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82 Stunning Ghana Braids That Are Trending in 2024

Ghana braids are one hairstyle any woman with black hair should try. The style, which initially began in Africa, can be worn for at least two to three weeks. They’re a favorite for women looking to grow out their natural hair but wanting to remain stylish. No matter your face shape, these braids can be thin or thick, and made to stand out with colorful elastic, hair color, or beads.


Ghana Braids

Ghana braids keep you beautiful with just regular conditioning, so you’ll be fashionable with little work. Here are 82 stunning Ghana braids hairstyles you need to try for yourself!

1. Curved with Hair Cuffs

Tribal Ghana braids

Instead of the braids heading straight back from the hairline to ends, these Ghana braids feature a flattering curved shape. Hair cuffs in silver or gold will look gorgeous against your dark braids.


2. Thick Colorful Ghana Braids

Ghana braided ponytail

If you prefer a thicker, more voluminous hairstyle, opt for thicker braids in a variety of colors. When gathered in a high side ponytail, that color and thickness will be most noticeable. 


3. Braid Crown

Ghana crown braid

From the yellow hair color at the beginning of these braids to the burgundy and magenta throughout the winding crown shape, you’ll love this look for its eye-pleasing detail.


4. Curly and Orange

Ghana braids with extensions

If you’re a lady who loves eclectic, textured hairstyles, make sure you choose curly Ghana braids in a bright shade like orange or red. This low and loose messy ponytail creates a big impact with little styling!


5. Shades of Blonde

Ghana braids

Can’t decide which shade of blonde you love most? You can wear them all in your Ghana braids! Create five thick braids starting at the scalp, maybe adding edgy silver to the ends for a look that’s a tad more high fashion. Be sure to give some love to your baby hairs, using a gel to swirl shapes down the temples.


6. Stacked Beaded Ends

Ghana braids with beads

If you’re trying to steer clear of hair color in your Ghana braids, there’s another way to make them stand out. Stack the ends with four or five clear or colored beads! Clear is more sophisticated and minimalistic, while color allows you to express your creative side.


7. Tiny Braids for Thick hair

Ghana braided updo

Create a thick hairstyle easily by choosing lots of tiny Ghana braids. When worn in this jumbo, chic circle bun, hair looks enviously thick. To take it one step further, add several thicker braids near the face or throw in a few colored braids in a lighter color, like caramel or light brown. 


8. Knotty Ponytail

Ghana braids for Women

It’s not just the bright yellow-gold that makes these braids stand out. It’s also the hip knotted ponytail that shows off those lengthy braids! We love how a few colorful beads near the ponytail ensure that’s where everyone’s eyes will be drawn.


9. Connected Half Updo

half-up Ghana braids

There’s no rhyme or reason to the way some of these pink Ghana braids are connected on the bottom half of the hair, but they sure make a curly half updo featuring a top bun and low ponytail one of a kind! 


10. Caramel Love

lemonade style Ghana braids

One guaranteed way to make your chocolate skin look its best while also rocking a stunning hairstyle is to highlight one of those Ghana braids! Here we see one thick blonde braid adding a colorful touch to a half thick, half thin Ghana braid hairdo. 


11. Ghana Braids with Accessories

Ghana Braids with Beads

Thicker braids are very bohemian and with the help of large silver beads, it is detailed as well. Create 5 or 6 Ghana braids all over the head, less if you want larger braids.


12. Chunky Ghana Braids

Chunky Ghana Braids

A bunch of tiny Ghana braids certainly create a full mane. This style’s ends are straight, but you can always leave about an inch of unbraided hair at ends to create waves.


13. Ghana Crown Braid

Ghana Crown Braid

A thick Ghana braid pulled into a crown braid is a guaranteed beautiful look for a wedding or date night, especially when dressed up with flowers or barrettes. It can also be worn casual for weekend jaunts.


14. Banana Ghana Braids

Banana Ghana Braids

Banana braids are so-named because of their curvy form. These ones all start in the same place, near the forehead, but braid back in different directions and finally wind up in two tall buns.


15. Purple Ghana Braids

Instead of your natural black, try a Ghanaian braid hairstyle that has some color to it. A deep purple is suitable for both work and home. These purple alternating thick and thin braids help form a beautiful ponytail.


