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61 Crochet Braids Hairstyles You can’t Miss

Crochet braids were popular back in the 1990s, and now they’re trending again. With the different textures, colors, and lengths of those extensions, you can always achieve the style you’re aiming for and make it look like the hair is natural.

And since natural beauty comes above all, a crochet braid is advantageous. If you really know how to install those extensions properly, your hair won’t look as fake as it would naturally.

Trendy Crochet Braid Styles

Different crochet braid patterns and colors will be presented to you in this article. So, make sure to have a look if you’re wondering which style to go for next.

#1. Half Braid, Half Natural

crochet braids for women

If classy and beautiful don’t describe this crochet braid style, we don’t know what does! This long, highlighted crochet hair is braided several inches down, and let loose at the ends.

To get the waves on the bottom half of your hair, wrap the ends in large perm rods and dip them in boiling water. This will create the soft waves that you see in the picture.

#2. Braids with Spiral Curls

crochet braided updo

Do you love a thicker hairstyle? Get this voluminous ponytail with or without crochet extensions by starting braids at the hairline, stopping halfway back, then gathering your hair in a high ponytail.

Let those beautiful spiral-shaped curls lie on and around your face. Light purple color is optional but encouraged!

#3. Curly Microbraids

crochet braids for older women

Are you a woman over 50 trying to embrace gray hair? Feel free to confidently rock them in this beautiful micro braid hairstyle! Brush hair back off the face with a pretty headband and fill the bottom half with waves.

#4. Locs and Curls

crochet dreads

Another way to get the voluminous hairstyle you’re looking for is by mixing textures. This long look features dreadlock-inspired crochet extensions, with loose, spiral ends. A few blonde or caramel highlights will look gorgeous with your natural dark hair color.

#5. Spiral Crochet Braid

curly crochet hair

If a simple but classy crochet braid hairstyle is what you’re looking for, the above look is a must try. Shoulder-length or longer spirals will look best.

The crochet hair can be added slightly back from the hairline to keep the hair out of your face.

#6. Funky Large Braids

big crochet braids

For ladies with a fun, bold personality, you’ll want a braided hairstyle to express that! Start with tiny crochet braids all over, then braid those into larger braids secured randomly all over your head.

#7. Tiny Braids with Waves

crochet braids for teenage girls

Create this look by braiding small braids going back. Then attach the curly crochet hair about two inches back from the hairline to make the perfect, face-framing hairstyle.

If you’re wanting a little more detail, make your braids into zig zags near the hairline.

#8. Thick Waves with Tiny Braids

girl with crochet braids

Do you tend to wear your long hair filled with luscious, glam waves? You can easily rock a crochet braid hairstyle in minutes just by making a handful of tiny braids that will blend in naturally with wavy locks. Be sure to put several hairs at the front of your hairline for noticeability.

#9. Jumbo Crochet Braid

half up crochet braided hair

Large crochet braids are often a better option for some ladies since they’re less maintenance. These large braids will be stunning whether you wear them down or up in a low half ponytail.

#10. Braids and Waves with Color

crochet braids with beads

From the tiny braids near the hairline accented with gold hair cuffs to the long thick curly hair colored in light blue, this woman’s hairstyle is packed with detail!

#11. Curly Crochet Hair

Afros Crochet Braid Hairstyle for black girl

Afros are a very popular crochet braid hairstyle that provides a voluminous look. If you don’t want to be bound by a braid style, you can go for afros.

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#12. Box Braids

crochet box braids hairstyle

You can use crochet box braids to make your hair get a thicker feel. Then you can create single braids as your protective style. Single braids are easy to acquire and will result in a flabbergasting overall look.

#13. Half Bun

Top Knot with Crochet Braid Hairstyle

Since crochet hair adds to the thickness of your hair, creating a top knot with only your top hair will be more than enough for a voluminous and outstanding hairstyle.

#14. Curly Updo

crochet braid updo hairstyle

Collect all your hair and tie them at the top of your head, you’ll get one catchy and neat top knot fit for casual outings.

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#15. Purple Single Braids

 Purple color Crochet Braid Hairstyle for girl

Crochet braiding provides a wide range of hairstyles and doesn’t limit your choice even when it comes to different color extensions. Choose the color you desire and install it before braiding it into the style you prefer.

#16. Cornrows with Crochet Spirals

Create microcornrows starting on one side of your head, and attach curly crochet hair on the other side. Consider adding some lighter shades of extensions to create a multidimensional look.

#17. Hot Red Ombre on Black Hair

Red Ombre Crochet Braid on black hair

Daring colors are always a recommended choice, for every color you choose shows a part of your personality. With your short red curls let loose, let your hair color ignite some action.

