20 Best Hairstyles for Older Women (2020 Guide)

There’s this pervasive image that implies the only hairstyles for older women are short and simple. You need to forget about the dated idea that women over a certain age have to chop off all of their hair and get perms.

That’s ridiculous. You can still have fun with your hair at over 40, 50, 60 years old and beyond. Don’t let age dictate your style. As long as you feel beautiful, that’s all that matters.

Traditional haircuts for older women are fine if that’s what you like, but don’t do it just because you think society expects it of you. Society can go and chop off its own hair. You, however, should start looking around for your next signature style — and go wild with it. Do something with your hair you’ve always wanted to do but never dared.


The Ideal Hairstyles for Older Women

Forget what you’ve been told about hairstyles for older women. Think about what you like. Consider the hairstyles you admire on other women, whether they’re famous or not.

Don’t let conventions trap you into wearing your hair in an unflattering, unbecoming style. You’re an adult, a grown woman who knows what she likes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sophisticated chignon or mermaid hair. What do you think of the hairdos below?


1. The Keaton Crop

Keaton Crop hair for older women

Honestly, Diane Keaton is single-handedly changing the definition of how hairstyles for older women should look. Her cute, flippy cut is a take on a layered bob, and it’s beyond flattering.


2. Face-Framing Bangs

 Older Women bang hairstyle

Because bangs do frame the face, highlight the eyes, and hide the forehead, they’re ideal for older women. Younger women love them for the same reason. Whether they’re hiding frown lines or pimples, bangs are lifesavers.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faced Women Over 50


3. Curled and Spiked

curly Hair for Older Women

It’s awesome to see a woman turning the curly stereotype on its ear. You can rock curls at your age without looking like a blue-haired old lady—just add spikes for some serious edge.


4. Bangs and Bobs

bob haircut for over 50 Women

A traditional bob is a perfect compromise between long and short. Add some layers for lift and bangs for pizzazz, and you’ve got yourself a stylish, sexy hairstyle for older women.


5. Bob for Fine Hair

Fine Hair for older women

Take a page from Helen Mirren’s hair book if your locks are on the fine side. Here’s a perfect example of what kind of bob to get. The layers and long bangs are particularly on-point.


6. The Devil Wears Prada Style

Meryl stole the show in The Devil Wears Prada, and Miranda Priestly’s hair is partially responsible for that. A sleek silver coif with bangs and stacked layers in the back is flawless. Steal this.


7. Precious Pixie

A pixie cut this precious works for any woman of any age. It’s an especially fierce haircut for older women, however. It’s easy to style, you don’t have to wash it every day, and it’s universally becoming.


8. Slicked Back Silver

Back Silver slick hair style for over 50 women

Everything about this hairstyle is on fire. It’s fit for a queen. That silver shade is exactly why you shouldn’t worry about hiding your gray hair, too.


9. Natural Curls

old women natural curly hair cut

Natural is always gorgeous. Her finger curls are flawlessly styled and beautifully shaped, and you can tell that her protective routine is on-point.


10. Jamie Lee Short

Jamie Lee Curtis has been wearing her hair in a close-cropped pixie forever, it seems like—and it’s no wonder because it works for her. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a short hairstyle for older women, just make sure you give it some shape, structure, and edge.


11. Soft Flowing Side Part

nice hairstyle for older women

Here’s an elegant, softly flowing ‘do that no one will expect. There are several ways to pull off a style like this: if you have long hair, a loosely tucked bun or chignon will do it; or you can ask for an asymmetrical cut that’s longer on one side.


12. Curls Upon Curls

This is the way you do curls as an older woman. Natural, loose, and soft, they’re nothing like the tight poodle curls that result from perms.


13. Long and Lush

over 50 women Long hairstyle

Don’t cut your locks just because you’re over 50. Long hair has no age limit, and it’s lovely at any age. Keep your tresses long and flowing, just ask the stylist to shape your hair and cut some long layers.


14. Angled Bob

The sharp lines of an angled bob define the face and draw attention to the eyes and mouth. It elongates the neck, as well. In other words, it’s just a fierce hairstyle for older women, younger women, teens—everyone.


15. Short Afro

Short Afro hairstyle for black women

A short, beautifully shaped afro is ideal for older women embracing their natural hair. The structure really is stunning, don’t you think?


16. Sleek and Sharp

Everything about this coiffure is perfectly polished. Look at the trim over the ear—that is sharp! Because of the way you comb the hair forward, this style works well for women with thin or fine hair.


17. Trimmed and Tousled

Judi Dench splashes out a punk rock hairstyle and it’s definitely gorgeous. Her tousled pixie is the best example of a bedhead ever.


18. Elegant Curls

Remember, the key to wearing curls is to make them natural. Loose, soft, and flowing—that’s the combo you want.


19. Spiked but Sophisticated

Who knew that spiked haircuts for older women could look so sophisticated? The pewter shade of her hair is fire, too.


20. Longer Pixie

 Pixie hairstyle for over 50 women

You don’t have to get a full crop, you know. A longer pixie like this one is stylish, modern yet age-appropriate, and it’s kind of sexy.


Which Hairstyle Length Is Best for Older Women?

Well, society obviously says that the only acceptable hairstyles for older women are short. The honest answer is that both long and short styles are best for older women. Simply put, whatever you like is the best option. If you’re 60 and decide to crop your hair, dye it pink, and spike it, good for you.

hairstyles for older women

There’s no right answer here. It’s a personal preference. Fortunately, older women in the spotlight are enthusiastic about breaking boundaries and shattering stereotypes. Women of a certain age on television, in the movies, in the music industry, and in fashion wear hair of every imaginable length and style.

Respectful Short Hairstyles for Older Women


Your hairstyle depends on your hair, your lifestyle, your personal style, and how much time you want to devote to it. Some older women prefer short hair because, over time, the body produces less of the natural oils needed to keep the scalp moisturized and the hair lustrous.

For other women, that isn’t a concern, and they happily grow their hair as long as they like. Do what looks and feels fantastic.


Which Hairstyles Are Best for Older Women with Fine Hair?

Fine hair doesn’t have to confine itself to a single style. Many haircuts for older women with fine hair are on the longer side, while others are pixie short. Again, it comes down to personal preference.

The best styles for fine hair run the gamut—bobs are ideal, especially if they have long layers, but for the most part, mid-length hair is better. Try an inverted bob with a center part. Avoid anything too long only because long, fine hair can look thin and scraggly.

If, however, your hair is fine but thick, then a longer ‘do is perfect, but stay away from shorter ones. Short styles are best for fine, thin hair.


Which Are the Best Hairstyles to Choose for Women over 50 with Glasses?

older women hairstyle with glass

Glasses often make the haircut. They can add an edge or an intellectual vibe based solely on their design. Long, short, and medium-length styles all look fantastic with glasses. However, if you have long bangs or a fringe, that’s going to hide your glasses and impede your sight. Bangs are perfectly acceptable, but keep them short enough to see clearly. Otherwise, bobs of all lengths complement spectacles, as do pixie cuts.

Glamorous Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Youthful or Respectful – What to Pick?

What are you? Are you young at heart, or do you embrace the dignity of age? Your answer to that question factors into which hairstyle you pick. To show off your youthful side, trendy hairstyles, vibrant colors, and the bucking of conventions are all yours. For a more dignified, respectful coiffure, you can go with the traditional short, permed cut, a neat bob or pageboy, or a hairstyle that keeps your long hair tidy, such as a bun or a braided updo.


Clearly, old women hairstyles can’t be easily defined. Wear your hair exactly how you want to wear it. Being happy with yourself is the only thing that matters.

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