23 Modern Blue and Green Hair Colors We Love

Blue with green hair, sounds crazy? Possibly but you might be surprised at how amazing such combination can look on your locks. If you are not a friend of the classic blonde and brown hair, you probably want to experiment with something more interesting.

Outrageous hair colors help you create your perfect unique image that will keep the heads turning your way. If you are not sure which colors to start with, consider a few shades of green and blue, you might get to like them so much, you won’t want to change ever again.


Beautiful Blue Plus Green Hair Color Ideas

Wondering how to make a statement with your hair? The blue with green hair color ideas are here to help you.

We handpicked 23 amazing blue and green hair color options to make your choice easier. Just take a look at this stunning variety of blue and green shades. Perhaps you never thought about them this way before.

From light to metallic blue and from apple to dark green, these blue-green hair colors are waiting for you to take advantage of them. Don’t hesitate to give one a try.


1. Spring green Highlights on Light Blue Hair

Blue with green hair color idea for women

Spring green highlights look amazing when mixed with light blue hair color. You can either dip the ends and make one partial highlight in front or use a classic highlight approach. In any case, the combination will be priceless.

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2. Turquoise Hair Color

Turquoise Blue with green hair color for girl

Turquoise hair color is a wonderful option for girls with dark skin. This stunning shade of green can make a statement the moment you step out of the door. Allow your hair to improve your image!


3. Blue and Green Ombre

 ombre Blue with green hair color

Blue and green hair color looks great when coupled with your natural black locks in an ombre. Take a look at how amazing the combination appears in the picture. The bottom part of an ombre gives it a fairytale look.

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4. Three Color Ombre

ombre Blue with green hair color for girl

If you are ready to become the most extravagant women on the block, you can create a three-color ombre using various shades of blue and green. Use dark blue on top and then go down to use lighter and brighter green hues.


We found the below video really interesting!


5. Blue Highlights

Blue highlights with green hair color

Dye your hair turquoise green and use blue dye as highlights. You don’t have to apply a permanent dye. If you just want to see how amazing these colors make you look, apply temporary hair color.