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65 Trendsetting Gray Hair Color Ideas for Any Taste

Gray hair color is gaining popularity fast. Just a few years ago women were fighting to cover up their silver locks any way they possibly could. Nowadays, even young girls are trying to add some silvery shine to their tresses.

The main rule about dyeing your hair gray is not overdoing it. It looks stylish on younger women while older gals shouldn’t always consider it. If you are over 40, the silver hair color will make you look older.

However, if you still want a few silver stands, no one can stop you. There are plenty of ways to incorporate gray into different hairstyles.

You can try subtle highlights or a three-level ombre. Gray hair can look soft, appealing, extravagant, and respectable. So if you decide to dye your hair silver/gray, watch the below video that’ll help you along.

Creative Gray Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair gray can be outright scary. What if you start looking like an old lady? If you find a professional hairstylist, there is no way gray hair color can make you look worse unless you are over 40 and choose the wrong shade.

There are many ways you can approach this color while still looking young and fabulous. It’s a special shade that can make some women look amazing while others might hate it.

We have made a list of 65 interesting ideas to gray hair color that can help you decide whether or not you are brave enough to try it for yourself.

1. Grandma gray color

Grandma gray style hair for young girl

This gray hair color is suitable for young girls only. Beware of this choice if you are nearing 30. The outright gray looks appealing and inviting on a young woman but will make an older one look like a grandma.

2. Purplish gray

Purplish gray hair color

Adding a little purple into your gray locks will make them look special and take the age out. Consider making purplish highlights on gray hair or gray highlights on purplish hair.

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3. Moonstone gray


Moonstone gray hair color is close to ash blonde. It can be a great choice for girls who want to make a statement. It looks especially appealing on long and wavy tresses with a touch of purple.

4. Gray ombre


A smart way to go about gray hair color is to make an ombre. Keep the top part of your locks black and go for soft gray hues on the bottom.  This technique is suitable for older women since there are no gray roots.

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5. Silver and black

Silver and black gray hair for nice women

Silver and gray make an appealing mix. Young girls can take full advantage of such highlights without being afraid to look older. Adult women can consider this choice if they have long hair.

6. Platinum Silver

gray pixie hair

Look every inch like the beautiful bombshell that you are by going for a sophisticated shade like platinum silver. This gorgeous shade is a combination of white and gray with silvery hints making it look the most stylish shade of silver you can ever lay your eyes on. 

7. Greige 

layered gray hair

Greige = Gray + Beige which is quite a beautiful combination.

When transitioning to gray strands, we highly recommend blending in beautiful balayage streaks in warm beige, light, and dark gray shades to create a gorgeous hairstyle with depth, movement, and dimension that looks both natural and stylish. 

8. Snowy Gray

long grey hair with bangs

Does it feel cold in here? Ohh, yes it is and that’s all because of this pretty snow-capped hair with a few black strands peeking through. The fashion-forward appeal of this snow-gray hair matches the edgy full bangs and long hair combination and adds a mysterious touch to your look. 

9. Oyster Gray

silver grey hair

Oyster gray is the trendiest gray hair color to date. It’s a pearlescent shade of gray and a seamless blend of platinum blonde and gray laced with shining and shimmering silver tones. Get this if your want to add a glamorous touch to your graying hair. 

10. White Gray

thick grey hair

Our hair is our crowning glory and this white gray shade is just stunning! But make sure to keep it vibrant and shiny by using a gloss or a color depositing shampoo from time to time. 

11. Transitional Gray

grey hair with headband

If you want to age gracefully, let your hair grow out. But you can always make your transitional gray hair color look more natural by adding a few gray highlights here and there.

Add a gorgeous headband which is the piece de resistance that will add a playful touch to your look. 

12. Gray Curls

grey curly hair

When your beautiful curls start to show off those natural tinges of gray color, don’t hide them but flaunt it instead. Let it grow naturally and you’ll end up with multi-dimensional bouncy curls that are perfect for a boss babe like you. 

13. Dusty Green 

gray hairstyle for asian women

Now, here’s the ultimate gray hair color for Asian women– dusty green. This unique hair color features an ashy gray shade with tinges of dark greenish hues and is the perfect touch if you’re aiming for an edgy yet sweet look. 

14. Babylights

grey hair highlights

Transform your dull salt-and-pepper hair color into a fashion-forward and sophisticated lob by adding silver babylights. These ultra-fine highlights create a beautiful blend of natural gray strands that will make your jet black base pop out. 

15. Box Braids

grey hairstyle for black women

Box braids is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 because it protects their hair in the most stylish way possible. But more than that, it’s also one of the best hairstyles to show off the gorgeous contrast between your black and gray hair color.

