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Choosing the right hair color is not an easy task. Many different factors should be carefully considered. A lot of people wonder which hair color will suit them best.

There are several rules which can help choose the right shade for both men and women. Let’s consider the first rule. When you are choosing the right hair color, you should be thinking about your natural shade as well as the way you look naturally. For women this means getting rid of all the make up. If you are naturally blond, your skin tone is light and there are some freckles, then you will look good with warm light shades. We are talking about the chart with light yellow to intensive honey. If you wish you can complete the look with golden locks.

At the same time you should forget about fiery red and dark brown shades, which can visually make you look older. If your natural color is ash-blond, then you can easily choose any ash shade. You can try all the auburn shades from the lightest to the darkest. However, don’t go for red colors. These shades can make your skin seem reddish, which is not a good idea.

Men and women with brown and dark blond hair with reddish shade, should be trying out red colors. People with such hair can have different skin tones and freckles. They can easily go for medium-red to dark red and even dark brown. However, they should forget about cool shades. They can make the skin seem too pale. When choosing the right hair color, don’t forget to consider the color for your eyes. It is hard to come up with strict rules for the right hair color, since there are too many factors. If you feel as though you are getting lost, the best idea would be to browse some images and find a model which has the parameters closest to your own. We have prepared a great variety of different options for you to consider and choose from. We will make sure that you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

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