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90 Versatile Box Braids to Wear With Pride (2024 Trends)

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that gets its name from the box shape around the braid. You part out a section of hair to create a braid. Depending on how you choose to install the box braids, you will attach the hair and start braiding down to the end.

This hairstyle comes with many different designs and unique looks. This article will look at the different box braid types and styles.

Different Types of Box Braids

As mentioned previously, box braids don’t come in one style alone, but rather there’s a plethora of styles that one can choose from to suit your fashion sense. Below are the different types of box braids, each bringing a little flair to what we know as box braids.

Crochet Braids

Crochet Box Braids

The fastest and most convenient way to do a box braid hairstyle is through the crochet braid method. Box braids get made from both synthetic and human hair. The finished product is luxurious, and the braids pull at your natural hair.

This style comes in all hair colors and lengths. To install crochet braids, you have to begin with a single cornrow or box braid base and install more braids throughout your head gradually with the help of a crochet hook tool. This is the perfect hairstyle for people who like to DIY.

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are a technique that gradually adds braiding hair into a person’s natural hair. You must have long enough natural hair to create a box braid base. The stylist will then start with braiding the natural hair as they gradually add more braiding to complete the hairstyle.

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Box Braided Bob

Box Braid Bob

To create this look, get some medium-sized box braids that are earlobe to shoulder length long with some short bangs, and the look is complete.

Box Braids With Color

Box Braids With Color

Colored box braids can be married with any style that you choose. You can even choose vibrant colors that will be eye-popping even in the dimmest of lighting. You can choose colors such as ombre, blue, red, and blonde box braids to give your hair a great look that will last the whole summer.

Box Braids of Various Lengths

long box braids

Most box braids styles can get done in different lengths, sizes, and thicknesses. That can range from micro dimensions, tiny, jumbo, and even chunky. The options for length with box braids range from small box braids, short box braids, long box braids, and jumbo box braids.

How to Care for Box Braids

Here are some tips for those new to box braids and want to know how to take care of their hair once the braids get installed. Aside from the cost of the braids and the amount of time it takes to get them done, you don’t want to damage your hair while it’s braided!

Don’t Wear the Braids Too Long

It’s best to wear your braids between four to six weeks, and you should not exceed eight weeks. This is because you want to make sure that you can give your hair a break in between the styles.

Too much tension can cause hair breakage, and the six-week mark is around the time when you may want to give your natural hair deep conditioning treatment and a good wash. You should also get your ends trimmed when you finish with the braids if it looks like you need them.

Don’t Get Your Box Braids Too Long

Don't Get Your Box Braids Too Long

Getting your box braids longer than your waist is just asking for hair damage! This is especially true if you like to wear braids for long. They take longer to dry when you wash them, they usually feel heavy, and they tend to get snagged or caught in things like doors a lot.

Gravity naturally pulls the braids down, and the more length you have, the more chance they have to tug at your roots, causing hair loss on sensitive areas of your scalp like your nape and hairline.

Don’t Wash Your Box Braided Hair Too Often

Thankfully, not only are box braids cute, but they are also very low maintenance! You don’t have to wash your hair daily. You will get a feel for how often you need to wash your hair based on how itchy your scalp is or if you notice buildup at the roots from using different oils and gels to keep your scalp moisturized while braided.

Box Braid Hairstyles

The below box braids hairstyles are a must-try, so what are you waiting for?

#1. Purple Braids

medium individual braids

These braids are a balance between thick and thin, the perfect style if you can’t decide on thickness. Liven up your hair with a fun pop of color like light purple.

#2. Blonde Box Braids

blonde individual braids

Sure, you could try a weave or a wig to get the beautiful blonde hair color you want or you could wear blonde braids for a more romantic, glam feel.

#3. Twist Braids

individual jumbo braids

Not only do jumbo twists cut down on the length of time it’ll take your stylist to install these beauties, but they also make for a statement look, especially when the ends are loose.

#4. Knotless Thin Braids

knotless individual braids

To avoid a bumpy look at the scalp, try knotless box braids. They last four to six weeks, and there is less of a tugging feeling, so there is no headache from this amazing style.

#5. Small Braids

small individual braids

Another glam look to try is these microbraids. Started at a side part, this style will add dimension and give you a beautiful edge in what might otherwise be a plain hairstyle.

#6. Individual Box Braids

individual box braids

Determined to find a hairstyle that will turn heads? Combine layered long box braids with a medium shade of blue and gather them into two space buns for a look no one else will have.

