17 Ideas of Turquoise Hair Colors for 2022

It’s no secret that bright and playful hair colors are trending. Turquoise hair provides the freshest update. Sport this oceanic hue in pastel tones or create gorgeous ombre effects with colors both light and subdued. Regardless of how you choose to wear your turquoise hair, we know you’ll love this mermaid blue.

Read on for the best turquoise hair color shades that are trending today.

1. Dark Turquoise

dark turquoise hair

If your olive skin tone looks better when paired with dark hair, then you’ll love this deeper tone. You’ll still have to strip your locks of its color first, but the effect of this dark mint color will make your features pop.


2. Pastel Turquoise

pastel turquoise hair

This pastel turquoise hair takes on a minty fresh hue that looks especially great on fair-skinned babes. All you really need are pink undertones to contrast with the coolness of this color.


3. Purple and Turquoise Ombre

purple and turquoise hair

Why not take your look to the next level and style purple and turquoise hair together? You’ll need to enlist a professional to get the blend between colors just right, but we love this contrast on long hair.


4. Gunmetal Turquoise Ombre

turquoise ombre hair

If bright purple isn’t your thing, perhaps this gunmetal turquoise ombre hair is more your speed. For the most natural effect, the darker, more neutral portion of hair should surround your face.


5. Rainbow Pastel on Blonde Hair

turquoise hair highlights

Much of the color is already stripped from light blonde hair, so adding in turquoise hair highlights is pretty easy. Choose a rainbow pastel palette and finely paint on color for a soft and dreamy effect. The look is best on fair skin.


6. Short Turquoise Updo

short turquoise hair

Bright colors are fun, especially on closely cropped locks. Try this short turquoise hair updo with braids to reveal your face, enhance your natural beauty, and add interest to your beautiful turquoise locks.


7. Turquoise Braids

long turquoise hair

Fishtail braids look amazing and whimsical on long turquoise hair, especially if your hair has two tones. Silver-blonde adds beautiful light and shiny contrast to break up and brighten the length of long hair.


8. Tricolor Turquoise

turquoise green hair color

Even bold color can fall flat, so consider a tricolor look for dimension. This turquoise green hair color uses platinum strands to bring this look to life. We love the way it looks with blue and green eyes.


9. Deep Turquoise

Skin with red undertones is best suited for deep and dark turquoise blue hair. Ask your stylist to deepen the turquoise color throughout the hair for tone that is as beautiful as the depths of the ocean.


10. Turquoise Balayage Fade

Give your blue hair that casual, grown-out feel that is so trendy today with a turquoise balayage hairstyle. It works well with dark roots with an ash toner over top to give hair the same cohesive cool tones.


11. Turquoise on Black Skin

Cool and bright turquoise hair color on black girl suits skin with warm undertones. Adjusting your blue color to suit your overall look is easy, but feel free to ask your stylist for the freshest contrast.


12. True Teal

Turquoise teal hair is grounded in green tones more than it is in blue. This works great for skin with yellow undertones. Medium length and wispy see-through bangs give this look loads of style.


13. Turquoise Dreadlocks

Why not incorporate turquoise dreadlocks into your punk style? Bright is fine, but this deeper turquoise has a greater grounding effect that is far more subtle.


14. Dark Gray Roots

If your natural hair is dark and cool, let those roots pop through for some edgy contrast. Ask your stylist for a dark charcoal toner to help brown hair blend in properly. This style works on long hair, but it’s cooler on short locks.


15. Turquoise and Platinum Balayage

How dreamy is this mint, turquoise and platinum blend? Create an icy cool vibe on pale skin with pink undertones. Focus dramatic color on the lower half of the hair for a more elegant effect.


16. Denim Turquoise

Denim tones are all the rage these days. The style gives off the 90s and the slightly punk effect that looks extra fresh with short bangs. We adore the way it contrasts against pale skin with red undertones.


17. Aquamarine

Blue and green tones bring this aquamarine look to life. If you’re considering something bold and playful, this two-toned combo may be your perfect look. Long hair seems to carry the dramatic color best.

When done right, this vibrant color can totally impress. It’s crucial to match your skin tone to the shade and tone of your turquoise and to create artful blends when incorporating more than one color. Follow those rules, and this electric color is all yours!

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