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#18. Thick Crochet Twists

 Bob Crochet twist Haircut

Thick twists are trending these days, mostly because they provide a neat and catchy look while they last long.

To make your hair more personalized, consider adding a few strands of Bordeaux extensions, so they’ll create an astonishing wavy effect when twisted.

#19. Short Blonde Curls

Thick Curly Crochet Braid Hairstyle

Choosing blond for a hair color creates an amazing contrast effect if your skin complexion is dark. With your hair set into thick, loose curls, you’ll end up with a catchy and voluminous hairstyle.

#20. Box Braided Updo

box braid updo with crochet braids

Top knots, especially those created with single braids are known for their astounding look, but creating them with ash gray hair color transcends the look to a whole new level keenness.

#21. Side Parted Curly Hair

Crochet Braid Hair with Afro Bun

If you’re getting set for a special occasion, then you can consider black loose curly crochet braids hair as an option. They create an outstanding look that you can perfect with the right makeup.

#22. Sleek Straight Bob

Braids and Sided Curl Crochet Hairstyle

If you try to straighten your curl out, you’ll end up with this striking look. With a side parted bob crochet braids, big round glasses and a light pink lipstick the entire profile picture is brought together.

#23. Dookie Braids

Bold Blue hairstyle

Blue is one tranquil color that this chick just turned fierce. With deep blue long single braids, this style will kill any venue you walk on.

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#24. Long Permed Hair

black girl Crochet Single Braid Hairstyle

If you’re looking to get longer hair within no time, the crochet braid pattern will serve you weeks within 2 hours. If you’re holding such a style then the least you should do is be confident with this striking look.

#25. Side Bangs

Crochet Braid Hairstyle

Those long thick curls create volume. With your bangs to the side, you’ll give a clearer view of your face. Such an on-point hairstyle must go with some catchy red lipstick to complete the look.

#26. Braids and Sided Curls

With a thick cornrow on one side, and the rest of your hair pulled to the other side you’ll create a dramatic fusion between balance and contrast that strikes as sexy and flat out gorgeous.

#27. Bold Short Blue Ombre

Crochet Braid Hairstyle

This ombre starts with black and descends to a lighter shade of blue, like a vision of a night sky, the waves of blue add to the uniqueness of the look making it the sole source of attention anywhere it goes.

#28. Curls and Bob Weave

 Curls with Crochet Braid Hairstyle

This cute style has a lot of curls and volume in it, which makes it look perfect on black women precisely. Use short crochet braid hair if your aim is bob and not long hair.

#29. Invisible Micro Braids

Crochet Braid Hairstyle

With the roots of your hair worn into evident cornrows, let the rest of your curls flow freely. This natural-looking hairstyle could get people wondering whether this is really your natural hair or not.

#30. Havana Twists

Havana Twists Crochet Braid Haircut

This two strand twist hairstyle is spreading virally amongst young women these days. The magenta twists paired with dark purple lipstick and blue eyeshadow, you are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

#31. Curly Bangs

This crochet hairstyle goes all around your head, even your forehead. It’s a great style if your aim is to hide your prominent forehead, or if you simply like this style.

#32. Braids and Beads

All the small details you add to your style make a difference. From the magenta strands to the hair beads and even the thickness you choose for each strand make your Marley crochet braids hair look presentable and personalized.

#33. Bob Crochet Braids

Crochet Braid Hairstyle

The volume that the Havana twists add and the short bob cut paired together create this outstandingly voluminous look. Add some hair beads for some extra action in your look.

#34. Two Bun with Black, Blue and Ash Crochet Braids

Two Bun with Crochet Braids

Try this two-bun style with black, blue, and ash crochet braids. The dominance of black intertwines seamlessly with blue and ash braids, creating a captivating blend of colors.

The twin bun arrangement adds a touch of flair, making this hairstyle a choice of effortless sophistication for a distinctive appearance.

#35. Golden Blonde Highlights

Daring Color Crochet Braid Hair for girl

This daring color paired with your skin complexion brings the contrast game onto the table. It’s a daring move to go for such bright colors but nonetheless still look flabbergasting.

#36. Marley Braids with Accents

A great way to spice up your crochet hairstyles is to add some hair accessories to your hair. You can go with something subtle that matches your hair or a bold hue. Look beautiful with unique hair-do!

#37. Ombre Blonde Twist and Curl

A great way to style your hair is ombre blonde curls. This can be done with twists or crochet braiding. It gives you a glamorous look and is fairly easy to manage. The hairstyle is very trendy and looks gorgeous on every face-shape.

#38. Dyed Sew in Braids

You can get your hair braided in different patterns. Pick a pattern that suits your face. Dyed hair will give your crochet braided hairdo a nice, little pop. You can pick a color of your choice and customize the hairstyle in accordance with your style.