#7. Kids Box Braids

individual braids for kids

Your little one deserves to have her own fun hairstyle to show off at school or to keep the hair out of her face at soccer. Try these sporadically placed box braids, a quick style that will last all day.

#8. Braided Bun

individual braided updo

When you’re ready to switch up your braids from wearing them down over your shoulders, gather them into a high rounded jumbo bun for a sophisticated style perfect for work.

#9. Long Individual Braids

long individual braids

Long braids will come to the waist, maybe longer. They’re stunning left down or gathered up high in a ponytail, or you can try this half updo bun.

#10. Blue Ombre Braids

individual ombre braids

Sure you could choose a caramel or blonde to make an ombre on your long braids, or you could try a brighter color like dark blue that fades into baby blue.

#11. Individual Braids with Curly Ends

individual braids with curly ends

When you’re growing out your natural hair, don’t sacrifice its texture. You can sport individual braids on a medium hairstyle but maintain curls by only letting the braids come to an inch from ends or by mixing the style up with half curly and half braids.

#12. Short Braids

Whether your natural hair is long or short, you can always find a way to turns odd in your favor and look as incredible as ever! So you can either try out braids like box braids or modern accessories like headbands or hats to bring out the best you.

#13. Individual Braids for Natural Hair

individual braids for natural hair

Whether you’re growing out your natural hair or you’ve already done so and are looking for a way to style it, individual braids will have your back and keep you looking amazing.

#14. Individual Crochet Braids

individual crochet braids

Get the best of both braids and loose hair by having your stylist or a friend braid the hair from the scalp to about three or four inches down. Leave the rest of the hair loose for a thick, gorgeous look.

#15. Box Braids on Caucasian Woman

White, pink, and blue combine on these box braids for an unexpected yet gorgeous style. Pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail or bun for a quick, easy look and accent a few strands with beads.

#16. Medium Box Braids

medium box braids

Dark box braids with just a hint of burgundy at the ends dresses up this long hairstyle. For thick hair, medium box braids are a good option to keep hair looking full while containing bulk.

#17. Knotless Box Braids

knotless box braids

Instead of tying in box braids by starting a knot at the scalp, these knotless ones are attached starting with your own hair and gradually feeding in the braids. A colorful style like this is easy and great for when you already have a lot of natural hair growth.

#18. Bohemian Box Braids

bohemian box braids

Get the beautiful boho look by mixing long box braids with loose curly hair. Caramel and blonde hair color is stunning against dark skin. Worn down or up, the loose waves will stand out against your braids making for an overall soft look.

#19. Crochet Box Braids

crochet box braids

Crocheting braids into your hair is a lot quicker than doing sew-ins. For four to eight weeks, you won’t have to worry too much about styling, other than touching up the curly hair with a flat iron. A side part is a great way to flatter an oval face.

#20. Triangle Box Braids

triangle box braids

A pop of style sneaks up on you when you look at the top of these triangle box braids. A triangular shape is very fresh as is the beautiful turquoise color that glosses over braids as an ombre.

#21. Box Braids with Curls

box braids with curls

A long hairstyle that features box braids and curly hair is the best of both worlds. Braid hair from roots to a couple of inches from the ends, accentuating curls with the product.

#22. Red Box Braids

red box braids

Dark and light red pair with black box braids beautifully. A bunch of tiny braids cascade over this model’s shoulders. If you’re dying to have long hair, you need these long braids.

#23. Burgundy Box Braids

burgundy box braids

This burgundy is a cross between dark and light pink. While it is a bold color choice for long box braids, it stays professional because the colors are muted and you can pull the hair up and away from your beautiful face to remain work-friendly.

#24. Blue Box Braids

blue box braids

If you’re the type to try bold hairstyles, this turquoise box braid hairstyle is for you. Against pale skin, it’s a dramatic look, but it will work for dark skin tones as well. Dress it up with bows, beads, and headbands!

#25. Brown Box Braids

brown box braids

If your skin is dark, your box braids will look best with a combination of light and dark brown with a blonde. For a fun look, pull the top half of your braids into two space buns.

#26. Rainbow Box Braids

rainbow box braids

Here’s a look that will turn heads: the colors of the rainbow gracing your long medium box braids. If lime green is too much for you, just add a bit more purple or pink! Worn down or up, your braids are guaranteed to catch eyes.

