micro braids whilst you sleep and then unpick them to halfway up. This will leave half of your hair in braids and half of your hair with gorgeous waves.


12. Chocolate and Caramel

Micro Braids 2

Brown hair always looks great with blonde highlights, but it looks especially cool when you style your hair with micro braids. The different colors in your hair will really help to show off your tiny braids.


13. Half-Braided Bob

nice black Braided Bob hair

Half braid your hair and then leave the lower half free. Cut your hair so that it is bob length and then curl the ends under your chin. Bob hairstyles like this will frame your face in a really cute way.

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14. Half Braided with Curls

micro braids hairstyles with Curls

Get your stylist to put small braids into half of your hairstyle, but leave the lower portions of your hair totally unbraided. Ask them to perm this section of your hair to give your hairstyle lots of tight little curls.


15. Long Blonde Micro Braids

Micro Braids 5

Blonde micro braids can be very striking, especially if they are long and straight. The longer that your braids are, the more striking that they will look. Add extensions to your hair to give yourself even more length.


16. Varied Lengths

beautiful micro braids styles for girl

When you braid natural hair, there is likely to be some variation in length. This can be more pronounced when you are working with micro braids. Make it part of your style rather than shying away from it. The variation in length can create a really happy micro braid hairstyle.


17. Black on White

Micro Braids 7

Black hair can look really striking on someone with a pale skin tone. The dark colour of the hair looks fabulous when it is contrasted dark skin. Choose your make up style carefully if you do not want to look apart of the gothic or emo subculture.

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18. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate micro braid styles for young cute girl

A gorgeous dark chocolate brown color is a great choice for a micro braid hairstyle. Try pulling the top section of your hair up whilst leaving the rest flowing freely. Chocolate brown also looks great when interwoven with black hair.


19. Twisted Bun

Micro Braids 10

If you have really long micro braids, then you can consider putting your hair up into this beautifully twisted bun hairstyle. Portion your hair off into multiple sections and then twist each section to tighten it up. Wind the sections around one another and then tuck the ends in to secure them.


20. Teeny Tiny Micro Braids

Teeny Tiny Micro Braids for black young girl

These micro braids are as small as they come. For a really delicate look, style your hair into very thin braids. You may need some help from your stylist if you want your braids to look as neat as these ones.


21. Cartwheel Hat

Micro Braids 12

Team your micro braids up with a seriously stylish cartwheel brimmed hat. These hats work well with lots of different women’s hairstyles because they are subtle yet overstated.

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22. Faux Hawk and Quiff

Faux Hawk micro braid styles for women

Pull your micro braids up into the center of your head and then use them to create a central faux hawk hairstyle. Loop the front of your faux hawk around to create a mock quiff at the front of your hairstyle.


23. Chunky Braid

Micro Braids 14

Separate your micro braids into three large sections. Use these sections to style a single chunky braided ponytail. Take the braiding all of the way down to the bottom of your hair or stop styling halfway down to create a unique braided updo.


24. Black and Caramel

Black and Caramel micro braids hairstyles

For a very distinct look, color part of your hair a caramel color whilst leaving the rest of your style black. The effect will be striking as the colors help to create varied patterns in lots of different hairstyles.

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25. Stylized Topknots

Micro Braids 16

Twist your micro braids up above your head to create a stylish take on the topknot. Depending on the length of your hair, you will be able to create lots of different topknot hairstyles to suit every occasion.


26. Simplistic Half-Up ‘Do

cute girl micro braids for black hair

For a super simple style that looks professional as well as casual, choose a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Pull a small section of hair in from the front of each side of your hair. Pin these sections together at the back over the down sections of your braided hairstyle. Let the rest of your hair flow freely.


27. Over one Shoulder

Micro Braids 18

Grab all of your micro braids and pull them around your head so that all of your hair falls over one shoulder. This style can help to show off your face and will keep your hair out of your eyes.


28. Goldilocks

best Goldilocks micro braid hair

Caramel tones mixed with chocolate brown hair look gorgeous on the flawless black skin. The colors mix together really well to help to create a color that looks almost golden. It is perfect for those who want a regal look.


