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Hairstyles for Round Faces

Round face shape is considered to be soft and tender. Physiognomy describes owners of such face shapes as fun, kind and sincere. Often such people become the life of the party and most dedicated friends. Round face shape is defined by soft and smooth curves. The distance between forehead and chin is about the same as between rather wide cheekbones. The chin is just slightly outlined. In order to reach the perfect harmony and balance, the round face should be visually extended. The forehead should be made to seem higher, while cheekbones should become narrower. Basically what the stylists will try to do is make the round shape as close to the oval (ideal) type as possible.

The correctly chosen hairstyle will do wonders for extending the face proportions. First of all the hair should be given volume. If the haircut is short, then the volume can be created by using hair mousse and a blow dryer. If the hair is long, then light messy hair will look great. Men with round faces should consider undercuts and fohawks. Both these hairstyles will elongate the face by creating volume on top. Women with round face shapes should browse through elevated high hairstyles. Several curled locks can be let down to create a romantic look. Fringe for this face type should always be side swept. It shouldn’t be too thick, straight and blunt. In fact, forehead can be left open by either getting rid of the fringe (for men) and using hair pins (for women). The part looks best when diagonal. Hairstyles for round faces vary greatly. There are myriads of options for both men and women, as well as for boys girls and teens. Choosing the correct hairstyle does wonders for visually changing the face shape and creating the most ideal look. The styles go from neat and sweet to wild and outrageous. And anyone can try them. All you have to do is browse some choices. When taking your pick, make sure to give some consideration to your hair type and skin tone. These parameters are just as important as face shape and can become a deciding factor between the two chosen hairstyles.