16. Green Ghana Braids

Green Ghana Braids

Green Ghanaian braids flatter a multitude of skin tones, but look especially great against dark skin. Pull the top half into an updo and add white string with silver beads for accessories.


17. Ghana Braids for Round Faces

Ghana Braids for Round Faces

If you have a round face, you can rock thick Ghana braids as well. Start by forming three braids at the forehead line, then trail them down the back where they’ll hang loose or gather them into a low ponytail. Red is pretty color you can add that contrasts with black.


18. Big Ghana Braids

Big Ghana Braids

The thicker the better when it comes to Ghana braids. Let them hang loose or gather them into this high ponytail where the braids can hang beautifully down your back. Tiny braids can be created near the ears for delicate detail.


19. Burgundy Ghana Braids

Burgundy Ghana Braids

If your skin is light or pale, dark colors like burgundy look especially dramatic against it. Medium and thin Ghana braids start at the top of the head to bunch into a large ponytail. Silver or gold hoops are most noticeable at the forehead.


20. Ghana Braids for Short Hair

Ghana Braids for Short Hair

If you prefer a short hairstyle but like Ghana braids, try this angled bob. Light pink and black make it look especially peppy whether worn down or up.


21. Two Ghana Braids

Two Ghana Braids

You’ll feel like a Princess with two thick low Ghana braids. The combination of tiny braids above ears and gold elastic to wind around braids with thick beads makes this one special style.


22. Low Bun Ghana Braids

Low bun ghana braids hairstyle for black girl

One of the main advantages of Ghana braids is that they add volume to the overall style but the size of your hair is not overdone. This means you can easily use regular hairstyles without having to deal with huge chunks of hair.


23. Criss-cross

ghana braids 2

There are several ways you can separate the strands before weaving in the hair extensions. If you follow the crisscross method, you’ll eventually end up with a nice pattern on top of your head that is well-complimented by silver extensions.

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24. Ocean waves

little girl Ocean waves ghana braids cut

The way you arrange the braids in the process of creation dictates your overall hairstyle. You can make the ocean waves, go for the classics, or cross them as randomly as you wish. All depends on your imagination.


25. Double Bun + Ghana Braids

ghana braids 4

This Ghana braid arrangement makes the top part of your head look like a palm tree. A beautiful pattern is a vital part of a braided hairstyle. You can outline the design by keeping the hair tight and tied.

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26. Braid mix

ghana braids 5

Mixing cornrows and Ghana braids allow you to come up with the other various interesting hairstyles. You can take this example and elaborate on it. Mohawks, fohawks, undercuts – make your choice and go for it.


27. Simple approach

Simple approach ghana braids hairstyle for black women

There is no need to come up with something extraordinary for the hair extensions to look perfect. You can use a simple approach and still get an amazing result that allows you to shine. Go for the classics.


28. Ombre style

ghana braids 7

You can use various hair extensions to create a Ghana ombre. The top part of your head can stay natural, while the color of the hair extensions can differ. A weave lets you make amazing color experiments.

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29. Black natural braids

natural ghana braids hairstyle for teen age girl

The weaving technique allows Ghana braids to look very close to nature. That’s why keeping the color as close to your own as possible gives you an opportunity to make an impression that all this hair is yours.


30. Golden braids

ghana braids 9

Women with dark hair often dream of blonde locks. Hair extensions are your chance to use any color you wish. Golden blonde looks especially wonderful with dark skin. So get the colored hair extensions for your next experiment.

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31. Neat symmetry

Neat symmetry ghana braids hairstyle for girl

Using symmetry when separating the strands for the braiding is the key to creating a great pattern on top of your head. Even though the asymmetry is in style, the asymmetrical design still looks terrific.


Ghana Braids Are Hot In 2024

Ghana braids are fun, exciting, and beautiful. They don’t just make you look stunning, these braids save your hair from breaking and keep the maintenance of your locks to a minimum.

Ghana braids are also called banana braids, cornrows or straight-backs. They were initially invented as a protective style for black hair but then evolved into something more exciting.

Besides creating braids to keep the hair healthy, you can use these braids to come up with a unique hairstyle. Girls use hair extensions, bows, and other accessories to stand out of the crowd while sporting these beautiful braids.


32. The spiral

ghana braids 11

Arranging the strands into a spiral is a wonderful approach to beautiful braids. If you add some colorful hair extensions to this masterpiece, you’ll make an amazing impression.


