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Short Hairstyles

If you have chosen a short haircut, then there are some important things you should know about styling it. Managing short hair is completely different from long hair styling. Using a flat iron is a little complicate and blow drying can cause some burns.

However, bobs and pixies are extremely popular and knowing how to deal with them is a complete must. First thing you need to do is get the right haircut. If the cut is done improperly, any styling will end in a fiasco. While long hair can be trimmed by just about anybody, choosing a professional stylist for a short haircut is compulsory.

Short haircuts vary greatly. They go from simple pixies and bobs to shags, undercuts and fohawks. Whatever you choose for yourself, learn how to style it. Prepare your hair for being styled by washing it. Never rub it with a towel, you will damage the thin strands. Dab it just a little bit. Then spray some special styling products to prevent heating damage when you will use a blow dryer. Try to use the blow drier in the very end, when the styling is almost done.

When you are blow drying a bob, pay special attention to the roots. While long hair is usually dried from ends to roots, the process for short hair is completely different. Take a comb and pull the hair in different directions, while drying. This will give it an additional volume. Your hair will get a lively and natural look. Before you style your shag with a round brush, use a styling spray.

When you are wrapping your hair around the brush, try to work in one direction, otherwise, you will ruin the unity of the hairstyle. Be careful with the blow drier. Direct it away from your face or you can get burned. Now that you know the basic tips for styling a short haircut, you understand that there is nothing hard about it. Take a look at some short hairstyles we are offering and choose the one you like best. You know it is easy, so go for it!