How to Make Yarn Dreads: Pros & Cons

Yarn Dread is a beautiful, cultural style that enables one to make a bold statement when done right. They are often incorporated as extensions to hair and can be low maintenance for someone who is looking for a stylish do that does not require a lot of their time once complete.

yarn dread loc braid


What’s Needed

To make yarn dread locs, you will need to gather a few materials.

  • Eight rolls of acrylic yarn (depending on desired length and thickness)
  • Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner
  • Scissors
  • Hair oil
  • Time
  • Patience


How to Achieve Yarn Dreads?

Here are the basic steps to get a new look with yarn dread locs.

  1. Measure five strands of yarn out to match the length of which you are trying to achieve.
  2. Cut the yarn on the ends so that they are even and open.
  3. Apply moisturizing, leave-in conditioner from root to tip of your hair to ensure adequate moisture
  4. Separate yarn so that you are holding three strips in one hand and two strips in the other, then fold over so that they form a loop over the tops of your hand.
  5. Next, interlock those loops so that they are linked together (no need to tie one side. This image is for illustration purposes. Ideally, you would have multiple strands on both sides that are looped)
  6. Then, braid the yarn with the interlocked portion at the root nine times.
  7. Gather four strings of yarn that match the length you are looking to achieve and wrap them around the braided portion of hair taking care not to apply too much tension to the scalp.
  8. Tie a knot once the braided portion is wrapped.
  9. From there, add four more strings and begin wrapping where hair is knotted and continue the process until you achieve the desired length.
  10. Upon reaching the end, tie a knot, making five to six knots then cut, trimming with care so that those ends are as neat as they can be.

There you have it! These are the steps to installing yarn dreads. You can also watch the below yarn dread tutorial.


Yarn Dreads Pros

The main advantage of yarn dread locs associate with this hairstyle is low maintenance. Low maintenance doesn’t translate to ‘no maintenance’. If you decide to wear this hairstyle for an extended period of time, you will have to cleanse your scalp with shampoo. To wash the yarn dreads, you will soak them with shampoo, then rinse hair with water. So that you do not disrupt the yarn, you’ll squeeze your hair and yarn dreads until the shampoo is gone.

How to Dread Loc Any Hair?


Yarn Dreads Cons

Moisture will be critical. Distribute oil to hair using spray a bottle. Once hair is clean, you must use a bonnet or hooded dryer to ensure hair is adequately dry. If you do not dry your hair thoroughly, there is an increased risk for mold or mildew to develop.


Yarn Dread Locs Gallery

Dreadlock Styles for Modern Women


You can wear a variety of styles with this chosen style whether you decide to pin it up, wear it in a side-ponytail or simply rock a freestyle hairdo. Remember to preserve your dreads by sleeping in a bonnet each night.

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