33. Add more volume

ghana braids 12

The size of your Ghana braids depends on the number of hair extensions you use. If you’ve always dreamed about voluminous and thick braids, buy more hair and go for it. Thick braids look neat!

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34. Wet look

Wet look braids teen age hairstyle

The wet looks are popular among dark-skinned women with raven black hair. Braids won’ stop you from sporting your favorite style. Hair extensions are usually made out of real hair and can be styled just like your own.


35. Black Wedding Braid

ghana braids with Wedding hairstyle

Braids and hair extensions are perfect for making a hairstyle for a special occasion. If you have a wedding coming up, the classic Ghana braids can give you’re the neat hairstyle which is perfect for your special day.


36. Make them long


ghana braids 15

Girls with unruly short hair always dream of long and neat locks. Hair extensions can do exactly what you’ve always wanted. Make your braids as long as you want. Just don’t forget that they can be heavy.


37. Special braiding techniques

ghana braids 16

Mixing special braiding techniques can allow you to sport a truly unique style. Cornrows, twists, Ghana braids – all these mixed together will certainly make some head turns. Ask your hairdresser for his or her secrets.


38. Start with cornrows

ghana braids Start with cornrows hairstyle you love

You can start your Ghana braid hairstyle with cornrows. The result will look truly special. When the low part of your hair is voluminous and the top is tight and neat, you can forget about the styling hassle.


39. The Crests

ghana braids 18

The thicker the hair extensions you use are, the higher you can make the braids on top of your head. If you like crests, then you can make the top part thicker. The rest of the locks can be classic.

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40. Faux braids

favorite Faux braids ghana hairstyle for girl

This amazing cornrow, Ghana, and regular braid mix is perfect for the beginners. When you are just starting on your way to creating perfect braids without hair extensions, this style can become your favorite.


41. Havana Twists

Havana twists ghana braids hairstyle for young girl

You can use cornrow or Ghana braiding on the very top of your head and then continue with Havana twists on the bottom. These twists don’t look as natural as other braids but the impression they make is amazing.


Popular Jumbo Ghana Braid Hairdo

42. Lemonade Braids

ghana braids

This stunning look is simple and flawless. The extra length of the jumbo braid looks fabulous. You can make thin Ghana braids and keep them straight or add some unique cornrows to the hair look. This look goes well with elongated faces as it offers a marvelous look to the entire face.


43. Jumbo Box Braids

If you are browsing for the latest hairdo, then choose cornrows braids. It looks dramatic and stylish and goes well with all your outfits. You can rock this braid hairstyle on all hair lengths and textures.


44. Zig-Zag Braids

The zig-zag style cornrows look stunning over the crown part of the head. This flawless look is a low maintenance style that goes well with the Ghana style jumbo braids. You just need a moisturizing spray to set the hair in place and achieve the perfect finish.


45. Jumbo Cornrows with Stitch Braids

The jumbo cornrows spaced properly over the crown with Ghana braids hanging loose look stunning. This hairdo looks awe-inspiring with light and dark shades of blue within the braids.


46. Textured Jumbo Ghana Braids

textured jumbo Ghana braids

This hairstyle is a bold fashion statement. It portrays confidence with a sassy look. The colored hair with textured braids looks fabulous and striking.  The thick, jumbo braids over the top make the entire look attractive.


47. Jumbo Braids with Curved Texture

These Ghana braids are tightly fixed from top to bottom with the swirls in between. It offers a more intricate and dramatic look that goes well with your personality. The braiding techniques with stunning patterns give you an all-time jaw-dropping look.


48. Fulani Braids with Stunning Accessories

These braids from Ghana with thin and thick texture look irresistibly cool. They are styled in an intricate pattern of different braids that are joined back in a thick braid. The different texture of braids offer a sassy look and goes well for women of all ages.


49. Braids In a High Ponytail

This dramatic style looks classy for an everyday look. The jumbo Ghana braids over the top are taken back to form a ponytail. The ponytail is highlighted with the addition of accessories over the back to achieve the flawless look.


50. Jumbo Braids Hanging Loose

These Ghana inspired braids are thick and are left hanging loose with cornrows on top. This classy hairstyle looks fabulous for the parties.