29. Doughnut Topknot

Micro Braids 20

Pull all of your hair up into a high ponytail on the back of your head. Use the hair from the ponytail to wrap around your hairband and create a tight looped doughnut shape. Secure the doughnut in place to keep your high hairstyle looking perfect all day long.


30. Black and White

Black and White micro braid hair

Micro Braids look really cool when two different colours are integrated into the style. Black and white (or blonde) are great contrasting colours to choose if you are giving yourself a micro braid hairstyle. The different colours will help to give your hair a really eye-catching aesthetic.

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31. Glamorous Curls

Micro Braids 22

Take the bottom sections out of your micro braids to create this part-braided hairstyle. Use rollers or curling irons to create glamorous curls in the bottom section of your hairstyle. Be careful using heated curlers or rollers if your braids are not styled out of all natural hair.


32. Thick and Thin

Thick and Thin curly micro braids for black girl

Start your braided hairstyle off with thick braids at the top of your head, but work down towards smaller braids as you get towards the end of the hair. This women’s hairstyle is easy to create when you are styling natural African-textured hair.


33. Subtle Braiding

Micro Braids 25

Subtle micro braids close to the scalp can be a style choice or they could be a great way of attaching a weave to your natural hair. Subtle braids like this can add a delicate detail to any type of hairstyle for women.


34. Kinky Braids

nice women micro braid styles

Give your micro braids a gorgeous kink by plaiting them into chunkier braids before you go to bed at night. Unpick the bigger braids when you get up in the morning, and you should be left with beautifully kinked micro braids.


35. Red Alert

Red micro braid hair for girl

Get the right kind of attention by putting red micro braids into your hair. Vivid colors like these suit all skin tones. The color looks amazing when you team it up with a dark color of lip makeup.


36. Micro Braid Stylish Side Art

The intricate side art incredibly done through micro braids along with super-sleek straight hair gives girls extraordinary feisty feature that undoubtedly deserves admiration and awe-inspiring glance.


37. Boho Micro Braid Style

Micro braids provide you the hold to style your hair creatively and unrestrictedly. The above boho style looks magnificent on girls and it is one of the best casual attires to wear for the summer season to get a cool look.


38. Micro Braids Ponytail

 Micro braids become uber-fashionable when you style these braids into a sleek, high ponytail. It is an ideal hairstyle for working women to lift their personality’s erudition. If you want a relaxed look to carry throughout the day, you can tie these dominant micro braids into a low ponytail as well.


39. Sassy Purple

Pop up the long micro braid hairstyle with an electrifying all-over purple hue with a black undertone for a sassy appearance. This color fits on any skin tone impressively.


40. Two Toned High Half Bun

This black and white half-up bun hairstyle made from micro braids is full of fun and possesses unique aesthetics. With this color duality, your appearance becomes even more palpable.


41. Straight Back Micro Braids

It is one of the simplest and easy to maintain a style that can last for several months. Sweep back your hair and turn it into micro braids and sweep the locks on each side for a complete look.


42. Half-Side Micro Braids

It features thin and tiny micro braids at one side of the head while the other side features thick twisted braids swept on sides. The white and black tone with red color incorporation gives the hairstyle contemporary mien.


43. Big and Small Braid Combo

This big and small braid brings out the very interesting combination which possesses enormous versatilities such as; you can tie this combo into a ravishing ponytail or put these braids upon each side of the shoulder for a funky look. The incorporation of blonde and pink hue gives the whole look a new definition.


44. Justin Skye Purple Hair

The long braided hairstyle gives girls an effortlessly amiable look. You can turn the black, long braids into an electrifying purple hue to add fashion to your looks. Side part hairstyle and putting the braids upon each side of shoulder bring out the more femininity outlook.


45. Glamorous Look

 When you combine two different styles .i.e. micro braids and white Ombre, you get one of the trendiest hairstyles that make you a fashion queen in the braided industry. You do not have to load the braids with beads as a single silver cuff can leave a huge impact on this trendy contrast.


