7 Most Seductive Nubian Twists You’ll Instantly Fall For

If you’ve tried twist braids before and liked them, then Nubian twists are one type that you’d want to give a go, once you see how natural looking and comfortable they are. These twists are usually worn by women in winter since they don’t require much styling and can last long. Not to mention they can be styled to fit for special occasions as well, so you don’t have to worry much about that. The only thing required from you to do is to keep the twists moisturized so they’d last longer. Here are 7 seductive Nubian twists that will illustrate a variation of styles to wear with your hair.


#1: Side Swept Nubian Twists

favorite Side Swept Twists hairstyle for girl

A seemingly simple and beautiful style to go with is letting your long Nubian twists loose. Tease the roots by sweeping your hair to the side and attain a humble yet seductive look.


#2: Cornrowed Fauxhawk

twists with Cornrowed Fauxhawk haircut

As we demonstrate some hairstyles, a fauxhawk is bound to occur in one of the options. With Nubian twist hair, create cornrows on one side of your head and let the rest of your twists fall freely on their own accord. This combo of cornrows and twists will give you a catchy look, fit for not so casual occasions.

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#3: Double Top Knots

favorite Double Top Knots twists hairstyle

Part your Nubian twists in half to two parts, then create a top knot on each side. This hairstyle is an upright way of exposing your fun side especially that the twists look bubbly and lively on their own.


#4: Side Magenta Mohawk

You can easily create a side Mohawk by shaving one side of your head. But it’s the details that make one look different from the other. Craft some geometric patterns or simply parallel lines on the shaved side, and add some color like magenta to your long loose hair for a glamorous outcome.


#5: Nubian Twist Updo

black women Nubian Twist Updo hairstyle

One of the styles to go with when you’ve gotten bored of loose hair is an updo. Depending on which style of updos you’re aiming for, the difficulty of creating it and the skills needed vary. But all in all, updos are a fancy way of representing your twists and attaining a feminine look. Know the difference between Senegalese twists and box braids.


#6: Berets and Twists

young girl favorite Berets and Twists hairstyle

We can’t deny that twists always look good even on their own. But adding the right accessories also gives a good look if not a better one. This simple beret hat transformed a humble look into an attractive one in seconds.


#7: Nubian Twist: Shades of Blonde

 brown Shades of Blonde hairstyle you like

Sometimes blonde looks off when seen over a dark skin complexion, but the problem lies in which shade of blonde you’re using not in the blonde-hair brown-skin combination. Choosing a variety of blonde shades altering between dark blonde and light brown, blending into each other will give you a glamorous look you’ll want to sport all the time.

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With all the gorgeous Nubian twist styles, how could someone possibly not want to try them? Those twists can go with updos, down dos, Mohawks, hair accessories and different ombres and still manage to look fancy and extravagant. It’s like an auction over style, comfort and durability all for a minimum amount of cash. So don’t think twice before giving them a try, for they are totally worth it.

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