51. Cross- Braided Hairdo

Jumbo Ghana braids

Spice up things by braiding these unique Ghana braids. The excellent braid runs from the sides instead of the front. It looks stylish and unique giving you a flawless look.


Trendy Ghana Braids to The Side

52. Side Parted Braids

This classical hairstyle with Ghana braids over the side looks stunning. The dyed hair is twisted in braids and let it loose with a mixture of thick and thin braids. This hairdo looks trendy and easy to maintain.


53. Intricate Braids To The Side

This weaved styled Ghana braids with crisscross pattern looks awe-inspiring. The hair design looks adorable and is parted over the side.


54. Ghana Braids Bob

For short hair, Ghana braids and cornrows work well even if you have a bob haircut. The thick or moderate hair texture works well for this hairdo. Style the braids over the side of your bob cut and achieve the beautiful look.


55. Bright Colored Side Braids with Weave

The blue-colored Ghana braids pop out your entire look. The thick braids over the side look fabulous and offer a miraculous look.


56. Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Ghana braids with a side ponytail

This gorgeous hairstyle with the weaving of braids over the crown part looks flawless. The ponytail on the side gives you a vibrant look.


57. Sided Neon Braid

The colored hair with a single Ghana braid on the side looks wonderful. Try this unique hairdo to become the star of the parties.


58. Ombre Ghana Braids

Ghana women inspired thin braids with dyed color over the lower tips of the hair look impeccable. Try this flawless hair look to enjoy the super cool vibes.


59. Multicolored Braids

The Ghana braids look stunning with the combination of beautiful accessories. Add a bunch of accessories to the hair and achieve the gorgeous look with hair placed over the side.


60. Twisted and Raised Triangle Braids

A slight raise to the braids from the front gives an elongated look to the round face. These Ghana people’s braids with twists and addition of beautiful accessories look flawless giving you a vibrant feel.


61. Sided Weaved Braids

Ghana braids to the side

The Ghana braids with cornrows look super stylish and need slight maintenance. The cornrows are added on the nape of the neck with braids on top and weaved back over the sides into a ponytail of Ghana inspired braids.


Eccentric Ghana Braided Updo

62. Box Braided Updo

This combination of the thick bun on top with two thin braids over the side looks stylish and classy. Pair this beautiful hairdo with a neckless or sleeveless dress to enjoy the marvelous look.


63. Ghana Braided High Bun

This weaved pattern hairdo looks amazing and is very easy to maintain. You can simply carry this hairdo for summers or spring. The Ghana braiding in thick and thin combination are tied up in a bun to give a classical look.


64. Pixie Braids

This hair updo with thin braids on the side and thick twists on the top gives a dramatic look. The Ghana braids go well with the pixie cut.


65. Spiral Look

The Ghana braids in a spiral look with bright colors will suit you. This textured hair with a spiral pattern over the crown looks spotless.


66. Dyed Braids Updo

Ghana braids updo

To pop out the entire look of your Ghana jumbo braids, get your hair dyed or highlighted. The colored hair looks fabulous with the half hair updo and rest of the hair hanging loose.


67. Centre Parted Braids 

The dyed hair is turned into a bun over the top. While the rest of the hair is prepared into Ghana braids within the center and sides. The spider type patter in created over the back to achieve the unique look that makes you the center of attraction within the events.


68. Twisted Ghana Braid Updo

These twisted braids look dramatic with a knotted top. It gives a unique feel with the flawless look of the hairstyle. The long and thick hair texture looks stunning with twisted Ghana braided hairdo.

Women who prefer fashion statement love this hairdo. It is easy to carry but you need to maintain it very well with proper hair tools.


69. Braided Mohawk Updo

The thick braids over the crown of the head look flawless and neat. The sides of the head are braided into thin cornrows that give an intricate look to the entire hairdo. The root stimulator application works well for these braids that gives an impeccable look according to your personality.


70. Zig-Zag Pattern Braids

This Ghana braid updo looks extremely jaw-dropping. It gives you a youthful and confident feel with the intricate pattern over the top.

The center partition is done to form two braids and then the zig-zag pattern is created over the sides with further two braids to complete the entire look. The four braids are then continued into two braids that loosely hang over the back.


71. V-Pattern Cornrows And Braids

Ghana braids

This beautiful hairstyle has thick braids over the crown of the head with thin cornrows in between each Ghana braid.

