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Popular Long Hairstyles

For many centuries women with long hair were considered most beautiful and men with long hair were deemed strongest and smartest. Whatever a man might say, he will always prefer a woman with long and thick hair. Men with long hair look very romantic and are very popular among women as well. Some psychologists believe that a person’s personality can be judged by the way his or her hair looks.

long hairstyle


Healthy and cared-for strands mean that the person is elegant, active and knows how to take care of himself (or herself). So, what can be done to make long hair look beautiful and healthy? It is hard to care for such hair daily. That’s why nowadays many men and women prefer short haircuts. They are much easier to manage. But if you have chosen long hair, then there are some hair care tips you should consider.

men's long hairstyle

Tier brushing – people with long hair must do tier brushing from bottom to the top. It should be done at least 100 times until hair starts clicking. Once that happens, static may form. This can be prevented by using special hair care products that reduce static.

Proper drying – many men and women prefer blow drying their hair, since it is a fast and worry free way to make it dry. However, hot air negatively affects long hair and makes it dull and damaged. Such stress leads to dehydration, which is very hard to reduce. It is very important to avoid blow dryers and dry long hair naturally.

Growing is important – in order to keep the hair growing, make sure to eat properly. Pay special attention to vitamin B and calcium. Don’t forget to trim the ends. Sacrifice 1 small inch, to allow your hair to grow 3 – 4 inches longer. Drink more clean water. Hair needs a lot of moisture. Do a head massage. It will increase blood flow and stimulate growth. Use hair masks. They do wonders for any hair. Long hair is beautiful when it is thick. If your hair is fine, try to consider other options. Browse some hairstyles for long hair to get an idea if this is what you really want.

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