30 Best Natural Faux Locs for Women Who Like Volume

Faux locs are great saviors for women who like volume but whose hair is not strong and thick enough to create impressive hairstyles. While they might take a long time to weave in, the result is truly stunning. There are several interesting and more or less easy ways to get the locs attached. Most of them have to do with braiding. Knowing how to make good cornrows and wielding a latch hook can lead you to create truly unique hairstyle using faux hair extensions. Real locks might take years to create, faux strands take minutes to attach. Which one will you choose?


Popular Faux Locs for Women

Women who try faux locs keep them for a long time. This hairstyle is easy and comfortable to wear and requires very little maintenance. The impressive volume the locs provide is worth all the hassle. Black women give a 5-star rating to faux locs but only if they are attached correctly. If you are not sure you can weave in the locs yourself, it would be better to ask for professional help. Since locs can stay attached for weeks, a salon visit won’t take a toll on your wallet.


1. Permanent protection

Permanent Faux Locs hairstyle for women

Faux hair can be permanent and can be temporary. The temporary locs last up to three months. Meanwhile, the permanent ones help turn your own hair into the real locs. Go for the permanent solution only if you are 100 % sure.


2. Heavy volume

women Faux Locs with Heavy volume cut

The more volume you make, the heavier your hair will be. Consider whether or not you are ready to wear this voluminous mane on your head. Too much heavy hair can lead to headaches and neck problems.


3. Micro braids

Micro braids Faux Locs black hairstyle your favorite

A fun way to arrange the faux hair extensions is to create micro braids. You can braid in fibers or natural human hair of a different color to create the highlight effect. This style is mostly temporary.


4. Extra attention

Faux Locs 3

No matter what type of locs you choose for yourself, you need to remember to give them the most attention. Even though faux hair protects your own, don’t forget to oil daily and wash it at least biweekly.

Marley Crochet Braids

5. Spike it up

Spike it up Faux Locs hairstyle for girl

If you are using cornrows to attach the hair extensions, you can automatically create a spiky look. The braided hair on top of your head creates a great contrast with the volume of the extensions.