61 Top Hairstyles for Black Women Trending Right Now

If you’re having a hard time finding the right black women hairstyles, you can finally kiss your problems goodbye. There is no need to struggle anymore with all the trendy black hairdos out there. From short bob to curly afro, you can rock it in whatever style you desire!


Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

The great thing about black ladies is that they are not tied up to a specific hair length to look fabulous. They can go almost bald and still look like they are ready to rock! Check out the list of the hottest black women haircuts and hairstyles in 2021.

#1. Black Ponytail

black ponytail hairstyle

Classy, glamorous and super hot! This is how you will look if you choose this black women’s hairstyle with weave. Use plenty of moisturizers to glue your hair to your scalp. Create a bun on top of your head and attach the twirled weave.


#2. Wedding Hairstyle for Black Woman

wedding hairstyle for black women

The big wedding day is here and you want an elegant hairstyle for a black woman? Part your hair in the middle and create a big astonishing low bun. If you want the bun to look flawless, use a sponge donut.


#3. Black Hair Updos

black updo style

Use a tight tooth comb to pin your hair on top of your head. Use a big donut bun to wrap your hair around it and create that impressive hairstyle. Accessorize your hairdo with a pair of thin big rounded gold earrings.


#4. Long Black Hair

long hairstyle for black girl

If you are not one of the lucky ones that have such long black Afro-American hair, you can still reproduce this black women’s hairstyle with a little bit of help. Pin all your hair up and get two bundles that you can attach to your natural hair.


#5. 90s Hairstyle for Black Women

90s black hairstyle

If you are a ghetto girl and you love to show it, no wonder you already love this braided hairstyle for black women. Braid only half of your hair and split it in two. Create two ponytails and use a red bandana to wrap on your forehead.


#6. Crochet Hairstyle

Crochet Hairstyle for Black Women

We adore these perfect ringlets and we’ll tell you a secret – this curly hairstyle for black women is so easy to get. Buy a few packs of curly weave and crochet them on your natural hair. Use a golden cuffed bead to accessorize your hairdo.


#7. Shaved Black Hair

Shaved Black Hair

A very short haircut will draw all the attention to your facial features. If you want to look at your best all the time, make sure this extreme haircut suits you and that you have at least one prominent feature that will show off. In this case, this woman’s lips gorgeously stand out.


#8. Weave

Black Weave Hairstyle

Not all girls have perfect curly hair but you can easily make yours look outstanding. Get yourself the proper curly tresses and visit your fav hair salon to apply them. Now let those ringlets shine.


#9. Hairstyle for Black Women Over 50

Hairstyle for Black Women Over 50

If you are a woman over 50 and you want to look fresh and elegant, get a layered hairstyle for your curly hair and flip your bangs on one side. Keep your hair longer in the back and at your shoulder level in front.


Mesmerizing Hairstyles for Little Black Girls


#10. Protective Hairstyle

protective hairstyle

Protective braids hairstyles for black women help you get two important things: keeping your hair tamed and helping it grow. The second thing, but not least, braids can give you a creative beautiful hairstyle that can easily be accessorized with wrapped threads along each braid.


#11. Black Straight Hair

Black Straight Hair

this is probably one of the best hairstyles for black women with round faces. The flipped bags make your forehead look smaller and the long bob tresses give the impression of a thinner face. For the bangs, you can turn the ends upwards.


#12. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Style for Black Women

Cornrow braids are extremely versatile because you can use them to create so many gorgeous designs. For this hairstyle for black women create parallel braids from your edges and meet them into a small mohawk.


#13. Pixie

Black Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are glamorous and fashionable and if you don’t mind renouncing your long locks, you’ll get a hairstyle that is pretty low maintenance and stunning at the same time. Keep your sideburns long and slip your bangs on one side. The back hair must be shortly trimmed.


#14. Braided Updo

Black Braided Updo

For this braided updo for black woman, you need a day off, some fast braiding hands and some packs on jumbo hair. Mix brown and blonde colores for the extensions if you want them to look out of the ordinary. Create small braids and pin the crown knits into a big bun on top of your head.


#15. Black Wavy Hairstyle

black wavy hair

A long wavy bob hairstyle is always a good choice for a black woman that wants a jaw-dropping appearance. Part most of your bangs on one side and create some wide waves using the straightening iron.


#16. African American Box Braids

African American Box Braids

These stunning box braids leave plenty of room for your creativity and if you choose to get curly weaves, you’ll get a mesmerizing hairstyle. For an impressive effect, knit only half of the braids and gather your crown braids in the back.


#17. Black Hair with Bangs

Black Hair with Bangs

Weaves are perfect whenever you want to create astonishing hairstyles. Gather all your hair in a top bun. Use the weave to blend it with your natural hair and create a bigger braided bun that covers the top of your head. Use faux bangs to cover your forehead.


#18. Sew in Hair

Sew in Hair for Black Girls

Sew in hair extensions are extremely popular among black women because they use them to reproduce a lot of hairstyles. After you apply them, part your crown hair in two pieces and create two big impressive space buns. Accessorize them with a wrapped golden thread.


