50 Cutest Maltese Haircuts For Your Little Puppy

Do you own a Maltese? Then you definitely know how important Maltese haircuts are. These dogs grow a huge amount of fur and feel uncomfortable when it’s too long.

Besides causing discomfort to your pet, a long fur coat can become a hassle to the owner. The dog itself is rather small and keeping the long coat groomed is a hard task. That’s why a haircut is in order. These dogs look like cute fluffy toys and proper haircuts improve the image even further.

Whatever you try to do, you’ll never get the adorable out of the Maltese. So settle for the cute haircuts and find the one that you and your dog love best.


Cute Maltese Haircuts

You can either cut your pet’s hair yourself or go to a professional groomer. Most Maltese dogs are not big fans of getting a haircut so you must be ready for a battle.

With time, smart pets learn to sit still and wait for the grooming process to be completed. If you are just starting out, you might want to ask a professional’s advice.

In order to be prepped for the Maltese haircut, you need to browse through a few different options. We picked out 50 wonderful choices for you to check out and try on your pet.

1. Top Knot

maltese hair with side ponytail

One thing is for sure, a Maltese puppy gives you plenty of opportunities to make your little dog look even cuter. If it has a short trim with longer fur on the ears and on the top of the head, you can use a part to style a top knot.


2. Long Cut

maltese with pigtails

Your puppy will look absolutely adorable if you regularly groom it. These animals don’t really love to stay put when their fur is being trimmed, so you might consider leaving this problem in the hands of a professional.


3. Puppy Clip

maltese hair with bunny

This is cuteness overload! Short fur will prevent unwanted tangles and fur knots. Make sure the hair is perfectly trimmed around the face, the paws and the armpit area. When knots are created in these particular places, your puppy will feel uncomfortable.


4. Show Cut

maltese with long haircut

Show cuts for Maltese puppies keep their hair gorgeously trimmed for dog expositions. However, if you choose to keep your dogs fur this long, you must know that it requires a lot of care and daily brushing.


5. Fluffy Cut

black and white maltese haircut

When your dog has curly fur, it is required to pay a lot of attention to knots. Its hair will tangle faster, and a medium trim is needed once in a while. Use a special dog brush if you want to maintain a great aspect of its fur.


6. Spring Trim

maltese puppy haircut

After a bath and the trim, your puppy’s fur will be so fluffy and smooth. If your dog has a white coat, it is recommended to use a special shampoo for this type of fur. This breed experiences a lot of skin allergies, so make sure you wash your little friend with the proper products.


7. Fuzzy Cut

cute maltese haircut

Having a fluffy dog with a fuzzy coat makes your little friend look even more adorable. It’s not just their personalities that we love, but also their aspect, so make sure you groom it at home or regularly take him see a professional groomer.


8. One-Sided

Who said dogs can’t have hairstyles? To make your dog look so fashionable, you should keep his top and ears for longer and style a one-sided bob hairstyle. Yes, you can pull off such a haircut for your dog, and he will look absolutely stunning.


9. Bow Knot

maltese hairstyle

If you are taking your Maltese to a dog exposition show, the puppy must look its best. Pay a visit to the groomer if you want his fur to be smooth and fluffy. You can use bows, one for the longer top fur and the other for the neck. 


10. Summer Trim

During summer, Maltese dogs need a proper haircut. They experience heat just the way we do, so short fur will help them withstand this hot season. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting your dog a cool collar. 


11. Maltese Shih Tzu Haircut

matlese shih tzu haircut

Who doesn’t love puppy dog eyes? Make sure you can see your furry baby’s beautiful eyes by trimming the fur around the face short and leaving the rest of his fur long.


12. Maltese Poodle (Maltipoo) Haircut

The hair on maltipoos is soft and thin so be careful when trimming. Again, you’ll want to keep fur short around the eyes to avoid build up, but leave fur at a medium length on the rest of the body.


13. White Maltese Haircut

maltese haircut

Your snow white baby will look adorable when the curls on his fur are shown off. Don’t go too cut-crazy around the feet and leave hair fur long. It’s also okay to let hair go a little longer around the eyes.


14. Female Maltese Hairstyle

female maltese hairstyle

For many female Maltese dogs, their owners like to gather fur on top of the head into a little ponytail wrapped in a pretty ribbon. The fur on the rest of the body is long as well, although chest and belly hair may be shorter.


15. Maltese Ponytails

While a ponytail on top of the head is super cute accented with a rhinestone ribbon, another fun way to keep the fur neat-looking is gathering fur around the mouth into two ponytails sectioned off with elastics.


16. Teddy Bear Cut For Your Maltese

 Teddy Bear Cut for Maltese

Teddy bear cut is one of the most popular Maltese haircuts since it makes any dog look extra cute. The fur is cut to be about a half an inch long and the hair on the face is shaped to achieve roundness.


17. Long girly cut

Long girly cut your Maltese

This hairstyle is similar to the teddy bear cut only the fur has to be at least one-inch long. The hair on the face is shaped for roundness but a few strands can be left long on top to make ponytails.