The cornrows create a V-pattern between the Ghana style braids that offer an awesome look according to your face shape. This stylish hairdo goes well for modern-day women who inspires fashion and love the bold look.


Amazing Ghana Braids With Ponytail

72. Genie Ponytail

The thin braids are formed from the top of the head. These braids are then taken back to form a knot and prepare a ponytail. If you want a unique hairstyle then get your hair colored and ask a hairstylist to prepare the Ghana braids for you.


73. Thick Braids with a High Ponytail

This ponytail looks awe-inspiring with few highlighted hair. The combination of thick and thin braids looks flawless and goes well for workplace or parties.


74. Braids Over The Side with a Ponytail

This hairstyle looks elegant and classy at the same time. The thick textured Ghana braids are taken from each side which is then twisted back into a ponytail. The volume is created within the ponytail to give a luscious thick look.


75. Green Dyed Braids

This green color braided ponytail looks amazing and is perfect for any casual program. 


76. Micro Braids Ponytail

micro Ghana braids ponytail

These braids from Ghana look flawless and are created neatly to give the stunning look. Ghana braided ponytail looks mesmerizing and can be easily pulled off to achieve the impeccable look. The styling of this hairdo needs perfection to create the micro braids over the crown of the head.


77. Spiral Textured Ponytail

The spiral pattern is created over the crown part with the twisted Ghana braids. These braids are then taken back to form a high ponytail that looks chic and gives you a flawless look.


78. Reddish Braid Ponytail

The reddish braid looks fabulous and gives you a fashion statement look. Flaunt this amazing look in your everyday life which is easy to carry and requires low maintenance.


79. Highlighted Braid

This dramatic Ghana look will spice up your personality. Turn your simple highlighted hair into a Ghana braid that looks dramatic and unique. Create 6-7 braids on top and then tie them up in a knot, pulling them off in a ponytail.


80. High Ponytail with Accessories

This awe-inspiring hairdo gives you a celebrity feel. The braids over the crown of the head and nape of the neck are tied back in a ponytail. The raised ponytail looks fabulous with a complete spark when you add accessories to it.


81. One-Sided Ponytail

one sided Ghana braids ponytail

This sleek finished ponytail is kept dead straight with one Ghana braiding created over the side. The braid is then taken back and pulled off into a ponytail. The ponytail is wrapped on the top with a braid that looks gorgeous.


82. Braided Ponytail with A Twist

Ghana braids ponytail

Get yourself a multicolored dye that gives you a style statement look. Now turn your hair into hundreds of braids, pulling these braids into a raised ponytail.

The ponytail is kept over the side with various Ghana style braids that give you a jaw-dropping look. Enjoy this look to flaunt a miraculous hairdo.


Difference Between Ghana Braids and Cornrow Braids

Ghana braids might look just like cornrows, but they are a bit different. The braiding technique applied when creating these braids differs in the very beginning.

When you start doing cornrows, you create a large loop near the edges which takes the subtlety out of the extensions. When creating Ghana braids, this loop is concealed and the hair looks more natural.

At the very beginning of the braiding process, only small amounts of hair extensions are used and then the volume increases gradually. Eventually, you get a more voluminous appearance.


Best Ghana Braids Tutorials On YouTube

The history of Ghana braids goes a long way back to Africa around 400 BC. Historians found that the Africans used braids for many centuries. This hairstyle made its way through the ages and came to conquer the western civilization.

Starting from straight cornrows and ending with zigzag banana braids, you can make an amazing hairstyle without too much effort.

Below are the best Ghana braids tutorials to help you learn how to make amazing Ghana braids in the comfort of your own home.


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Want to make amazing Ghana braids without professional assistance? We collect 5 most useful YouTube tutorials to help you make the braids in the comfort of your own home.


Ghana braid hairstyles are trending these days due to their sassy and stylish look. It is a low maintenance style that looks creative and funky at the same time. The Ghana braids are protective as they prevent the breakage of hair, allowing your hair to grow naturally. Most of the individuals find comfort while making this hairdo as it is simple and looks fabulous.

The only disadvantage of these Ghana braids is that it is time-consuming, but once you are done it looks fantastic. It is an African originated braid that gives you a jaw-dropping look and goes well with all outfits at any time of the day.

If you are a fan of various braiding techniques, you should give Ghana braids a try. They add your hair some volume while making it look magnificent for any occasion.