11 Trendiest See-Through Bangs for Women to Rock

A blunt fringe might not be for you, that’s why see-through bangs are here to help. Today’s hair inspiration is all about the fashionable style of bangs that you will soon be seeing everywhere on social media. We made sure to round up 11 fabulous examples on how you can style them. If you want to find out all there is about see-through fringe, just keep on reading.


What Are See-Through Bangs?

see through bangs for women

See-through bangs are very trending among Korean girls and women. They are wispy, long, and as the name suggests you can see through them. They show parts of your forehead and brows, unlike wispy and blunt bangs, thick fringe. Thanks to the numerous ways you can style them, these bangs are gaining popularity all over the world. You can have the thinnest, finest hair and still opt for the chic mane.


See Through Bangs for Different Face Shapes

See Through Bangs for Different Face Shapes

You can get creative with the see-through fringe, which means you can adjust them to your face shape.

  • Oval is the face shape that looks great with literally any kind of bangs. Choose between shorter or longer, thicker or sparser.
  • When it comes to square face shapes, you should definitely tend for thicker and blunt styles when cutting the see-through bangs.
  • Heart shapes are much more flattering when you keep the bangs a bit to the side. That works great with the see-through cut.
  • Round face shapes will benefit from choppy bangs, so that is the way you want to cut this fringe. As you can see, there is definitely a way to adapt them to all shapes and sizes.


How to Cut See-Through Bangs

The ideal scenario is to visit a skilled hairdresser. Although these bangs are easy to cut, you don’t want to risk doing a catastrophe. If you’ve decided to do it at home, these tips will be very helpful.

Decide which style works best for your face and separate the hair meant for the see-through bangs. Divide it into three parts, then get the scissors. Start cutting the middle part, which should be only a bit shorter compared to the sides.

Do them a bit longer, just to make sure that you’re going down the right path. End with the sides. You don’t want the bangs to be super-straight, curl them just a little bit with a round brush and a hairdryer.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Cut and Style See-Through Bangs


How to Style Korean Inspired See Through Bangs

Korean women with see through bangs

As you noticed from the example, Korean ladies can get very innovative when it comes to styling their see-through bangs. This is a very popular style for them, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the see-through bangs as well.

Some of the best ways to style them is with your hair down. These pretty ladies love working curls with a fringe that shapes their face. If you prefer updos, that’s an option as well. One of the coolest ways to rock them is with a high ponytail. The front wispy bangs will really be a fabulous addition to a basic pony.

When it comes to playful hairdos, you can definitely add braids. It can be double braids, a single one, or a side version. The high bun is fun because you can opt for the slicked or messy type combined with these bangs. These are just a part of the ways you can style the see-through bangs for Korean women.


New Ideas of See-Through Bangs

See-through bangs are breaking the internet. We’ve compiled 10 of the most glamorous hairstyles to pair up with see-through style bangs. Have a look to draw inspiration.

1. See-Through Bangs with Braids

See-Through Bangs with Braids

What better way to do the see-through bangs than by matching it with braids? Your options are so diverse, that you can let your creativity do its magic. These double Dutch braids are approved for all hair lengths, which means all of you ladies reading this will be able to copy the mane. The only exception is very short haircuts.

Ideal for: It is a chic hairdo you can definitely work for school, a party, or a night out with friends. It is not office appropriate.

How to Style: Decide which type of braid you like, and divide the hair with a middle part. Start from the top front and work your way to the back.


2. Do The Bandana

women with see through bangs

Bandanas are making a comeback this year, and they are stronger than ever. That means you can add them to all the casual outfits you’re planning. What’s even better, they are so chic combined with see-through fringe.

Ideal for: It’s such an easy hairdo that you can use to fight bad hair days. It’s done in five minutes, which is another huge advantage.

How to Style: Divide the see-through bangs from the back of the hair. Place the bandana right behind the bangs and tie it in a cute bow. You can leave the rest of the hair straight or curly, it’s your choice.

Glamorous Short Hairstyles with Bandana


3. Flower Power

see through bangs styles for women

Get that flower crown out and flaunt it with your see-through fringe bangs. It can be so hard to add a headband to so many types of fringe, but not with this one.

Ideal for: Perfect for creative women who are obsessed with hair accessories.

How to Style: Do the hair in two low ponytails. Add the flower crown right behind the bangs. You are now ready for a spring wedding or a fun night with the ladies.


4. Half-Up Half-Down Style

Half-Up Half-Down Hair with See Through Bangs

When you don’t know what to do with your hair, do a half up, half down hairstyle with see-through bangs.

Ideal for: It sounds like the ideal mane for all the days when you don’t have too much time on your hands but your hair doesn’t seem to look good. This long straight hairdo will solve all your problems.

How to Style: Put the top part of the hair in a ponytail or in a bun. You can feel free to accessorize with pretty hair ties or pins.


5. Low Bun

low bun with see through bangs

A low bun is a solution for a day at work, shopping spree, or a Sunday brunch.

Ideal for: It’s great for working ladies who like to keep things simple.

How to Style: A low bun requires literally minutes to be done. Put the hair in a low ponytail first. From there, you will need to twist it and secure it with bobby pins.


6. Cute Bob Ponytail

Yes, this type of bangs is also an amazing fit with ponytails. The drape version of the see-through bangs makes it much simpler for you to style them.

Ideal for: Great for medium and short hairstyles, because those are the women who usually struggle to put their hair up.

How to Style: Leave the sides of the bangs long, so that the bangs will perfectly frame your face.


7. Cute Pigtails

see through bangs with pigtails

Get ready to do the cutest, simplest hairstyle that you’ve underestimated for so long. The do from your childhood looks so fun with see-through fringe.

Ideal for: This mane is ideal for medium and long hairdos. Women with short hair will definitely struggle with the low pony, so they can take it higher up.

How to Style: Create a middle part with your comb. Tie down two low ponytails somewhere behind the ear.


8. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with See-Through Bangs

Short is cool these days. Short bobs are fun, easy to style and great for all face shapes. Together with the see-through bangs style, you will be stylish and done styling it in 10 minutes.

Ideal for: Great for short hair lovers! You are not even aware of how much time this hairdo can save you.

How to Style: There is almost no effort in styling the fun bob. If you want the ends to be curled inwards, you can achieve that with a round brush. Leave the fringe messy and chic.


9. Ballerina Bun

see through bangs with ballerina bun

This updo with bangs is so good because it is work-appropriate and you can do it when your hair is acting up. We all have bad days, so this see-through bangs hairdo will be your savior.

Ideal for: It can work for many hair lengths, especially for ladies who are looking for the perfect office mane.

How to Style: Take the hair high up, and tie it in a ponytail. From there, twist it in a bun. The ballerina bun is usually perfectly sleek and smooth, but you can do your own variation and mess it up a little bit.


10. See-Through Bangs on Wavy Bob

Short wavy bob hairdos are the most popular at the moment, and you can actually match them with these fun Korean bangs with see-through look.

Ideal for: It’s a mane that makes all women feel and look younger.

How to Style: Use a hair straightener to create soft waves.


11. Ponytail with Bangs

sse-through bangs hairstyles for women

The easiest, cutest hairstyle of all times is the high messy ponytail with long see-through bangs.

Ideal for: Great for work when you don’t have too much time.

How to Style: Use rollers in your hair before you go to bed, and take it up in a pony in the morning.


See-through bangs are on the path to take over the hearts of so many women. The fact that the fringe is easy to maintain, comes in many lengths and does not require too much work, makes it one of a kind. You’d better be scheduling that hair salon appointment right now!