60 Incredible Short Hairstyles for Asian Women

6. Medium length bob with long bangs

long bangs asian hairstyles for women

Such hairstyle is good for girls who want to elongate their face without leaving their hair too long. A medium length bob looks perfect with straight hair, that Asian girls usually sport. The side swept long bangs do the elongation job quite well.


7. Elongated bob

short asian hairstyles for women 7-min

If you are not ready to completely forget about a longish mane, then you can go for an elongated bob. Short strands are left hanging on both sides, creating an impression of a longer hairstyle, while keeping all the short haircut pros intact.


8. Wispy bangs

Wispy cut hairstyle for asian women

A short haircut has a unique quality of making any woman look younger. Get some help from wispy bangs to make your image even more youthful and amazingly bright. Don’t worry about the length. Any preferred fringe size will do.

9. High pixie

short asian hairstyles for women 9-min

This is one of the short hairstyles for Asian women, which will surely keep some heads turning your way. This is a perfect haircut for girls with thick and unruly hair. It will take some slight maintenance for keeping the top part neat.


10. Medium-length hair

Medium-length hairstyles for nice women

If pixies and bobs scare you, you can start with medium-length hairstyles. This will be a good choice if your hair is thick and manageable. Otherwise, you will be spending too much time keeping it neat. This is a great idea for girls with round faces.