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Blonde Hair Color

If you have chosen blonde to be your new hair color, there are some important things you must know before taking a sit in your stylist’s chair. Blond will suit you if your hair was light when you were a child. This is true even if it got darker with age. If your hair color easily fades in the sun, then going blonde is a good idea. Light hair adds some softness to your style as well as tenderness and dreaminess. Lighter shades of blonde will make women look vulnerable, which is often appreciated by men. Men should go for darker shades of blond. Remember, once you change your color to blond, you will need to reevaluate your wardrobe. Bright and rich colors should better be changed to calmer and softer shades. Another thing, which should be considered, is that being blond is not cheap. You will have to maintain the color on regular basis, so dark roots are not visible. However, there are ways to reduce the visits depending on the style you choose. Take some time to think about your skin type. Light hair looks good on healthy and cared-for skin. Remember, the lighter the hair is, the more visible skin problems will be. Blond hair suits calm and balanced tempers.

There is a great variety of blond shades out there. They go from sand, caramel and sunny to golden, strawberry and vanilla. In order to understand which one will suit you best, take a look at some options we are offering to make your choice easier. Don’t forget to consider the color of your eyes. Men and women with blue or gray eyes will look wonderful with almost any shade of blond. Blonds with blue eyes are considered to be a classic. If your eyes are green, you can also take a look at some blond options. If your eyes are dark, it would be a good idea to consider darker hair colors. However, some dark shades of blond can also become a great choice. Browse the options to get a better idea which color you like and which one will suit you best.