#19. Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

Blonde Hairstyle for Black Ladies

Tired of all of those dark colors for your hair?  Experiment this marvelous pixie haircut for black women. Keep your roots in their natural color and choose a brown blonde color to dye the rest of your hair. Accessorize the hairstyle with a big pair of rounded earrings.


#20. 80s Hairstyle

80s hairstyle for black women

The 80s hairstyles are back in trends and this is the best example that you can look glamorous with a hairdo like that. Pin the crown hair up in a small ponytail and let the rest of your hair fall on your back and shoulders. Create amazing swoops for the sideburns and baby hairs.


#21. African American Flat Twist Updo

african american flat twist updo

Flat twist updos are among the easiest and coolest hairstyles on there. All you need to do is twist the hair close to your scalp as you go down. Create as many twirls as you want and gather them all in a low bun.


#22. Twists for Black Hair

black girl Twist Hair Styles

Twists are alternatives of braids yet always confused with them. However, twists are quicker and easier to make which makes them a key solution for black women and for those who find it hard to have spare hair styling time.


#23. Black Hairstyle for Medium Hair

classic short haircuts for black women

Afro is one of the most popular black hairstyles for girls with naturally curly hair. And what makes it so great is that it doesn’t require much effort because all it needs is a little blow drying session after washing. In addition to that, it works for medium length hair and not only with tall lengths.


#24. Sway With Me

hairstyle ideas for black brides

Here’s an idea for black brides looking for the perfect hairstyle pair up with the white veil. So, all you need to do in order to copy the above example is to tie your hair up with a low bun while discreetly letting your front hair locks sway with the breeze as you move for a more messy and random touch. You may also like these short natural hairstyles for black women.


#25. Black Women’s Mohawk

black women haircut with Mohawk Undercut

This is for girls who seek a badass gothic look.


#26. Black Braids Style

black women Single Braid hairstyle

On the other hand, here’s something classic and easy to achieve. The single braid on black women looks so girlish and attractive that you practically can not take your easy off it. Moreover, it can work for both short and long hair lengths.


#27. Dreadlocks for Afro-Women

Dreadlocks are one of the most popular hairstyles for black women nowadays. And they are obviously widely popular because they can adapt to any face shape without any exceptions.


#28. Black Bun Style

Crowned with a central hair accessory that goes all the way to your forehead, is one of the many ways to possess an eye-grabbing black hairstyle. In addition to that, pair it up with a high tight bun. And for a more twisted result, form the buns from knots that look like they are extracted from the center of the bun.


#29. African American Natural Hairstyle

 Voluminous Black Women Hairstyles

For a strong dose of dehydration, it is recommended to apply a hair mask in the shower.


#30. Spiky Hairstyle for African American Women

If standing out in the crowd is all that you are looking for, then your search is over, because this is the right style for African-American women you need. First off, simply ask your barber to trim out the back and edges of your head to a minimum scale for example #1 or #2.

Meanwhile, grow out the top part until you can shape it with hair wax like spike silhouettes that send out a message for people to think twice before they try to upset you.


#31. Almost Twist Buns

twisted bun for black ladies

Twist buns are known to be super charming among black ladies. But, it might require using hair extensions in case your hair is not long enough. Moreover, it looks best on round shaped faces.


#32. Full Extensions

Another suggestion for twist designs is to completely shave off your head and wear a wig made out of complete extensions of your favorite hair color. This way, you can get the best of both short and long hair worlds.


#33. Cascading Curls Of Black Women Hairstyles

 Curly hairstyless for Black Women

While these curls add an amazing texture and volume for black women with short curly hair, they also add a touch of feminity and attractiveness. I mean, how can you miss out on a design like this?


#34. Smooth Style

Nothing brings out your feminine characteristics more than smooth hair strands for African-American black women that show off your delicate outer shell.


#35. Half Up And Half Down Black Hairstyle

So here’s a black hairdo that would guarantee you end up with the best of both worlds. Because it combines both hair up and hair down designs in one composition


#36. Short Black Curls

ponned up curls on black girl

No design screams out loud “Daring And Confident” like the one shown above. Achieve it by playing up the tendrils naturally and blow drying using a diffuser.


#37. Free Style

black women simple hairstyle

When you are out of ideas or bored repeating the same black hairstyles for women over and over again, you can always freestyle according to the event you are going to and accept feedback from your friends about it. Who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be a big hit!


#38. Side Parted Curls

 african female bob haircuts

Let your curls naturally loose and carefree for an ordinary hang out at the mall or stroll at the beach.


#39. Black Bob Cut

On the contrary to the design before, this suggests a fully straight black short bob with length variations between the two sides in order to achieve a more dramatic effect. So, make sure to pick the line which separates the two sides from each other sweep them apart.


#40. Short Bob With Bangs

Some other people just prefer their hair with bangs no matter how old this style is, nonetheless it will always be gold. But why are they popular? It’s probably because the bangs can take a few years off your age and help you feel more confident about yourself.


