50 Epic Long Blonde Hairstyles That’ll Be Trending in 2020

Long blonde hair is super popular among women of all age. Many women who lack naturally blonde hair will strive to dye their hair a beautiful blonde color. There are even jokes about how blondes have more fun! Give blonde hair a try to find out if the rumors are true.


Types of Haircuts for Long Blonde Hair

You can’t deny it: Women love blonde hair! Black and brown shades are popular, and the long bob and medium cut are in fashion, but the long blonde hair is still a favorite.

There are many types of haircuts: straight, U and V-shapes, long layered haircuts, and several types of bangs that make long hair look natural and harmonious. Get inspired by the pictures and haircut ideas for blonde hair!


Layered Haircuts to Make The Blonde Pop

layer haircut for long blonde hair

If you dye your hair blonde, you know the chemicals can make your hair dry and dull quicker than other colors. One of the ways to fix this dullness is to get a layered haircut. The different layer lengths give your hair more movement. The layers can go from your chin to the hair tips, giving you a modern look; or they can go from mid-length to the tips, a more classic style. You can also choose to cut your hair in V or U shapes.


Ideal Bangs for Long Blonde Hair: Curly Or Straight

Bangs can also make long blonde hair look great. They can be used with straight or curly hair, and in several shapes: side-swept bangs, blunt, short or parted bangs. Here are the details of each style:


Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept Bangs with long blonde hair

This style is always trendy and makes your features softer. It also gives more movement and harmony to very long hair. Side-swept bangs are versatile because they’re longer and can be worn in many ways, or brushed into the hair if you’re tired of them.


Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs with long blonde hair

These bangs are mostly used by people with straight, thick hair for giving it a homogenous look. Blunt bangs usually stop at eyebrow length, and they can have more volume or less volume.


Short Bangs On Blonde hair

long blonde hair with Short Bangs

This style of bangs is full of personality and gives your hair a modern, futuristic look. If you have curly hair, this length looks elegant if used in a choppy style.


Parted Bangs

long blonde hair with parted bangs

Like the name suggests, these bangs are parted in the middle of your forehead and follow your hair length at the sides. It looks good on wavy hair and gives it a fun look.


Long Bob Haircut Can Also Fit Long Blonde Hair

long bob haircut for blonde hair

Long bobs are very in fashion for short hair. Long hair can also be cut asymmetrically, longer at the front. This style also gives your hair more movement. It’s a great option if you want to trim the ends without being too radical because the front will always look longer. On blonde hair (especially those with streaks, bronde or ombre), this asymmetry gives it a different gradient light effect.


How to Pick The Best Long Blonde Hairstyle

Everyone dreams of having blonde hair. However, keeping them healthy and lovely is hard work. Check out 10 tips to take care of it.

What woman hasn’t dreamed of having amazing long blonde hair? However, we all know that achieving that dream isn’t easy. These 10 tips and tricks are easy to follow and will help you get those luscious locks. Check it out.


Choosing the right color

How about choosing hair dyes containing nutrients? There are options out there with oils and vitamins that reduce chemical damages. And don’t forget to try the product on a small section of hair before using it on the rest of it.


Moisturize before dying

Healthy hair holds the pigment better and suffers less damage from the bleaching. So, at least one week before you dye your hair, moisturize it deeply with the adequate products.


Shampoo and conditioner

Use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color-treated hair. They are important to maintain long blonde hair because of their anti-oxidant actives, such as vitamins A and E, which eliminate or prevent the formation of free radicals. In short: using the correct shampoo and conditioner helps keep your hair shiny and strong, and even prevents early greying.


Be careful with the water temperature

If the water is too hot, it can open the hair cuticles and wash away all the color and moisture of your hair. Prefer lukewarm or cold water.


Your best friend: the no-yellow shampoo

Is your hair too yellow? It’s time for a no-yellow shampoo. Its formula contains blue pigments which neutralize the yellow or orange on your hair. Wash your hair weekly with the no-yellow shampoo, massaging the roots with your fingertips. Leave it on your hair for 15 minutes. Rinse well. If your hair is too light, put the shampoo on the palms of your hands with some water before applying on your hair. That makes the product spread all over the long blonde hair.