#39. Straightened Twists with Highlights

Black hair braided with golden brown highlight twists is a great way to spice up your hair. This is a very popular hair-do, and it has a lot of variations available.

#40. Single Crochet Braids And Waves

Micro Crochet Braids And Waves

Make your plain old braids a little more stylish by adding waves to your hair. You can make tiny braids and make the rest of your hair wavy. It looks amazing. It is something you can try for a day out.

#41. Twist Ponytail with Curly Ends

A basic but beautiful hairstyle. The hair-do is fairly simple and is easy to do. It is a classic ponytail with crochet braids to add a little extra to your look.

#42. Braided Ruffles with Shells

crochet braids

Shells are one of the prettiest additions to crochet hairstyles. You can braid your ruffles and add shells to make your hair stand out.

#43. Cornrows with Curly Up-Do

Use curly crochet hair to create these tiny feed-in braids that frame the face, and then add the curly hair all through the back of the head. Pull it up into a bun to create this adorable style!

#44. Stitch Braid And Twist Combination

A combination of crochet braids is all the rage in the media nowadays. A lot of celebrities and rappers can be seen wearing their hair this way. You should definitely give this hairstyle a try!

#45. Twists with Blue Streaks

crochet braid hairstyles

Blue hair color is in. Everyone is opting for blue streaks. You can get extensions or get yourself some blue streaks. Your usual braids hairstyle would get a new look with some blue highlights. There are various shades of blue available; you can pick the one that goes best with your skin tone.

#46. Ombre Brown Dreadlocks

Ombre is a recent Instagram trend that went viral. Ombre braids are a great styling statement. Brown is a more subtle and minimal color, which gives your hair a hint of classiness. You can go for any color you prefer or choose from different shades of brown.

#47. Long Braids With Platinum Blonde Highlights

Long braids never go out of fashion! They are always a great way to carry your hair. But if you are one for bold styles, then you can add streaks of silver or platinum blonde to your hair. The color is quite quirky and distinctive.

#48. Crochet Half Up-Do

Another classic crochet braided hairdo that you ought to try. This up-do is uncommon but gorgeous. A super high half braided up-do is very comfortable to wear and looks breathtaking.

Adding some color to it is totally your choice. You can either braid the rest of your hair or just rock your natural hair with the up-do.

#49. Colored and Braided Bun

A full and classic up-do. If you have long hair which is hard to carry, but you also like to do new hairstyles, this is something you could try.

A moderately high braided bun is a great way to carry your hair for a long day or a day out on the pool. If you want to make that hairstyle pop, add some color to it.

#50. Blonde and Black Crochet

crochet braid with blonde highlights

A very chic and popular hairstyle that you can rock for every occasion. Just braid your hair and you are done. If you are not someone who wants to color their hair, then you can simply just add some extensions or a weave and do the hairstyle. This stunning hairstyle could be the perfect look for you.

#51. High Bun with Accessories

A great way to make your braided bun look unique. Add some hair accessories to the bun and let it shine. You can add shells and clips to the braids or the bun and make it more fun. This is a good twist to add when you are headed out for a fun day.

#52. Ombre Blue Twists

Ombre with twists is such a beautiful crochet hairstyle for women. If you love twists, then you should definitely add some blue to it and make it more special.

This could be a great way to experiment a little with your hair and rock; some bold looks along the way.

#53. Thick Braid Half Up-Do

Do this easy to manage hairstyle by tying your hair in the basic up-do with thick crochet braiding. A very basic but lovely hairstyle that you can try for a night out or a fancy dinner. It is easy to do and looks amazing on all sorts of features.

#54. Fulani Braid and Curl Ponytail

crochet braided ponytail

Scalp twists or braids with tight curly high ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for any and all occasions. You can do it daily or just spice it up for a special occasion.

It looks very elegant, but it is very functional as well. You can hustle around all day in this hairstyle without a problem!

#55. Box Braided Bob Cut with Highlights

crochet braided bob

If you are someone who enjoys short hair, this is a good option to try! You can also add highlights of any color you prefer to make them look more fashionable. This is one of the newest hairstyles in the industry, and it looks absolutely wonderful.

#56. Wavy Crochet Braids

wavy crochet braids

One nice thing about having a crochet braid hairstyle is that when you finally undo them, the result will be long wavy tresses. Wear your hair down over the shoulders with just a simple center part to make the most out of the look.

#57. Crochet Braids for Kids

crochet braids for kids

Any little girl will feel like a princess when you give her her own crochet braids! Make several braids at the top of the head, and several at the bottom. Secure all braids in two ponytails to let her natural hair texture show.

