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Haircuts and Hairstyles for Little Girls

2023 brings lots of changes when it comes to little girl hairstyles.  Surrounded by women with glorious and fancy hair, little ladies find examples in them and crave a more sophisticated hairdo at an early age. After all, even if they are still young ladies, who said they couldn’t get an elaborate hairstyle?

Nowadays, all music videos feature pastel or colored hair, amazing braid constructs, or hairstyles full of accessories. And when we’re talking about kids, what they see is what they want. As a mother, there are numerous types of little girl hairstyles that you can create, depending on the face shape, skin color, and hair texture.

Looking for the best styling ideas for your little girl’s hair? Check out these examples and create a pitch-perfect hairdo for a spoiled young lady!

1. Little Girl With Bangs

bangs for little girl

Bangs hairstyles for little girls provide exceptional framing, symmetry, and balance. This is why a fringe can be a total mess if wrongly chosen or an incredible change that works to your advantage for both women and little ladies.

While side bangs are ideal for princesses with round faces, baby bangs go very well with a heart-shaped feature, and a wispy fringe diminishes edgy jawlines. One of the perks of the bangs is that they gracefully complement bobs, ponytails, space buns, and long hair, making them highly versatile.


2. Bobs for Little Girl

bob hair for little girl

Bob hairstyles for little girls are ideal, especially if your doll is an early fashionista. When she pays attention to all the accessories she wears, it clearly signifies that you have a diva in the house. She will certainly adore a bob haircut because it’s modern and highly versatile.

It can be adapted to any face shape, and the styling ideas are pretty vast. Inverted, choppy, blunt, or stacked are just a few options for her. More than this, the haircut doesn’t need styling. Even so, braids or half ponytails can be pulled off and easily arranged on most bob haircuts.


3. Braids

braided hairstyle for little girl

It’s a fact; all little girls love braids! And what’s not to love about them when the styling options are limitless? As a mother, you’ll find them a pretty handful because you’ll be able to tie your little girl’s locks in a hairdo she will certainly adore.

You can opt for two ponytails, one on each side, French braids, or braided hair crowns. If your daughter has Afro-American hair, she will undoubtedly love box braids or cornrows that can be decorated with cuffed beads.


4. Curly Hair

little girl with curly hair

Curly hairstyles for little girls have a well-defined purpose: to keep those rebel locks in one place and to make any little princess love her ringlets. Depending on how curly the hair is, you can give your daughter the hairstyle she needs. She’ll probably want to brag about her rich hair, so opt for a long cut with layers or style gorgeous braids that she can decorate the way she likes.


5. Crochet Braids

crochet braids for kids

Crochet braids are among the most requested hairstyles for little African American girls. They are ideal for schooldays and playgrounds, and as a mom, they save you a lot of time from arranging your daughter’s hair each morning.


6. Hairstyles for Wedding

little girl's hairstyle for wedding

When discussing wedding hairstyles for little girls, your daughter must look like a princess. She will be in the center of attention, so not only will her outfit count, but also her hairdo.

You can opt for a simple hairstyle, like a ballerina bun, or depending on the hair length, you can style curls and waves and use hair accessories like decorated bobby pins, ribbons, or bows. Glitter can also spice things up, and we all know little ladies love to use it.


7. Bow Hairstyle

little girl's hairstyles with bows

If your little girl has medium-long hair, bow hairstyles will make her happier than ever. There are so many ways you can take advantage of this updo and if you are out of inspiration, keep in mind that hair bows are quite easy to pull off.

You can opt for a bow that only uses the top hair, two bows placed on each side with a middle part decorated with glitter, or even a low bow in the nape area. The hairstyle is an ideal choice to secure the hair while she is playing, and it’s also suitable for events.


8. Mohawk

little girl's mohawk

Some girls like fancy glamorous hairstyles, while others adore looks that have a rebellious note. At a young age, little girls start to express their personality, and if your daughter doesn’t want to be a princess with long pink dresses and wavy hair, a mohawk is certainly a hairdo she will adore.

You can master a hairstyle that doesn’t necessarily need short sides, and it’s all by creating rolled buns along with the hairline. You can also make a chunky French braid and pull off the edges to give it a mohawk lookalike.


9. Long Hairstyle

long hairstyles for little girl

Long hairstyles give you the most opportunities to style any hair. You don’t even need to stick to only one hairdo; you can combine all sorts of braids with ponytails, buns with curls, and so on. When the mane is long, your daughter will certainly adore having long waves or curls that make her look like her favorite Disney character.

Bangs are also an option when the little lady wants to glow and look stylish. You might pull up a fight with her while detangling the long locks, so make sure you make this procedure entertaining and fun.


10. Short Hair

short hairstyles for little girls

Short hair doesn’t need to look dull because you can adorn your lady’s beautiful strands with all sorts of hair accessories like bobby pins or colored scrunchies. This amazing fashionable flair will be simply adored by your daughter, especially if you allow her to use colored hairspray that doesn’t damage the hair and easily washes off.