Stay away from anti-residue shampoos

Deep-cleaning shampoos must be used very carefully! These products’ low pH opens the cuticles and cleans not only the residues from previous chemicals but also the pigments from your dye. That makes your hair lose its color quickly.


Homemade moisturizers for blonde hair

Long blonde hair is usually more fragile than hair without chemicals. To solve that, you should moisturize your hair weekly with chemically treated hair-specific hair masks. These will keep the cuticles closed and prevent color loss, which is also caused by oxidation of the hair.


Reconstruction at the salon

During the bleaching process, the hair can lose nutrients and its cuticles might be damaged. Reconstruction repairs the hair fibers and replenishes lost mass. Depending on the state of the hair, the number of reconstructions necessary may vary. This treatment should usually be done once or twice a month.


How to avoid greenish hair

If you go into the ocean or the pool, don’t forget to wash your hair with clean, chlorine-free water. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair to protect it further. Remember to use heat-protection products beforehand, as well.


No Broken or split ends

The most damaged part of the long blonde hair is usually the ends. This happens because the protective oils from the scalp can’t reach them. To repair them, aside from chemical treatment-specific products and moisturizing, you can finish your hair with hair oils. They are nutritive and make your hair shiny and soft. Another trick that works is cutting the split ends every month.


Watch The Following Video to Know about How to Style Your Long Blonde Hair


Trendy Long Blonde Hair Ideas for Women

Although the color is different, the style advice is consistent with other hair colors. Choose a style which works very well with your face shape and fashion sense. If you have thin hair, you can use some top tips to increase the volume of your hair.


Subtle Ombre

long Subtle blonde

A very subtle Ombre color changes from darker roots to lighter tips. This color change is a soft and pretty option for women with long blonde hair. If your hair is curly, try these curly ombre hairstyles.


Flawless Golden

golden flawless blonde hair

Shades of red help to give your long blonde hair a beautiful golden sheen. A flawless golden color looks amazing with big curls.


Braided Beauty

long blonde hair

Mix two or more types of braids to create this braided beauty style. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle which has a fairytale elven aspect to it.


Voluminous Soft Curls

portrait of beautiful delicate woman

Huge curls are great if your hair needs a bit of a volume boosts. Give your style even more width by separating out your curls gently with your fingers.


Straight and Classy


Hot irons can be used to give yourself a super sleek poker straight hairstyle. Side swept asymmetrical bangs will prevent the style from looking lifeless.

Lively Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles


Freedom of Soul


One of the cutest looking long blonde hairstyle for women. A tousled free spirited hairstyle gives a  really bohemian look. Run your fingers through lightly waved hair to give a little outdoor chic.


Volume from the Roots


Pull your hair upwards from the roots to create volume in your hairstyle. This style looks great with lightly tousled waves.


Fearless long

fearless long blonde hair

If your hair is healthy and in good condition, you can just keep growing it and growing it until it is super long. Trim the ends regularly to prevent split ends. You can look so attractive with a long beautiful blonde hairstyle!


Wild Blend


Create a wild blend of hairstyles by mixing lots of techniques to give the look that you want. The style above blends light waves, highlight and layered bangs.


Awesome Glamor

naturally awesome blonde hair

For red carpet style, choose a voluminous hairstyle with big bold waves. Run your fingers through rollered waves to give a softer and more natural look.


long blonde hairstyles






long blonde high ponytail with braid






messy low ponytail for long blonde hair






long blonde hair






long blonde hair with braid





long blonde hair with bardot bangs






long straight blonde hair






long wavy blonde hair






long blonde hairstyles


Long Blonde hairstyle has always allied with elegance and grace for women. They fall in love with long blonde hair as it gives them a regal appearance. But blonde hair needs special care and attention because it is very delicate than any other hair color. It is a perfect choice for women who want to have a glamorous and sumptuous look.

Now you get the idea of how much fun it is to have blonde color on your long hair. So get inspired with the long blonde hair and make everyone surprised with your flawless look!