#58. Bohemian Crochet Braids

bohemian crochet braids

The Boho vibe is easy to get when you had hair cuffs and beads to your long crochet braids. Go with brightly colored accessories that will pop against dark hair. This high ponytail is gorgeous with a large section of braids wrapped around the base.

#59. Crochet Braided Mohawk

crochet braided mohawk

We love a girl who isn’t afraid to rock bolder hairstyles, like this mohawk! Its crochet braid texture is framed beautifully by tiny braids at the sides of the head.

#60. Crochet Braids with Shaved Sides

crochet braids with shaved sides

Now you can show off both your feminine and edgy sides at the same time! A bald or shaved fade gives a crochet braid hairstyle a whole different look, and you’ll love the attitude it gives you.

#61. Crochet Braids with Bangs

crochet braids with bangs

The above style features platinum blonde spirals and short straight bangs. Get the look by rocking crochet braids for a few days, then undoing them.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding crochet braid hairstyles.

Are crochet braids safe for hair?

Yes, crochet braids are safe for hair as long as you give your hair a little care throughout the process. Make sure you remove the crochet braids when you are supposed to.

If you keep up with regular shampooing and deep conditioning treatments, you will not find that these braids are unsafe for your hair.

When should I take out crochet braids?

As a general rule, you should take out crochet braids 6-8 weeks after installing them. The timeline depends on the history of your hair and your hairstylists’ recommendations.

What are the different types of crochet braids?

These braids come in many varieties and braid types or braid patterns. Some common types include:
●   Straight crochet braids
●   Curly crochet braids
●   Twisted crochet braids
●   Ombre braids
●   Crochet micro braids
●   Crochet knotless braids
●   Crochet Senegalese braids

There are many more styles than just the ones on this shortlist. Get creative!

Are crochet braids a protective hairstyle?

Yes, crochet braids are a protective hairstyle. They are perfect for protecting your natural curl pattern even as you switch up the color, length, style, and texture.

How much is crochet braiding?

Depending on the location, reputation, and experience of your stylist you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for crochet braiding service. However, there are quality stylists that offer the same product for $100-$300. Be sure to do your research to find the best price for you!

How long does it take to do crochet braids?

One of the best things about crochet braiding is that they take a fraction of the time of box braids to install. It takes about 90 minutes to three hours to install.

Do crochet braids weigh heavy?

Somewhat. Braids only weigh a few ounces per pack of hair extensions. The addition of braids to your hair will add weight but not as much as you might think.

Are crochet braids and box braids the same?

No. Crochet braids and box braids are not the same thing. Crochets are installed with a hook.

What type of hair should I use for crochet braids?

It is best to use synthetic hair for crochet braids. Human hair gives a little more slippage than crochet hair, which is the opposite of what you want with braids.

These braids will start to look messier over time which is how you get that bohemian-inspired look that many people want.

Can I wash crochet braids?

You can wash them, but it is recommended that you avoid washing them as you would typically wash your hair. Instead, you should use dry shampoo when possible.

If you prefer a deeper clean, you can use cold water and shampoo in a spray bottle. Focus the mixture on your scalp and the front of your head. Then gently and thoroughly rinse out. Follow the process with a conditioner, lightly dry it and then trim away any tangled ends.

How long can I wear crochet braids?

Depending on the length, style, and type of crochet braids you can stretch their lifespan to 8 weeks. However, 4-6 weeks is the most common lifespan for crochet braids.

Why does wearing crochet braids hurt?

Crochet braids should not hurt to wear past the first day or two after installation. If they hurt longer than that, you should contact your stylist for help.

Otherwise, gently massage your scalp and keep it moisturized on the days after the installation to minimize pain.

Is there any difference between crochet hair and a weave?

Yes. Crochet braids are crocheted into your loose hair braid by braid. A weave is extensions that are sewn together on a weft or track, then sewn or woven into your cornrows.

Can I comb my crochet hair?

You should not comb or brush your crochet hair. Since it is synthetic, this will not detangle the hair. Instead, you can cut any small tangles or knots at the ends of the braids.

You can also gently detangle it with your fingers if you notice any matting or severe tangling. If it gets to be too much to control, contact your stylist.

How can I moisturize crochet hair?

There are two common methods to keep moisture in your crochet braided hair. One is to gently massage oil or another scalp-safe moisturizer into your scalp with your hands.

The other is to combine moisturizer and water into a spray bottle and spritz it onto your scalp and the root of the hair.

With these striking crochet braids presented to you, you can see a sample of a huge variety of styles that can be done through crochet braids. With all the different lengths, colors and textures are sure to get the style you’re thinking of because all can be done with crochet hair.

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