46. Graduated Braided Bob

Add more charm to your bob haircut by turning the hair into micro braids style. This style looks even more gorgeous when adorned with braid cuffs. You can keep side-swept bangs at the front or tie at the back for a sophisticated appearance.


47. Micro Braids with Mini Buns

A style that is a complete package of youthfulness, glamour, and attitude especially, when executed with micro braids. You can achieve it very easily. Take the upper half section of hair from both sides of the head and tie these sections into mini buns. Sweep the remaining hair on shoulders.


48. Mid-parted Wavy Style

As you can see, waves can add more drama to super long micro braid hairstyle, which ultimately gives gals an instant voguish look and highlight their facial features.


49. Cutest Fulani Braid Style with Golden Cuffs

This one is truly an attention grabber in terms of creativity and modesty. Black roots and multi-purple hue locks along with golden hair beads will create an aura around you.


50. Go Green

If you are looking for an opulent look, this green hue micro braid style is particularly for you. The top of the head contains emerald green and black undertone, while the locks have a relatively lighter shade of green. Separate the hair into two sections through a tiny micro braid from a mid-partition.


51. Smoky Silver Combo

Here, is another white Ombre contrast that fits on any outfit fabulously.  The smoky silver combo gives more pronounced features to your hair tips and micro braids.


52. Blonde Micro Braids

Braided top and beachy waves are an impeccable choice for those girls who want to have a blend look in terms of manageability. This unusual, uneven hairstyle gives you a completely natural look in the usual way.


53. Mini braids and Soft Curls

You can get an absolutely natural look by pairing up invisible braids with soft, wavy locks and golden highlights. Incorporate the micro braids just around the hairline by keeping it half an inch long.


54. Prettily Layered

Micro braids styled in the form of layers create a gorgeous feathery look that every girl would love to wear. You can keep these layers at the backside along with a puffy top or you can sweep these layers on each side to frame your facial features, the choice is all yours!


55. Braided Pixie Bob Cut

So, you see micro braids works wonder on short hair. You must choose the hair color carefully according to your skin tone, here red and black hair tone is looking fab on espresso skin tone.


56. Dominant Micro Braids and Curly Half Up

It is one of the nicest choices to wear, which features half up micro braids and soft curls. The half-done micro braids tied into a high half up which make it resemble a ponytail hairstyle. The incorporation of blonde balayage gives more intricacy to your looks.


57. Limited to Scalp

Side undercut, tree braids and straight medium length hair is one of the trendiest hairstyles amongst micro braid styling ideas because of the availability of edgy, modish and classy features in a single hairstyle.


58. Centered Dominant Micro Braids

If you got tired of braiding all your hair and looking for something interesting, you can club up the micro braids with flowing wavy texture for cool aesthetics. To achieve this look, braid just a few inches of hair from the roots and keep the remaining hair-free.


59. Micro Braids Dominating Shaved Head

Zoe Kravitz is really slaying in this eccentric look, which features shaved head covering with micro braids that are tied into a low bun style. The platinum blonde is the core feature that makes the whole look uber-stylish and attractive.


60. Micro Braids with Messy Updo

Updos are one of the best hairstyles that you carry for any occasion, then why not to try it with dynamic micro braids to add uniqueness in your look! Braid half of your hair and keep the remaining hair shaggy, which are tied into a messy bun later.


61. Micro Braids and Undercut

Want to get a rebellious look? Go for a Platinum blonde dominant micro braid hairstyle accompanying with an undercut hairstyle and powder blue heart symbol at the neck nape, we bet no one can beat your class.


62. Vibrant Half Up

Colors have a magical role in everyone’s life, especially when you get it on your hair. These unicorn colors when pair up with micro braids topknot hairstyle, create an espresso aesthetics altogether.


63. Two Toned Micro Braid Style

Black and white combo can never disappoint you especially when you know how to play with these two tones flauntly. Half up Dutch braid made through micro braids gives a pretty transition to your looks. If you are worried about the hair length and texture, you can go for sew-in hairstyles.


64. Pastel Pink Micro Braids

A style that will give you the fantastical vibes! Black and Pastel pink are making an imposing combo especially after the incorporation of micro braided half up half down hairstyle. You can make a half up bun or you can flip that bun by twisting it inward, both styles look awesome because of the coloring contrast.