#27. Honey Blonde Box Braids

honey blonde box braids

For women with light skin, opt for box braids in honey blonde. Prefer braids in a smaller width? Lots of tiny box braids will take 6 to 12 hours, but to get this look, it’s worth it.

#28. Grey Box Braids

grey box braids

Grey is a great hair color choice for older women looking to embrace their greying hair or just do something different with their hairstyle, but it also looks gorgeous against dark skin. Wear it up in a ponytail half updo and pair with your favorite formal clothes for a super pretty look.

#29. Orange Box Braids

orange box braids

Another way to make sure your box braids stand out is with a bold electric orange. These two shades of orange brighten up thick box braids and silver rhinestone hoops dress up the roots.

#30. Twist Box Braids

twist box braids

Box braids with a twist give off a totally different yet still gorgeous look. These will last about four to six weeks and are a popular option for protective hairstyles. Bring out your flirty side with pink!

#31. Box Braided Updo

box braided updo

Looking for a stylish way to keep the hair out of your face? Pull the front part of your hair back into a cute bun updo. Instead of using a hair scrunchie, wind your own braids around the bun.

#32. Box Braids with Beads

box braids with beads

A layered box braided hairstyle with bangs is the best way to show off beaded accessories. Stack a couple on the ends of each layer and at the bangs in a contrasting color for a unique look everyone will envy you for.

#33. Jumbo Box Braids

jumbo box braids

Wanting to skip the hassle of sitting for six hours while your stylist braids in jumbo box braids. Add in blonde highlights for a beautiful mix of dark and light color.

#34. Micro Box Braids

micro box braids

Micro box braids are much tinier than the traditional width of box braids. If you have thick hair, micro braids will make it easier to maintain while for thin hair, they will make your mane look fuller.

#35. Mini Box Braids

mini box braids

When it’s summer and you’re hot all the time, get your hair off your shoulders with a mini box braided hairstyle. Wearing it long and in braids will eliminate frizz, but wearing it up is equally as pretty, especially with this gorgeous blue ombre.

#36. Little Girl’s Braids

box braids for kids

During the summer months, help your little girl enjoy herself by treating her to her own box braids. Pick out bright colors, such as orange and pink, for summer vibes and a low-maintenance look she can rock for at least a month.

#37. Box Braids with Fade

box braids with fade

Display your edgy-feminine side by mixing a fade with box braids. On an oval face, a bun updo accentuates angles and the bold blue and purple colors keep the hairstyle fresh.

#38. Box Braids with Dreads

box braids with dreads

Rock a boho style by mixing box braids and dreads. Another style best for women with thick hair, the box braids will contain bulkiness and last for at least four weeks. Keep your style smelling great with leave-in conditioners.

#39. Box Braids with Highlights

box braids with highlights

Give your blonde box braids a little flair with pink highlights. A few highlights in a pastel color is fun enough to satisfy your craving for something new yet tasteful enough to sport at the office.

#40. Chunky Plait

Box Braids for Women 50

The extra-long box braids look fantastic when they are styled in a funky chunky plait. Throw your plait over to one side and pin it in place for a particularly contemporary look.

#41. Ombre Braids

box braids hair for women

These braids go from dark to light as the hair tumbles down. Although these purple-pink braids look great, you can choose an ombre look in any color that you want!

Best Braid Hairstyles For Black Women

#42. Knotted Head Scarf

Box Braids for Women 48

Wrap your box braids up with a colorful piece of fabric. This is a traditional hairstyle and will take you back to your African roots.

#43. Crowning Glory

box braids styles for black women

Twist and plait your braids around across the front of your head to create an off-centre crown of hair. You can leave the rest of your hair down or pin it up.

#44. Purple Box Braids

Box Braids for Women 45

If you are having extensions put in your hair, then you do not have to choose a “natural” color. These punky purple braids are eye-catching, fun and vibrant.

#45. Box Braids With Shaved Sides

Box Braids for Women 44

Keep your box braids long in the middle, but shave the sides of your head for a striking look. Keep it plain shaven or shave a pattern into your hair.

#46. Bandana and Big Braid

Big Box Braids hair for girl

Take a large section of hair from one side and sweep it around your head like a bandana. Hold the bandana section in place by styling it into a chunky braid at the rear centre of your head.