16. Ombre

grey ombre hair

If you have a chubby face, one way you can make your hair look stylish and slim down your face at the same time is a gray ombre hair color. The lighter shade at the bottom part of your hair elongates your face and draws the eye downwards. 

17. Salt & Pepper

grey hairstyle for women over 50

When you grow out your gray hair gracefully, you can sport this stunning salt and pepper hair. After all, wearing your gray hair color with pride is the ultimate power move for women over 50’s. 

18. Light Charcoal Gray

short grey hair color

A cute pixie hairstyle combined with a stunning gray color equals the ultimate punk rocker chic look. This beautiful shade of light charcoal gray has layers of gray, white, silver, and black-ish hues that look extra mysterious. 

19. Gray Hair + Black Streaks

grey hairstyle for wedding
Instagram / kerstinschaubhut 

If you’re looking for the best gray hairstyle for wedding, you should check out this simple yet beautiful updo which shows off a natural blend of dark and light hair colors. Take it up a notch even further by accessorizing with an elegant beaded hairpiece. 

20. Greige Highlights on Shag Mullet

mullet hair with grey highlights
Instagram / hair.b.y.lizz

A shag mullet is already eye-catching on its own but you can take it to a whole new level by adding a few greige highlights. This combination of gray and beige shades will blend naturally with your light brown hair and will give it the depth and dimension it needs. 

21. Moneypiece Highlight

grey money piece highlights
Instagram / cosmohaleigh

Harness the invigorating and face-framing power of moneypiece highlights by going for one in a brightening shade of gray. The contrast between the dark black hair and the gray highlight brightens and accentuate your face in the best way possible. 

22. Frosted Silver Strands

Hair frosting is the prettiest and latest take on highlights. This is a free-hand technique of painting highlights on the surface of the hair to add a subtle splash of brightness all around the hair for a unique and modern look. 

23. Brown Hair + Gray Streaks 

grey and brown hair
Instagram / aleph

The gray and brown combination is fast becoming the trendiest hair color of 2024, and it’s a great choice for brunette women who are transitioning to gray hair. The key here is to make the gray hairs look more natural by adding gray highlights that are evenly scattered all around the head. 

24. Thick + Chunky Gray Highlights

grey bob
Instagram / silversistersmx

If you’re a fan of bold and eye-catching looks, thick and chunky gray highlights are the best options for you. Match your hair’s loud colors by boosting your hair volume with glam retro curls for a unique hairstyle that will make heads turn. 

25. Ash blonde and silver


Ash blonde and gray hair color look similar and their mix is a wonderful choice for women of all ages. You can either keep the roots black or use ash blonde to cover them. The combination is priceless!

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26. The right hair type


If you have the right hair length and hair type, you can take advantage of the full-blown gray hair color regardless of your age. Make sure your locks are thick, long, and in the best case wavy.

27.Bluish gray and blonde

beautiful gray and blonde hairstyle for women

Blueish gray is one of the options you can use for the top of your ombre when it comes to pairing gray and blonde. The dark gray shades look close to natural hair color and will give your image an extra oomph.

28.Burnished steel


The burnished steel gray hair color mixed with soft ash gray are a wonderful choice for an ombre. Make the top as dark as possible in order not to go through the frequent touch-up hassle.

29.Purple mix

purple gray hair color for young girl

Gray hair can give your highlight mix a great diversity. If you are already considering more than three colors for highlighting, add gray into the picture. You will see how your hair lightens up.

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30. Ash brown and silver


Ash brown and silver create a soft gray color which doesn’t have a grandma effect. This shade can be used by women of all ages. It looks sophisticated, elegant and very appealing.

31. Purplish-gray hair color strands

Purplish gray strands can be used to create an amazing look. Your goal is to keep them subtle and not overdoing it. Otherwise, you’ll get a completely different look.

32. All shades of gray hair colors

gray hair color ideas 2017

Gray highlights look amazing when coupled with black, auburn, caramel, and blonde. It’s a wonderful choice for girls who like unusual hair colors. This combination is suitable for women of all ages.

33. Hidden gray

nice Hidden gray hairstyle for women

This is a smart way to go for girls who have graying hair. You can cover the gray up by creating differently colored highlights, where one of the colors is silver. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it looks.

34. Ash and gray

ash and grey hair
Instagram / hairby.siennah

Ash and gray mix can be a game changer. So if you are after really getting a different look, gray hair color can be your best helper. Try it on any hair type.

