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25 Famous Actresses with Brown Hair to Copy This Season

There are many brown-haired actresses in Hollywood but what adds to their appeal is not just the color of their hair but rather how they style it. Here are some of the most famous brown-haired celebs and their favorite go-to hairstyles.


Popular Brown-Haired Actresses

Check these most renowned brown-haired actresses to draw inspiration for your next hairstyle.

1. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore With Brown Hair

Mandy Moore is America’s sweetheart, no doubt, and we’re sure her light brown locks have something to do with her sweet disposition! Style your brown hair into a shoulder-length cut with soft waves and a simple center part. 


2. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson With Brown Hair

We all remember Dakota Johnson as Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey. If you love the movie as much as any romantic out there, copy the brown-haired actresses’ look by styling your brown hair into a chic updo with long straight bangs!


3. Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen With Brown Hair

Light and dark brown work together on Elizabeth Olsen’s long locks to create shiny weaves of color. To get this look, braid hair from halfway down, leave in overnight, then undo it in the morning for soft wavy results.


4. Emma Stone

Emma Stone With Brown Hair

Actress Emma Stone has rocked a couple of hair colors over the years, including this rich brown with tints of dark red. For date night, loosely gather hair into a low messy bun, pairing the look with your favorite dangly earrings.


5. Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison With Brown Hair

You can’t lose with style tips from brown-haired actresses like Bailee Madison. Her brown hair has a golden tint, making it the perfect summer hairstyle for carefree, gorgeous vibes!

If you’re under 20, get inspired by these brunette teenage actresses.


6. Ciara

Ciara With Brown Hair

Natural-haired beauties like Ciara rock their brown hair color in ultra-thick, long locks with soft crimped waves. Pump up the volume in your hair with lots of hairspray and teasing, along with a heavy off-center part. For a warm glow, opt for blonde or caramel highlights too!


7. Miranda Kerr 

Miranda Kerr With Brown Hair

Who wouldn’t want model Miranda Kerr’s long mermaid hair? This dark brown-haired actress walked the runway as an Angel multiple times, and her soft blonde highlighted waves no doubt helped her bring the attitude!


8. Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp With Brown Hair

Combining light blonde with brown, like actress Lily-Rose Depp, will help you maintain your youthfulness. Then, fill the body of your hair with tight curls for an effortlessly stylish look.


9. Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale With Brown Hair

Copy brown-haired actress Lucy Hale’s hairstyle for medium and light skin tones. The dark brown locks are tinted with light brown and a hint of burgundy. It’s a color combination worthy of all the Instagrams!


10. Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld With Brown Hair

Go with brown-haired actress Hailee Steinfeld’s long-haired look for simple neutral hair color. The brown isn’t too dark, making it a prime choice for women of all skin tones.


11. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's Brown Hair

The Hunger Games star is not only ranked in the top amongst highest-paid actresses but is also known for her impeccable simplicity in style. J-Law loves sporting brunette hair with blonde highlights whenever she can and is often seen switching hair colors.

She is seen maintaining medium-length hair at most times and loves pulling her hair back into a ponytail for her everyday looks.

However, her go-to look for when she is doing public appearances is to either let it loose or go for a loose messy bun.


12. Zoe Saldana

Brown Haired actress - Zoe Saladana

The Avengers actress is undoubtedly someone who is so in love with her hair. Zoe Saldana has maintained her brown locks, whereas she is constantly shifting between curls and long straight hairstyles.

The actress has a relatively smaller face which goes well with her preference to sport loose hair all the time. With those lovely locks, we’d go for it too!


13. Mila Kunis

famous actresses with brown hair

The candid brown-haired actress is known for her down-to-earth character, but style divas are often mesmerized by how well she styles her hair.

Whether a slicked-back hairstyle or beach waves, Mila Kunis is an inspiration for styling brown hairdos. Her go-to hairstyle ranges from sleek ponytails to loose hair, while most of them are center partitioned.


14. Megan Fox

Megan Fox's Brown Hair

Megan Fox, a gorgeous actress with brown hair and blue eyes. If you thought her craze for tattoos was all you had to look up to, you seriously need to revisit the number of times she has upped her sex appeal with her long dark brown hair.

