8 Unique Spider Braids for Women to Enjoy [2021]

Spider braids is a new trend in the hairstyle world. By now you have seen crochet braids, box braids, cornrows, and several other kinds of protective style that lies in between. But, trust us when we tell you that you haven’t seen anything as beautiful as spider web braids. This particular braiding style is gorgeous and is characterized by two things – prominent parting pattern and thick braids.


How to Do Spider Braids

Before we begin with how you can do spider web braids it is important to see the kind of things you will need to do it.

  • Rattail comb
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Hair wax
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hair elastics and extensions
  • Boiling hot water

Spider braids hairstyle is so great that every woman can sport during the summer months. Do you want to know what the best part about spider web braids is? There is absolutely no need for a professional to do it for you. All it requires is a little bit of patience and voila!

  • Start by doing a hot oil treatment the day before you plan to style your hair. Wash and condition, it as well. Detangle your hair using the wide tooth comb.
  • Leave behind loose strands above your nape – 3 inches to be precise. And, with the rest of the hair – section it at the top.
  • Use the pointy end of the rat tail comb and create a parting of about 3”*3″.
  • Use hair wax to smooth the edges and tie it up tightly.
  • Now repeat the above mentioned two steps throughout your hair. This is going to work as the foundation.
  • Fold a hair extension into half to create a U but upside down. Place this hair extension on your natural hair on both sides. Now, re-divide your hair extension in three sections. Your natural hair needs to go to one of the sections.
  • Braid your hair using the three sections. Do it till the very end. Using the lighter burn the ends. Do it for a maximum of three seconds.
  • Do the above mentioned two steps to all the other sections.
  • Dunk the end of your braids in boiling hot water. This will fuse and secure them.


Watch The Following Video to Learn Step by Step Process of Spider Braid Hairstyle


Best Spider Braid Hairstyles

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can style your spider web braids now that you know how to make them.

1. Simply Parted Spider Braids

parted spider braid hairstyles for women

It’s simple yet spectacular. The rage that it will create is something you can’t miss out on. A little extra effort will go a very long way. Check out this awesome spider braid hairstyle. Doesn’t it look stunning? Add a few accessories and Bam!

Creative Box Braids Hairstyles with Beads for Women


2. Burgundy Spider Web Braids

Burgundy Colored Spider Web Braids

We understand why people love the alluring look that dark colors bring. Not only does it look so sexy but also adds a mysterious charm to your hair. Try out this burgundy or red or blonde shades on box braids and you won’t be sorry.


3. Accessorized Spider Box Braids

spider box braids with accessories

Simplicity and beauty walk hand in hand. When you take a look at this style you will understand what we mean. If you don’t wish to go over the top, then this is the perfect way to add some sophisticated dazzle to your spider web braided hairstyle.


4. Spider Braided Ponytail in Red Accent

spider braided ponytail for women

The best way to keep your spider braids far away from your face. Simple tie all the hair in a high ponytail. If you wish to boost up your look by taking this style up a notch, then add red accents to your extension. Don’t miss out on some silver beads and ribbons as you style your hair.


5. Criss Cross Spider Web Braids

Criss Cross Spider Web Braids

How about adding some glamour to your same old cornrow braid look? Play around with colored threads and give them the chance to spice up your spider braided look. If you want the extra royal touch, then use copper and gold threads to wrap your braids in a zigzag pattern.


6. Blunt Style Spider Web Braids

women with spider box braids

Is there any use of sporting one of the best protective hairstyles if you don’t go a little wild? Check out this amazing way that you can style your braids. Why go for the tapered ends when you can do this?

Cut the ends of all the braids evenly to give them a blunt look. Make the most of the long bob style in order to look fashion-forward and edgy.


7. Funky Pink and Blue Box Braids

funky blue and pink spider web braids

Gone are those days when you would have to follow the same old norms and have black hair. Go ahead and add some life to your spider web braids with this funky fresh vibe. The electric blue and cotton candy shade of pink will undoubtedly put you under the limelight.

Stunning Jumbo Box Braids Styles for Women


8. Colorful Threaded Spider Box Braids

threaded spider braids for women

Where are you going? Well, doesn’t matter for this hairstyle will add some life and a dash of color to your outfit. Grab some threads in your favorite color and start the process. Wrap a few of your spider braids in colorful thread and finish the process by tying it up in a half bun.


These are some of the best and most trending spider braids hairstyles that you can’t miss out on.

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