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Face Shape and Hairstyle

When you are choosing the right hairstyle, it is very important to consider your face shape. The shape of your face is one of the several very important factors, which the stylists consider when selecting a haircut for their client. Some styles will look amazing with round faces while looking terrible on square types. There are seven basic face shapes, which you must know in order to make the hairstyle choice simpler. Several minutes in front of the mirror will allow you to identify your face shape.

Oval shape – usually means elongated face with wide outlined cheekbones. Chin and forehead have about the same width.

Long shape – usually means that the face is “stretched out”. Cheekbones, forehead and chin have about the same width or differ slightly.

Square shape – this type has a wide jawline with sharp lines, contrasting with a narrow forehead. Face height is usually the same as its width.

Heart shape – wide cheekbones and narrow chin. Usually the chin is angled and lines are also angular.

Round shape – the chin and cheekbones are the same width. The forehead is narrow. Transition curves are soft.

Diamond shape – face looks like a diamond. It gets wider in the cheekbone area and has narrow chin and forehead lines. This is one of the rare face shape type.

Pear shape – is the rarest face type. It is heavy around the cheekbones and lower jaw area and noticeably expands near and down the ears. The forehead is narrow.

Once you know your face shape, you can go further to choose the right hairstyle. Don’t forget that face shape is not everything you need to know about yourself in order to make the right choice. Other two things to consider will be skin tone and hair type. Once all three details are identified, you can go for a style change. We have prepared a variety of options for women with different face shapes to choose from. Remember, no matter how rare your face shape is, there are at least 70 different hairstyles for you to consider.