Popular Waterfall Braid Hairstyles to Try

#47. Go Wild

Box Braids for Women 42

If you are going to go wild with green hair, you can add another twist by accessorising your hair with a crown of flowers. Bright white and pink flowers offer the perfect contrast.

#48. Alpine Plaits

Box Braids for Women 41

Put your box braids into two classic alpine plaits. These plaits only take a few minutes to complete and they will help to keep your hair away from your face and eyes.

#49. Chunky Braids

box braids haircut

Rather than getting tiny braids put into your hair, choose a chunkier option. It is often easier to do chunky braids with natural hair than it is to do smaller braids.

#50. Contrast

Box Braids for Women 39

Choose a color which completely contrasts your own natural shade. You will only see the contrast at your roots, but the effect will be striking.

#51. Knotted Chignon

nice box braids hair cut

This beautiful take on classic chignon looks really good with thick box braids. Sweep over the top section of your hair to give the style a contemporary look.

#52. Plait Crown

Box Braids for Women 37

Separate the front section of your hair from the back section. Leave the back section of your hair down. Use the front section of your hair to make a plaited from that follows the natural curves of your head.

#53. High Bun with Shaved Sides

jumbo box braids hair for black girl

If the underside of your hair is shaven, you can put your hair up into a high bun on the top of your head to emphasise all of your features. If you have really long hair, you can leave a section down coming out of your bun.

Best Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Ideas

#54. Chunky Braids with a Top Knot

Box Braids for Women 35

If you have chosen a medium length haircut you can add to the style by pulling your hair up into a high top knot close to the front of your head.

#55. Space Buns with Pig Tails
Box Braids for Women 33

Separate your hair into two sections and bring each section up onto the very top of your head in a bun style. Rather than using all of your hair to create thick buns, let some of your hair flow down instead.

#56. Simple Side Sweep

Simple Side Box Braids for Women

This hairstyle is super simple but it looks great. Bring your hair up into a top ponytail, and then allow your hair to fall freely over to one side of your hair.

#57. Box Braids with Undercut

Box Braids for Women 31

Create a bun style with a cinched middle to give a classic bouffant look, but then give your bouffant style a contemporary twist by wearing it with undercut.

#58. Bob with Side Fringe

Box Braids for Women 30

Box braids do not have to go all the way down to the floor. A bob is a classic hairstyle which is low maintenance but also the height of fashion. Mix it up a little bit with a side fringe.

#59. Jacob’s Ladder

medium box braids hair

Keep most of your hair flowing freely but take three strands from each side. Pull individual strands round from each side and pin them together in the middle. Allow them to waterfall at the back.

#60. Top Ponytail

potail braid for black women

Pull your hair into a top ponytail and then fan out your hair so that it falls evenly around your head. Some people achieve a better top ponytail by hanging their head upside down.

#61. Middle Parted Box Braids

big box braids hair for women

A lot of styles look great with slightly chunkier braids. Try a half up and half down hairstyle if you are looking for a style which is suitable for work and for every day.

#62. Down ‘Do

Box Braids for Women 25

Let your box braids do all of the talking by choosing a simple down do style. All that you will require to create a style like this is a few pins to keep your hair out of your eyes.

#63. Chocolate and Caramel

chocolate & charamel box braid hairstyle

Create gorgeous box braids by braiding two different colors of hair together in one. Mixing two colors will help to enhance the textured appearance of the braids.

#64. Dread Effect

Box Braids for Women 23

Some rough braids look like dreadlocks. Keep these braids as fine as possible for a rough but delicate look.

#65. Classy High Ponytail

cool Box Braids for Women

For a simple yet effective style, sweep your hair around into a high ponytail and let it fall naturally. This style can be worn every day or it can be worn for glamorous events.

#66. Box Braids + Side Parting

Box Braids for Women 21

Create an extreme side parting by sweeping the majority if your hair over to one side of your head. This will give you a funky style that is very easy to maintain.

#67. Cute Bob


Box braids look perfect as a cute bob. This style is short but very sweet.

#68. Knee-Length Box Braids

long Box Braids haircut for Women

Whilst you may not want them to go ALL the way down to the floor, you can still make your hair pretty long if you have extensions put in. It is worth remembering that very long braids can weigh a lot.

#69. Half up Half Down Box Braids

medium box braids hairstyle

Separate your hair into a top and bottom section. Draw the top section together and pin it up at the back of your head. Leave the bottom section of your hair down and flowing freely.