35. Simple highlights

gray highlights
Instagram / mister_tangles

If you are looking for a simple way to color your hair, you can go for highlights. Use the darkest shade of gray coupled with any dark color and your overall appearance will be amazing and impressive.

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36.Ash gray hair color

Ash gray hair color your all time favorite

Ash gray is a wonderful hair color for girls who are tired of regular blond. It looks quite natural and doesn’t cause a grandma appearance. Using this color will definitely lift your mood.

37.Pavement gray

pavement stylish gray hair color for women

Pavement gray shade is close to silver and looks really smooth. It looks well on any hair length and will suit girls with dark or olive skin tones. If your skin is light, you can try it too but will need to play around with makeup.

38.Battleship gray

greay color hair of a young woman

Steel battleship gray is a catchy color that will surely make some heads turn your way. You can diversify it with a few rosy or bluish hues and add partial blonde or light auburn highlights in front.

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39. Gray and white

Gray and white hairstyle for cute girl

If you want to take the age out of the silver hair, you can add some white hues to your locks. The mix of pavement gray, black and white makes a stunning impression that you will appreciate.

40.Covered gray


If your hair is graying, a wonderful way out is to make it as blonde as possible. Only then the gray roots won’t be very visible and you will avoid getting frequent touch ups. Give it a try!

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41. Gray ponytail


This hairstyle can be achieved if you use gray hair color as part of a black and gray ombre. This is a great idea for women of all ages since the roots are black and the gray is obviously not a sign of aging.

42. Foxy shades

Foxy shade gray hairstyle you like

Gray can be the color you’ve been needing to complete your foxy look. The French pavement black shade looks marvelous when combined with black, blonde, and auburn. Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

43. Zebra beauty

gorgeous young girl with grayish hair

The zebra effect is quite popular among young women. It used to be achieved by mixing raven back and bleached white hair color. You can add some uniqueness to the picture by making a few gray highlights.

44. Long Granny Hairstyle

long gray hair

As all over grey on a long hair, the color is instantly youthful. Wear your locks down with a slight wave to be sure all eyes are on your new look.

45. Granny Hairstyle for Black Women

granny hairstyle for black girls

If your hair is naturally black, add white or grey as an almost all over hair color. Your black will still peek through and on a long straight grey hairstyle with bangs, you’ll love the new style.

46. Short Side Part Granny Hair

On a medium or shoulder-length hairstyle, in addition to a heavy side part, ask your stylist for white hair. Your slightly wavy locks will pop.

47. Grey Highlights

An ultra-hip hairstyle features long hair with tons of texture and grey highlights. With a background color of brown hair peeking through, it’s an Insta-worthy style.

gray hair
gray hair color
gray dreadlocks
gray hair dye
gray box braid
gray hair styles
gray hair color


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding gray hair color.

Who should go for gray hair?

People who have lighter hair should try the gray hair trend. It is much easier to dye your hair grey if your hair is already a lighter shade, like light brown or blonde.

Does gray hair color fade?

Yes, gray hair color fades just like any other hair dye. The best way to keep it from fading is to wash it less frequently, wash it with medium to cold water instead of hot water, and use a purple shampoo to keep warm tones out of your hair.

Why doesn’t gray hair take color?

If you are going gray naturally and want to cover it with color, be prepared to have to go lighter than you think or add silver tones to complement the natural gray. Graying hair does not take artificial color as well as younger hair because of the lack of natural oil production and its coarse texture.

How long does gray hair color usually last?

Gray hair color lasts as long as any other permanent color. Permanent color lasts 6-8 weeks without a touch-up.

The timeline is likely true for gray hair color, but it can vary based on your washing and styling habits. Avoid washing your hair with scalding hot water because it causes the color to fade quicker.

Is there a permanent gray hair color?

Permanent gray hair colors exist! If unsure of the tone or color you should use, go to a professional stylist for help. Gray color comes in many tones, contrary to what you might think, so you should pick the right one for your skin tone.

Is gray hair color hard to maintain?

Yes, it can be hard to maintain if you do not have natural grays or naturally blonde hair. Once you have the gray color, getting regular highlights and lowlights to add dimension to the hair is common.

This is a relatively low-maintenance process, but you do need to keep up with regular dye scheduling if gray is not close to your natural color.

Do gray hair colors need bleach?

Depending on your beginning hair color, you might need bleach to get that silver fox look. If so, consult a professional stylist so you do not damage your hair in an attempt to stay on trend!

There are plenty of gray hair color ideas that you can take advantage of. All you have to do is stop being afraid of looking older. After all, if you don’t like the color,  you can always switch back to whatever you had before. Experiments are awaiting you. Time to make an appointment!

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