Her go-to look is middle-parted hair with all or part of her locks pulled to one side. Preferably to show off her tattoos, perhaps!

Lovely Brown Hairstyles for Blue-Eyed Women


15. Natalie Portman

Brown Haired actress - Natalie Portman

Academy award-winning Natalie Portman is more than just a pretty face, and her stunning performances will speak of that for you.

The talented brown-haired actress is one of the most famous stars to sport beautiful hairstyles for years. However, her famous looks are often ones that involve a casual updo.


16. Kristen Stewart

Kristen is one of the most famous young actresses with brown hair. The Twilight star rocks any hairstyle, be it her long locks or her recent variations of a buzz cut. However, she seems to be more comfortable styling her buzz cut-off lately, and her recent runway look is completely ravishing.


17. Emily Blunt

Another brown-haired actress with blue eyes. This Brit beauty changes her hair color from time to time, but her constant choice has always been her luscious brown locks.

While Emily prefers to maintain medium hair length for most occasions, the actress chooses both straight as well as wavy textures. Her go-to hairstyle is a simple brushed and lets loose hairstyle that highlights her minimal makeup.


18. Angelina Jolie

Brown Haired actresses

If anyone fits into the brunette bombshell category, it has got to be Angelina Jolie. The award-winning actress with brown hair is known for her bravery and philanthropy but is also a style inspiration for many women across the globe.

Angelina Jolie always opts for hairdos that highlight her facial features the best possible way. Her most famous hairstyles include the half-up, half-down hairdo and the sleek bun.


19. Anne Hathaway

Anne is an incredibly talented actress nonetheless, and it’s a style inspiration for many women. Her style statement is a mix of classy and simple. The actress styles her brown hair with elegant hairdos on many occasions.

Anne prefers keeping things simple with her hair. It’s either a center partitioned soft waves that are let loose or side partitioned brown wavy hair that falls right across the temples. These hairstyles are undoubtedly the best ones to keep all the focus on your facial features.


20. Jessica Alba

popular actress with brown hair

The Fantastic Four actress is an inspiration for many women who want to be fit and beautiful through the years.

However, Alba keeps much of her glamour to just shoots and prefers a more natural and elegant style elsewhere. The brown-haired actress opts to maintain long hair for the most part, although she surely can pull off a super short bob as well.

While the actress is quite experimental in her style, she loves maintaining center or side partitioned straight her for most times, including her day-to-day runs.


21. Lena Headey

Brown Haired actress - Lena Headey

The Game of Thrones star may have recently lost her long gold hair on the show, but Lena Headey has maintained her pixie cut hair for quite some time now.

The British actress is simple, natural, and an incredibly talented beauty. Her style mantra is to go for anything that is comfortable and appreciates her svelte figure. Lena Headey opts to style her brown hair in layered curls.


22. Miley Cyrus

Best known for her pop diva days as Hannah Montana, the Voice star is an inspiration for any fitness freak with her daily yoga moves. The brown-haired actress maintained long hair earlier and then went for a super short pixie cut.

Now the actress’s long hair is making a comeback. However, Miley prefers to let her hair loose with long locks and sometimes goes for bohemian hairdos.


23. Elizabeth Gillies

Known for her role as Fallon Carrington on Dynasty, Elizabeth Gillies is one of the famous young actresses with brown hair.

Her favorite hairstyle is beach waves on her locks, both on the show and in real life. The long beach waves are ideal for anyone who wants to make their hair look voluminous.


24. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley with Brown Hair

Quite the stunner that she is, the British beauty is intelligent, witty, and known for her boldness in many interviews.

The brown-haired actress prefers messy updos off late for public appearances to highlight her cheekbones.


25. Jenna Dewan

popular brown haired actresses

Sporting a high low bob recently, Jenna Dewan styles her brown hair according to different trends and is a trendsetter on her own too. Her latest hairstyle is a chic bob that she lets fall on her shoulders softly.


If you thought blondes have all the fun, then here’s your reason why brunettes aren’t any less enticing. We’re sure that these brown-haired actresses gave you a lot of style inspiration.


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