#70. Two Tone Box Braids

beautiful women Box Braids hair

With a dip dye effect hairstyle, your hair is a different color at the ends than it is at the roots. This effect is particularly striking when the colors really contrast.

#71. Waist Length

Box Braids for Women 15

To get your hair to this length naturally you might need hair down to your knees before it is braided. The great thing about using artificial braids is that you can have them as long as you would like.

#72. Combed back Fringe

cute women box braids hair

If you are worried about keeping your hair out of your face, then you can comb your fringe back to keep it out of your eyes. Loosely pin it back to prevent it from falling down.

#73. Thin Hair

thin Box Braids for Women

Even if you only have thin hair, you can still have it plaited into natural box braids. Some people with very thin hair may prefer to pad out their style with extensions.

#74. Side Swept

Box Braids for Women 11

To give yourself and edgy look, sweep all of your hair over to one side of your head. This style looks particularly edgy if the underneath of your hair is shaven.

#75. Short and Chunky Braids

black hair box braids

This short and chunky style is great for those who do not want long hair or delicate braids. Despite its simplicity, it also has an elegant and regal appearance.

Can You Style Box Braids On Straight Hair?

#76. Blonde with Light Coloring

Box Braids for Women 9

Twist a few different strands of color into your hair which you are creating the braiding to give your hair a very subtle rainbow effect.

#77. Hair Wraps

Box Braids for Women 8

Leave a few thin sections of your hair unbraided and then encase these sections in colorful fabric hair wraps.

#78. Punky Box Braids

medium box braids

Whilst most box braids extensions are carefully woven in, these braids make a featured out of their messiness. Plenty of loose strands of hair coming out near the top give the style a cool, punky look.

#79. Diagonal Cornrows

Box Braids for Women 6

Rather than having a completely straight cornrow, have your hair braided so that your rows are on a diagonal slant. This is particularly cool if you put your hair up with a twisting style that goes in the opposite direction to your rows.

#80. Large High Bun

large medium box braids haircut

If you have thick hair, then the volume of box braids can be quite high. Twist them up on to the top of your head to create a 60s-inspired big bun.

#81. Wrap Around Fringe with Flowing Locks

Box Braids for Women 4

Create an extreme side parting in your hair and then sweep most of your hair from one side over to the other to create a wrap around fringe. Finally, pull it back round and over your shoulder again.

#82. Top Knot

brown Box Braids hair for Women

Pull your hair vertically upwards from the crown of your head and then twist it round into a tight high bun. Leave some of your hair down if you want an up-down style.

#83. With a Beanie

Box Braids for Women 2

For a relaxed yet stylish look that you can wear when you are out and about, top your look with a comfortable but cool beanie.

#84. Pink Plaits

color Box Braids for Women

For a delicate difference, try adding subtle pink hair wraps or plaiting in pink strands. This looks beautiful when teamed up with rosy skin tones.

#85. Black and Red


Black and red are known for complementing each other well, and hair colors are no exception. Mix these too hair colors for a fun and passionate look.

#86. The Mane Event

Asian girl Box Braids hair

Unplait your box braids to get amazing crimps. After being held in such tight plaits for a long time, your hair will frizz out and give you a fantastic looking crimped mane.

#87. Box Braided Mohawk


This androgynous style looks fantastic and is great for any occasion where you need to impress. It is the perfect option for those who want something that is masculine yet soft.

#88. Double Slanted Crown


Separate your hair into four chunky sections and bring these up and over from the back of your hair. Twist these sections together in pairs and bring them around the front of your head into a crown. Pin your “crowns” at the back.

#89. Mexican Box Braids

Box Braids haircut for women

These box braids have been inspired by traditional Mexican hairstyling techniques. The style looks fantastic with a dramatic eye and a gorgeous red lip.

90. Double Trouble

double up pony style women individual braids

When half of the heart of an outfit is solely dependent on your hairstyling, you need to double up on your sleek individual braids just to make sure you don’t lose any styling points. So, instead of plain braided styles, here’s a pony style with auburn hue to take your look to a whole new level.

If you know all of the options available, you can surely find a box braid style that suits you best. There are many creative ways to make it your own, and some box braids types are suitable for certain hair textures over others.

All it takes is a little research to figure out what works best. Otherwise, have fun with it, and remember to maintain your hair properly while it’s braided. Box braids are good for transitioning from relaxers to natural hair, for keeping your hair protected while you let it grow, and just for low-maintenance styling options.