18. Layered cuts

lady Maltese Layered cuts you like

You need to be a real dog grooming guru in order to create good-looking layered cuts. While it might take some time to do, the results are truly extraordinary.


19. Show Maltese cut

 Show cut Maltese hairstyle

Maltese are frequent visitors at the dog shows. The Maltese haircuts for the dog show significantly differ from what you’d like to have at home. They are long and require careful daily grooming.


20. Lion’s tail


The tail is one of the most important parts of a dog’s body. So you need to take good care of it. A lion’s tale is often a part of Maltese hairstyles. It looks good and requires little maintenance.


21. Messy hairstyle


When you opt for a cut that involves leaving some of your pet’s hair long, get ready to take care of the little guy’s fur. Brushing your pet’s hair is a must to keep it groomed and healthy. Messy looks are a no-no.


22. Maltese’s blunt bob

favorite Blunt bob hairstyle

This is one of the most popular Maltese haircuts since it is easy to take care of. Most of the fur is cut short and the long hair is left on the ears and the tail. You still need to brush it on a regular basis.


23. The short haircut for Maltese


This is a perfect summer hairstyle for your Maltese pet. It also doesn’t require any maintenance. Keep all the fur uniformly short all over the body. Your pet will be the happiest dog on the block with such a haircut.


24. Bows

Bows cut of your Maltese pet

Bows are a wonderful way to keep your dog looking neat and cute without any extra hair cutting. The bows around the neck are usually used for boys while the bows pinned to the head are more popular among girl dog owners.


25. Curly toy

Curly toy hair cut for Maltese

Maltese dogs often have curly or wavy hair. It’s especially visible when the fur is cut short. The Maltese look much more like a toy with the curled fur so why not take advantage of it?


26. Medium cut

Medium cut for Maltese dog

While a long showroom cut might be too hard on your pet, you can consider an in-between option and leave the hair to be medium length. Long hair on top allows you to experiment with making ponytails.


27. Girly ponytails


Since Maltese are so toy-like, many owners like to experiment with their hairstyles. If you decide to leave the hair on the head long enough to create ponytails, make sure you tie them every day. Otherwise, the hair will get into the pet’s eyes and cause it discomfort.


28. Groomed ears

Every one favorite Groomed ears haircut

Maltese haircuts usually involve doing something with the hair on the pet’s ears. The ears need a special approach since they are thin and easy to damage. Ask a professional groomer to the ears.


29. The bob

bob Maltese haircuts look cute

This simple hairstyle resembles a bob. The hair on the body is cut very short, about half to a quarter inch, but the hair on the face if left long enough to create the appearance of the bob.


30. Plush toy


If you want your Maltese pet to look like a plush toy, you need to play around with the length of the fur. The best fluffy results are reached when the fur is about one-inch long. You can make it a little longer and see what suits your pet best.


31. The poodle cut


The poodle or a lion’s cut looks good on a Maltese only if you leave the hair long enough. When no hair is left on the body it can make the animal feel cold, while the long hair on the face and legs make it feel hot.


32. Little pony

Little pony Maltese haircut you like

If you want your cutie to look like a cartoon character, consider cutting the fur very short and leaving enough hair on the sides and ears to make an impression of natural ponytails.


33. Fluffy lion haircut


A fluffy lion haircut entails cutting the fur on the body to be about a quarter inch long and leaving the rest of the hair long enough to drag on the ground. The face should also be groomed short.


34. Puppy cuts

cute Puppy cuts your Maltese

When your pet is just a puppy, the best Maltese haircut for it would be short. If you think that the hair is growing too long, give your puppy a little trim without creating a full-blown hairstyle.


35. Fun hairstyle for your cute Maltese


If you managed to allow your pet’s hair to grow very long and kept it groomed and beautiful, you’ll be rewarded with a chance to make fun hairstyles. Start with ponytails and then try the braids.


36. Professional haircuts

 Professional Maltese haircuts

If you are planning to register your pet into a dog show, you need a professional cut. In order to give the groomer an opportunity to create something extraordinary, you need to allow the fur to grow as long as possible.


37. Accessories


Using accessories to make your pet look even cuter than it already is can be a fantastic way to spend the time. Buy clothes, scrunches, pins, and clips and enjoy a styling session.


38. Furry face


Maltese haircuts usually involve special face grooming. Creating the haircut on the face is often the hardest since the process makes the dog uncomfortable. That’s why it makes sense to ask a professional groomer for advice.


39. Fluffy face


This haircut will make your pet look fantastic but might not be too comfortable for it to wear. When leaving the hair on the face long, make sure to cut the strands above the eyes so they don’t hinder the pet’s vision.


40. Standard Maltese Dog Cut

cute Maltese Standard haircut

This is a standard cut that will make both you and your dog comfortable. The fur is uniformly cut all over the body without any special twists on the face or on the tail.












Maltese haircuts vary greatly. Starting from the showroom options and ending with the standard haircuts, your dog will look fantastic whatever you choose. Try to focus more on your pet’s comfort when taking it to the groomer.