Short hairstyles for little girls are so convenient because they are low-maintenance, and you can work out pixie haircuts, bobs, or even mohawks.


11. Black Hairstyle

hairstyle for little black girl

Black hair differs from Caucasian hair, and you should keep that in mind when styling your daughter’s coils. Even if black people’s scalp produces more oils than all other hair types, because of the tight loops, it doesn’t spread on threads the way it should. Considering this aspect, you need to use deep conditioning for you and your daughter regularly.


When having dense Afro-American hair, braids will protect the strands and keep them in one place for weeks. In black communities, braids are very common, and at an early age, moms opt for these hairstyles for their daughters.

Teach your princess that you should never be ashamed of your hair and embrace it by showing it off with hairstyles that add a lot of value to it and place it in the center of attention.

12. Pixie Haircut

pixie haircut for little girls

Pixie haircuts for little girls can come in all shapes and sizes, and if your daughter loves them, there are so many variations you can make. You can go for short sides and long tops that can be arranged upwards or on the forehead, asymmetrical cuts, or even pixie bobs.

Make the hairstyle look youthful with your daughter’s favorite hair accessories, and you can kiss goodbye to all the detangling troubles.


13. Updo Styles

updo for little girl

Updo hairstyles are beloved by all little girls. They are ideal for thin or thick hair, long, medium, or short. When it comes to styling them, they leave plenty of room for creativity! You can opt for space buns, a marvelous ballerina bun, half up half down hairstyle, or top braided hair.

There are no rules you need to follow, and your little lady can guide you in getting what she wants.


14. Box Braids

box braids for little girls

As an Afro-American little girl, your daughter will come across this hairstyle wherever she goes. It is not only beautiful, but these kinds of braids protect the hair and keep it in one place for several weeks.

To make the hairdo more exciting for the small princess, decorate the knits with colored cuffed beads that she picks, or even extend her hair with electric jumbo hair. With these box braids for little girls, you’ll forget about styling her hair for school every morning.


15. Flower Girl’s Hairstyle

flower girl hairstyle

Is your daughter in love with flowers? Make her wish come true and get her the best floral hairstyles. You can pull off bohemian looks with waves and roses pinned in her hair, or opt for a floral headband, or accessories that are truly glamorous.

You can also make French braids or a Halo knit that can be beautifully decorated. Your daughter will have a gorgeous hairdo for any fancy event you have to attend together.


16. Hairstyle with Beads

little girl's hairstyle with beads

Kids are attracted to beads like a magnet, and if you want your daughter to feel proud and confident about her new hairstyle, make sure you include them in the hairdo. You can get creative and pick more colors to combine or style a one-shade look.

Go for braids, and use cuffed beads along with the cornrows and at the tips. There is no limit on how many you can place on your daughter’s knits. You can also let her pick the colors and the amount used for styling.


17. Ponytail

little girl with ponytail

Styling a ponytail for your little girl is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles, but you can undoubtedly make it look eye-popping. Take a strand of hair and wrap it at the base of the pony or even make two pigtails on top of the head and secure them with colored scrunchies.

The options are countless; you can decorate the ponies with braids and also wrap a golden thread on a few strands to provide a glamorous touch.


18. Cornrows

cornrows for little girls

Styling cornrows on a little girl’s hair is a hard thing to do because it’s a time-consuming procedure. Before you start, ensure you have something that keeps her occupied because her patience might not last long.

Once you solved that problem, you can style chunky or thin braids, decorate them with beads, and golden threads and even extend your hair with hair extensions. You can also pick together the cuffed beads or other hair decorations to make sure the little princess will love the hairdo.


19. Hairstyle for Baby Girl

hairstyle for baby girl

Baby hair is incredibly soft, and once it starts growing, step by step, you can begin to create more complex hairdos for your daughter. But while it’s short and fluffy, ponytails and bangs tossed on one side and secured with bobby and hairpins are your best friends. 


20. Toddler Girl’s Hair

hairstyle for toddler girl

When you have a toddler, her hair is already long enough to build gorgeous hairstyles. Opt for two ponytails, double hair bows, French braids, or twists.

At this young age, the whole hairstyle mostly depends on how much your little daughter can hold still, right?

Ultimately, she will adore the entire thing, especially if you use hairpins with decorations, beads, or cored ribbons.


If you are searching for hairstyles for little girl’s hair, you are in the right place. It is all about your creativity meeting your daughter’s desires and tastes.

From buns and ponytails to braids and long waves and curls, you can pull off any hairdo you want. You can also transform your daughter into a princess or opt for a Minnie Mouse-reminiscent hairdo. Give your little girl a free hand, and she will express her preferences!


Meta: Looking for the best styling ideas for your little girl’s hair? Check out these examples and create a pitch-perfect hairdo for a spoiled young lady


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