65. Micro Braids Side Updo

If you are among those ladies who are looking for a complete blend of intricate, glamorous and elegant style, go for this look confidently. It features intricate micro braids at one side while the other side of the head is kept puffy and tied into a side bun for a finishing touch.


66. Micro Braids Bun Style

Tie the micro braids into a normal bun and adorn the bun with hair accessories to give yourself a captivating element that will boost up your confidence level and allure.


67. Super Long Micro Braids

Waiting for the magic to have long, healthy hair within a blink of an eye? We know the trick! Go for a micro braided extension to eliminate all your hair insecurities. These extensions look pretty natural and provide you with a chic look.


68. Kinky Hair and Micro Braids

The criss-cross micro braids cover the half head and the remaining hair is left kinky and unbraided which makes the hair texture super-fluffy. The braids look so fashionable that you do not need any accessory to embellish your hairstyle.


69. Layered Bob and Half-done Braids

Layer haircut is a universal style that every girl wants to have for almost any occasion because the layers provide an incredible texture to your hair and frame your face. Here, is a layered bob combined with half-done micro braids near to the scalp. The braids near scalp improve the texture and make your hairstyle to look voluminous.


70. Spiral Micro Braids with Bangs

Side swept bangs and side spiral braids make an amazing combination that gives girls an edgy appearance to their facial features. Side swept bangs flows in the form of soft waves that further enhances the beauty of the overall combo.


71. Side Braids and Curls

Medium curly hair when styled with curvy side braids, it looks uber-attractive and dynamic on ladies. Always nourish your hair with oil to keep your scalp moisturized, to prevent damage to your hair follicles and hair texture.


72. Casual Micro Braided Look

Curly short bob accompanying with barely visible micro braids is best for those ladies who hate to spend hours in getting the micro-braid hairstyle done. It requires less maintenance than the other braid styles.


73. Simple and In

Curls give quite a voluminous texture to women’s hair especially when it club up with undone micro braids.  Micro braids give the mid-partition area, a bit flatter look, giving the curls more bump.


74. Divine Crochet with Micro Braids

Sew-in micro braids hairstyle is now a new trend that is getting popularity day by day, especially amongst black women. Here is an elegant hairstyle to wear that features smooth curls, side bangs, and an intricate side braid.


75. Micro Braids and Curly Mohawk Style

Curly Mohawk with micro braided sides is an appealing way to embrace your natural curls. It involves very fine details and an intricate braid design. All you need to achieve this look is plenty of time, patience, hair spray, and bobby pins to fix the Mohawk.


76. Micro Braids and Afro Updo

Do not want to compromise on your natural afro hair texture? Try out an afro updo with a funky twist. Turn the top hair into micro braids and crown the top back of the head with a textured, big updo for a distinctive look.


77. Long Mohawk with Highlights

It is one of the edgiest micro braid styles that will illuminate your skin because of the incorporation warm color highlights. It features cornrows at the sides of the head which blend into the Mohawk hairstyle on the top.


78. Micro Braid Mohawk

It is one of the edgiest micro braid hairstyles that only bold girls have the courage to wear it. Micro braids start from downward to the upward direction at the side and back of the head while the top is kept straight and jagged.


79. Side Micro Braids with Pink Highlights

Crown your head with classy side micro braids and long side-swept hair with pink hue highlights for a flawless appearance.


80. Minimalist Look for Afro Chic

It is a significant way to style your natural afro curls. So, why not to showcase your individuality with poise! Turn half head into micro braids and tie the undone afro curls into a full bun to compliment your looks.


81. Micro Braid + Mohawk Bun

Always consider your facial features while opting for such kind of honed hairstyles. To achieve this look, make micro braids from downward to upward direction and blends these braid into a sew-in afro curly weave on the top to achieve a Mohawk bun look.


Micro braid hairstyles are just as versatile as any other hair type. You can actually look for inspiration from a lot of different hairstyle lists, and then try out those styles with your braided hair. Treat braids like your normal gorgeous locks!

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