5 Chicest Short Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

If you are blessed with thick hair and want to get rid of hassles, go for the short bob haircuts. To help you out we took it upon ourselves to find some of the best bobs for you.


Short Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

The following are the most amazing short bobs for women with thick hair to copy this season.

1. Shaggy Messy Bob

messy short shaggy bob for thick hair

This is an all-time favorite cut off ours. It has a neat yet messy look, simply perfect for the office as well as casual wear. The style is daring but you can make it look cute at the same time!

We recommend this cut for small and delicate face cuts. The style is ideal for women looking for an easy, bold cut that doesn’t need management.

This is one of the easy short bob haircuts for thick hair. All you need to do is shower and blow dry your hair. The layers fall in place by themselves, giving you a seamless look without any hassles.


2. Bob Weave

Feather Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Manage your thick hair with a short bob cut. The feathered look takes away some volume, making your hair manageable.

The cut has a romantic look and pairs perfectly with most women. We don’t recommend the style for moms though as the style needs some effort and maintenance.

The cut makes most of the task easy. Add in some hair gel and start ruling your hair with a curling iron. Add in some messy curls for that wavy, curly look.


3. Braids and Waves

short wavy bob with braid

If you wish to take your hairstyle up a notch trying adding some cute elements. We are in love with these short bobs for thick hair. They are both bold and festive, perfect for when you want to doll up.

We are recommending this hairstyle for festive occasions. It is trendy, iconic and simple. Moreover, it shifts your hairstyle into a festive hairdo with minimum effort.

Add volume in your hair with hairspray and blow dry. Side part your bob and add loose waves with a curling iron. On one side, make a side French braid, starting from the part and going down behind your ear. Secure under your hair.


4. Short Curly Bob

short curly bob for thick hair

Thick hair gives way to luscious curls that you can enjoy. The rogue look is not for everybody but you may find it hard to leave once it suits you!

The short bob haircuts for thick hair are perfect for students and fashionistas wanting to stand out. The messy curls are a lot to take in but look adorable when managed with care.

To add in long-lasting curls, start with some hair gel and create tight curls with a curling iron. You can also use non-heat curlers and sleep on your curls for a night. The messy curls really transform your look!


5. Short Stacked Bob with Highlights

short stacked bob for thick hair

At times it is best to pull your hair up to manage them. However, this thick short bob is one stylish way to do it. The bob also manages to thin out your hair so they become more manageable.

These elegant short bob haircuts for thick hair help you manage your mane effectively. The stunning hairdos allow you to embrace your bold cut and look glamorous at the same time!