#41. Messy Is The New Dressy

african amrican women messy hairstyles

Nowadays, laziness has become something so inevitable that it is starting to become the normal and usual state. So, in a world where laziness is the norm, effortless black women hairstyles are needed.


#42. The Importance Of Leave-In Conditioners

leave in conditioner usage for black women

Probably, one of the most asked questions in the hair design world is the famous hair breakage preventing quarry. However, the answer isn’t so impossible to achieve.


#43. Short Curly Bob for Black Hair

The key to maintaining a seductive and feminine hairstyle are the soft curls behind all the success. And that’s especially when they are employed in a short bob to show off the super soft texture.


#44. Thickening Spray Effect

In case you haven’t found out yet, thickening hairspray can give you the illusion of having a lot of hair, even when it is not true. So, it is recommended to spray some volumizer over the damp part of your hair before going through the blow drying phase.


#45. Half Pink

two toned hairstyle for black female

And when you’re feeling funky and upbeat, you can always try some hair chalk for a little experiment and see how different hair colors turn out. Because hair chalk is not something permanent that you have to commit to, it is really fun to try.


#46. Fade In Edges

For something a little more hardcore black girl haircut, you can tell your barber to go a little crazy and shave off the edges of your hair using the fade in technique which adds that sexy ombre effect.


#47. It’s All About Hair Conditioning

African - American woman hairstyle

In order to maintain these eerie hairstyles for black women, you need to thick and voluminous hair. However, not all of us are born with it. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply deep conditioning to your hair at least three times a week with.


#48. Side Low Braid

low braidedhairstyles on black girl

For black ladies with naturally smooth and straight hair, braids are fashionable – in – right now! And that’s because they mark your feminine power. So, go ahead and try them out.


#49. Low Chignon

Another bridal suggestion for all pretty black women out there is the low chignon. Because it is what you need to reveal your neck and look sassy without a headache caused by the tight high bun.

Why? because revealing your neck is a good idea when you decide to showcase your necklace as the focal point of your outfit.


#50. Freeform Locks

locks hairstyle for afro women

This is one of the hairstyle ideas for black ladies where you are allowed to be completely crazy and artistic. So, the only rule is to fix the roots while keeping the ends loose and freestyled to the way your mood swings take you.


#51. Loose Curl Pattern

If you have a loose curl pattern that grows in the upward direction, try telling your stylist to trim off the edges and concentrate on the middle. Natural curls on black women look really sassy.


#52. Texture Cream

hairstyles for african american women

Do you want everything straight and shiny? Try this African American hairstyle.


#53. Leave -In Conditioners Effect

Firstly for this kind of black women hairdos, it is best to follow these tips. Try to leave in conditioner and a hold of gel to get the potion that enables to gain perfect control over your hair. Also, try not to play with your hair until it dries, because the less touching the chicer and tidy it turns out to be.


#54. Short Black Hairstyle

wave hairstyles for african american ladies

And more on the black women with short hair topic is this short haircut with waves of hair in the front and really short back. However, for more whimsical waves, you can blend in the clip -in extensions and be ready to go. That is if you don’t have hair thick enough for the job.


#55. Scrunching Through Your Hair

Another step that some people seem to forget is to scrunch through their air dried up hair using their gel covered fingers. So, by doing that, they will add volume to the whole composition. And with the help of hair serum, you can do some quick touchups to prevent any frizz or flyaways.


#56. Getting Some Highlights

Highlight hairstyle for black girl

Creating contrasting appeal within your hair doesn’t need to be through changing textures. Consequently, afro ladies can highlight some hair strands randomly to create the same appealing vibes mentioned.


#57. Sleek Bob

short haircuts for african american women

This sleek bob is every busy black girl’s dream. Because it is so easy to maintain requiring only a hair mousse rub while keeping it semi-symmetrical for a more even and organized look. After all, with all the crazy to-do-list you need to get done, this might be your best salvation technique.


#58. Twisted Braids

twisted braids hairstyle for black ladies

You might fear this type of designs because it might give you a headache. However, the twisted black braids are totally worth it! They are the symbolic hairstyles theme for black women and that’s why ever black lady should give them a go.


#59. Crowned Black Women Hairstyles

Crowned Black Women Hairstyles

In addition to the several bridal suggestions above, here’s a simple high bun for every black woman to try on her big day. All it needs is a good grip on your hair as you tie the bun, some hair pomade to fix the top in place, and a mini crown to imply it’s your special day.


#60. Naturally Beautiful

natural hairstyles for african american women

It’s your turn to make a huge statement by choosing a wild well-moisturized afro to reflect your natural inner and external beauty. So, with a simple short afro, you can send a message to everyone out there.


#61. Caramel Highlights

brown black Caramel Highlight hairstyle
Choose an asymmetrical cut with caramel highlights in order to end up with the complete black women hairstyle package out there. But why caramel? Because it’s probably the color that goes most with this kind of dark hair.


In a nutshell, you don’t need bright skin to flaunt a glamorous hair design. So with the help of the unique black women hairstyles above, you’ll definitely be on the right track towards complete fashion success.

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