23 Teal Hair Colors to Bring Out Your Inner Mermaid

Teal hair colors are central to the mermaid trend, but the vivid, versatile shade is a beautiful pick all on its own, too. Even if you’re not a water-baby, there’s something uplifting and energetic about this hybrid shade. The blue cast appeals to cool-skinned beauties, while the green half of its spectrum complements warm-toned goddesses. Once you find out which one you are, you’re one step closer to uncovering the teal that’s just for you.


Hairstyles With Ocean-Inspired Teal Hair Colors

Do you love warm, tropical hues? Do bright shades make you happy and inspired? Then turn to teal hair colors when you’re ready for a change. Teal can lean more toward blue or it can have greener undertones. An adept stylist can expertly mix a unique, one-of-a-kind shade that’s just for you. From a deep, bejeweled teal to a pretty pastel, the options are endless—but here are a few hairstyles with teal hair color to get you started.


1. Classic Teal

Classic Teal Hair Color for girl

Do you want a genuine teal hair color? Then go straight for a matte shade with little or no highlights or lowlights. True teal falls somewhere between dark and light, just like this hue.

Mermaid Hair Colors

2. Dark at the Edges

girl Dark Teal Hair Color

Ask the stylist to mix the smallest bit of black dye with your color. That, in addition to letting the dye set in a little longer, will result in a deep, rich shade like this one. It’s like an underwater dream.


3. Sneaky Lowlights

Lowlight Teal Hair Color for women

Here’s another shade of teal with darker dyes mixed into it. It looks more like navy or another dark blue hue combined with teal to create this rich, gleaming coif. The lowlights are subtle but that’s what makes them pop.

Mahogany Hair Colors

4. Dip Dyed

Teal Hair Color

Because teal hair colors are so rich and vivid, you might not want to go the whole hog. That’s why dip dyeing is such a fab technique. Splash out with teal tips to enjoy all of the color without all of the commitment.


5. Glowing Gray

 Gray Teal Hair Color for girl

Who knew that teal and gray complemented each other so beautifully? The gray anchors the teal so that it’s not quite as brash, while the teal brightens up the gray so it’s not so dark or gloomy.