Why We Love Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Turquoise ombre hair is a colorful and daring option for those who want change. Turquoise is one of the colors that are vibrant and cool at the same time. Because it is bright and eye-catchy, many choose to wear it as part of the ombre. That way, it is more accented and not very intense.


How to Dip Dye Turquoise Ombre

How to Dip Dye Turquoise Ombre

Ombre dip dye is very flattering to look because even when the hair starts to grow, it still looks like it was done that specific way, like intentionally. The difference between ombre and dip-dyed hair is so small, that the only thing that is different is the final effect. Dip dye is a contrast between the darker and lighter part, or between the two hair colors, whereas the ombre gives a graduated and gradient effect.

Dip dying is more like a painting then coloring. The lines are free, subtle, like painting an art piece. The dye goes asymmetrically up the roots, without precision and fine lines. The ombre comes as a finish to gradually connect the colors and present a nice and beautiful transition.


Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

1. Raven Black to Blue Ombre

turquoise ombre on black hair

Raven black is a dark hair color that needs bleaching if any other lighter color needs to be applied. The turquoise is a bright shade that requires a light base. When the hair is bleached, it is important to lose the yellow undertone because the turquoise might turn to green.

Add ashy grey hair shades that will make the turquoise ombre take better and the final look will be a vibrant and nice color. This combination looks good on women with darker skin tone and eyes. The subtle waves or look will accent the color.


2.  Ombre on Long Locks

long hair with turquoise ombre

The aquamarine color is a lighter shade or the turquoise one. Depending on the light, it may present some green tones, but it is important to add grey or ashy shades so that you can keep the right dose between blue and green hair. In this hairstyle, it is done on long hair, just in height where the locks begin.


3. Curly Ombre

turquoise bob ombre for women

Turquoise ombre hair look can be done on short hair too. The effect will not be as accented as on the long one, but it still is interesting and appealing. The end of the bob and the lower part of the hair is done in turquoise. The natural blends nicely with the short hair ombre and the curls finalize the look.


4. Blonde to Turquoise Ends

turquoise ombre on black hair

The turquoise ombre on blonde is a very delicate look. It has a huge contrast in colors and if it is not done properly, the look will not be good. In this long blonde hairstyle, the gradation in color is subtle, where the blonde transitions to turquoise without leaving any part green. The ends look like they have been dipped in color.


5. Wavy Ombre Bob

turquoise ombre hair

Dark blonde is shiny and wonderful color that is suitable for turquoise ombre hair look on both long or short hairstyles. This wavy shoulder length hairstyle presents a look with a more pastel teal blue hair color that perfectly matches the dark blonde. The ombre is high and the final outcome is wonderful.


6. Funky Blue Ombre

vibrant turquoise ombre hair

Not a very common but definitely colorful hairstyle is the combination between a midnight blue hair and turquoise. These two vibrant shades come in the ombre technique. The midnight blue is vibrant and appealing shade, that turn to turquoise and the ends.

Both colors are prone to fast fading which means that touch-ups should be made very often. On the long hair, the curls are very subtle and loose.


7. Grey to Turquoise Ombre

grey hair with turquoise ombre

An eye-catching contrast is also achieved when the turquoise blue ombre is done on grey hair. This look will require a lot of bleaching. The upper part of the hair is grey, even platinum, while the lower part is shiny turquoise. The best look to flaunt this hairstyle is in the old Hollywood waves. They will show the colors better than any other hairstyle.




FAQs on Turquoise Ombre Hairstyles

Which Length Do Will Flaunt The Ombre Style Better?

The ombre is better to be done on long hairs. The long length of the hair leaves just enough space to make the necessary color changes and transitions. The longer the hair is the color will be more presentable and dominant.


Which Skin Tone and Hair Type Is A Perfect Match for Turquoise Ombre? 

The turquoise ombre hairdo looks better when it is done on a darker base. This means that women with light hair and fair skin tone will not get the same result and effect as women with darker hair and tone. Turquoise is vibrant and appealing hair color that is deep and cool. The light base will present a strong contrast while the darker one will look subtler and suitable. As for the hair type, it is better to be done on thicker hair because it can handle more treatments than the thick hair.


Turquoise and Teal – Are They Similar? 

The colors are similar, yet different. Turquoise is more vibrant, shiny, similar to the aquamarine color. The teal hair is darker, deeper and with ashy undertones.


Whatever turquoise ombre hairstyle choice you make, be sure to keep your hair protected as much as possible because this is a color that requires the use of chemicals and it is very possible that will damage your hair.

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